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How to Customize Your Facebook Page: 7 Tips and Tricks. As the hub of your business presence on a (nearly) 1.6 billion-person social network, your Facebook Page has the potential to be a valuable marketing asset.

How to Customize Your Facebook Page: 7 Tips and Tricks

From educating prospective customers to sharing company updates and educational resources with your existing customers, you can use your Facebook Page to target nearly every stage of your marketing funnel. But in a world where 40 million+ small businesses have Facebook Pages, simply creating a Page won't guarantee you much in the way of results. 11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Probably Don’t Already Know. 11 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features You Can Try Today. The 16 Best Facebook Pages You've Ever Seen. With more than 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a major player in the world of social networking.

The 16 Best Facebook Pages You've Ever Seen

Businesses looking to market using Facebook have one major tool at their disposal: the Facebook Page. Facebook Pages were specifically engineered for businesses. They provide a public home on Facebook for a business, and they allow businesses to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers. Download our free guide to creating an awesome Facebook Business Page of your own here. Facebook Pages are a simple tool, but they allow for many interesting business opportunities. Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium. Ladies and gentlemen.

Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium

We come together today to once again mourn the loss of Facebook organic reach, to share the grief all of us marketers feel. And perhaps, in that sharing, we can find the strength to look toward the future with some hope. How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers. 12 of the Best Facebook Post Ideas for Facebook Lead Generation. Most marketers know by now that Facebook is an important business tool for companies of every size and industry.

12 of the Best Facebook Post Ideas for Facebook Lead Generation

With a daily active user base of 1.13 billion (1.03 billion on mobile alone), you know it can help you reach new audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise. It can also help you get found more easily in search, create a community around your business, promote the content you create, and develop a strong brand identity. Where You Should Focus Your Facebook Brand Awareness Efforts. July 15, 2016 When you launch a new product you often need to build awareness.

Where You Should Focus Your Facebook Brand Awareness Efforts

Many types of marketing channels, both organic and paid, can serve a purpose in generating awareness, but social platforms (generally) and Facebook (specifically) are tailor made to spread content from person to person. It can, however, be hard to measure how well you are building your brand and generating awareness on Facebook. Especially if you’re used to tracking specific conversions (i.e, sales) where you have strict performance indicators and goals to adhere to (cost per conversion vs. return on ad spend).

In comparison, measuring branding can seem less exact and less rigorous, resulting in many questions that one has to work through. The Impact of Facebook's Algorithm Change, in 5 Charts. Last week, Facebook dropped a stink bomb in the media locker room when it announced that its algorithm would start prioritizing the posts of friends and family in the News Feed over those of publishers.

The Impact of Facebook's Algorithm Change, in 5 Charts

Folks started to panic, with good reason—over 40 percent of publisher traffic comes from Facebook. But according to new data from BuzzSumo, one of our favorite social media analytics tools, publishers have been feeling the pain for some time. BuzzSumo reviewed over 25 million Facebook posts from the top 10,000 brands over the past year, and the results were pretty fascinating. Let’s break it down. 1. Do you guys remember January? But Facebook shares—a decent barometer for organic reach—have fallen ever since. 2. One prevailing assumption over the past year is that Facebook has been prioritizing Instant Articles and video posts in the algorithm over posts with external links, which take the user outside of Facebook’s walls. 3. Facebook Carousel Content: How to Make Your Posts and Ads Stand Out : Social Media Examiner. Introducing 360 Photos on Facebook. By Paul Beddoe-Stephens, Partnerships Lead, Facebook 360 and Brad Ferry, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook 360 Photos have the power to connect people around the world — helping us share uplifting moments and endure difficult times, and everything in between.

Introducing 360 Photos on Facebook

Photos are also one of the ways that publishers, public figures, and other partners can share their perspective with people on Facebook. As content in News Feed gets more and more immersive, we’re excited to introduce an update that gives you a new way to engage your audience: 360 photos. Starting today, you can view and post 360 photos on Facebook. People will be able to discover these photos on your Page or right in News Feed, where they can pan around and explore the scene by simply moving the phone around or clicking and dragging on web — much as they can with 360 videos. Benefits Of Using Facebook Events. Social media has been a game changer in the world of small business marketing.

Benefits Of Using Facebook Events

The free tools available to you, especially via Facebook, have enabled business owners to increasingly extend their reach, and in most cases, without spending a dime. One of our favorite tools on is being able to create a Facebook event to promote an actual event. It’s simple to do and provides several benefits that word of mouth or direct mail marketing alone cannot. 10 Excellent Examples of Video Marketing on Facebook. Over recent years, the criteria for engagement on social media has evolved from announcing your brand or product to finding a way to tell a story.

10 Excellent Examples of Video Marketing on Facebook

Quality branded video campaigns allow companies to project said story in some really creative and unique ways. Whether you're spreading brand awareness, announcing a new product, or launching a company, great branded video makes customers feel an emotional connection. And that emotional reaction can be really powerful. In fact, a recent survey by eZanga found that 30% of respondents were less likely to skip video content if it was humorous.

And research by Dr. Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Cover Photo Templates] When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look?

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Cover Photo Templates]

I'll give you some hints. It's a visual piece of content that sits at the top of your page. Its dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. 30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos. This week we’ve been digging deep into Facebook Live Video. Earlier in the week I shared 10 benefits of building Facebook Live into your strategy and yesterday shared 12 different types of Facebook Live videos that you might like to create. Today I want to get practical and give you some tips on how to create the best Facebook Live Videos you can.

These come my own experiences of creating live videos as well as what I’ve picked up from others. I’d love to hear your own tips on using the platform in comments below. Facebook Video: Where It Is and Where It Is Going. There was a time that Facebook was mostly about sharing status updates and uploading images from your vacation. The audience was mostly young, the reach was large but Facebook was still ‘just another site’, and if you wanted news or entertainment then you went to a site that specialized in such things. Those days are long gone. Today Facebook is an ecosystem all of its own and is not only the first stop for many people seeking news and entertainment, it might even be the only stop for some people who realize they can get tailored information feeds customized just for them on the big blue giant. Indeed, according to a report in The Atlantic, in 2015 about 1 in every 5 minutes spent on a smartphone was spent on Facebook. The same report explained further:

How the Facebook News Feed Works: Changes Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner. Are you struggling to remain visible in Facebook’s news feed? Wondering how Facebook decides what to show in the news feed? In this article you’ll discover how the Facebook news feed algorithm works, what’s been updated, and how marketers can respond to create more visibility on Facebook. Discover what marketers need to know about changes to the Facebook news feed. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download. Facebook Isn't a Social Network Anymore. Twelve years ago, Facebook started out as a place for people to post about themselves. But lately, the platform looks more like a giant digital store where brands buy our attention. In fact, the purpose of the world’s biggest social network has changed so drastically that Facebook may not even be able to call itself a social network. Bloomberg and The Information reported that personal sharing has dropped 21 percent since mid-2015, according to unnamed sources.

And some of Facebook’s recent efforts suggest that this trend has become a serious problem. From Bloomberg: Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has spoken at Facebook staff meetings this year about the need to inspire personal sharing, the people said. The company recently introduced Facebook Live, its live-streaming video feature that has had media companies and celebrities salivating over its intrusive notifications and large reach.


Insights. Adv. Business Manager Overview. Facebook Mobile Apps: A Guide for Marketers : Social Media Examiner. How Facebook's 'App for Everything' Could Revolutionize Media and Marketing. Here’s a just a short list of things you can do, or soon will be able to do, through Facebook Messenger: hail an Uber, chat with customer service, send money to your friends, buy a nice pair of red heels, and share Spotify playlists. Yesterday, MarketingLand reported that Messenger will soon allow publishers to distribute content through what Wired aptly deemed “Zuckerberg’s app for everything.”

Facebook Canvas: The What, Why, How and Who Cares? Don’t be fooled, Facebook Canvas has nothing to do with paint! Image via Shutterstock. How to Get Started With Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook have opened up Instant Articles to publishers of all sizes. In this post, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of Facebook’s publishing platform and how to get started. The Psychology of Facebook: Why We Like, Share, Comment — Social Media Tips. The Psychology of Facebook: Why We Like, Share, Comment. What Facebook’s 3.5 Degrees of Separation Means For You.

By Dylan Kissane All this week on The DOZ Blog we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Today we dive into one of the social networks that has done so much to bring people closer and, yes, sometimes drive couples apart: Facebook. What Role Should Facebook Play in Your Marketing? The way Facebook dominates the headlines, it sometimes seems like it’s the only ad platform left on the Internet.

But in reality, it is only one small—but rapidly growing—part of the marketing universe. How exactly Facebook fits into your overall marketing strategy will vary greatly depending on your industry, your budget, and your brand. Nonetheless, there are some general guidelines to follow. Come si usa Facebook - Intervista a Veronica Gentili.

Profilo Facebook: strumento di lavoro o universo privato? Ormai Facebook è entrato nella vita di tutti noi. I nonni hanno il profilo Facebook, tutti hanno il profilo Facebook. E viene usato con una semplicità assurda. Non c’è differenza che tenga: il social network di Mark Zuckerberg ha unificato il mondo. Il comunismo ha fallito, la religione vacilla. Ma la tecnologia ha vinto. Il profilo Facebook viene visto come un’estensione dell’uomo. Ci vorrebbe un libro per rispondere a questa domanda. No, in realtà un bel niente è tuo. Sfrutta il tuo profilo Facebook per fare blogging. Il mondo si divide in due grandi sfere: la pagina e il profilo Facebook.

Il primo comandamento del SMM vieta a qualsiasi azienda, partito o associazione di pubblicizzarsi attraverso un profilo personale. Una persona ha il profilo e un’attività si muove attraverso la pagina. Inside the Facebook News Feed: A List of Algorithm Factors — Social Media Tips. 7 Big Facebook Changes You Should Know About for a Better Facebook Strategy. F8 Update: 10 New Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Know.

“Add a link”, Facebook testa il suo motore di ricerca interno di link. Using Native Video on Facebook. Facebook Now Ranks Live Videos Higher in the News Feed  Live-Streaming: Now on Facebook. Facebook Reactions: What Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner. Creare contenuti di valore su Facebook non basta.