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Mind Mapping

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Using Mind Maps. Mind Mapping RESOURCES. Interactive Learning Management Program. How much time have you spent learning how to learn?

Interactive Learning Management Program

Whether you are at school, at university, at work or in business, you simply have to ensure that you learn using the most up to date, proven methods. You must ensure that you use your whole brain, not only when studying, but in all your tasks. Free Mind Map Examples - Great ideas on different Mind Mapping Examples. Mind Mapping Visual thinking. Mindmapping. iFreeMind. Description iFreeMind is a native software on iPhone for reading, showing and modifing the files created by FreeMind,and also for creating, writing the FreeMind compatible format files.


You can draw your mind-mapping on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X by FreeMind,and also do it on iPhone with iFreeMind anywhere and anytime. Highlights:- Fully supports the files created by FreeMind.- Manage files (add, delete and download) through WIFI and the built-in WEB management services.- Create new FreeMind compatible format files.- Support Icons for Node. You can add icons to a node. the max-count is 5.- Support Zoom in/out.- Support Collapse/expand.- Support sending mapping-files as email attachments from your iPhone.


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