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Escritura Maya

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Glifos Maya (DICCIONARIO BÁSICO MAYA CLÁSICO–ESPAÑOL, Kettunen & Helmke 2010) WAYEB Tarjetas de Aprendizaje. Maya Decipherment. Maya Antiguo para los Mayas. Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions. Background Since its inception in 1968, the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions (CMHI) has been the leading program for recording ancient Maya hieroglyphs, one of the most artistic and creative graphic writing systems in the world.

Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions

Founding Director, Ian Graham, a pioneer who laid the foundations for recording the ancient Maya hieroglyphic texts, created an unsurpassed register of carved monuments that has been instrumental in their decipherment. Dates 1966 Luminaries in the field in including, Dr. Ignacio Bernal, Dr. MED: HOME PAGE.

Return to top of page Welcome to MED The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project (MED) is an experiment in networked scholarship with the purpose of enhancing Classic Mayan epigraphic research.


At present, MED consists of a relational database of glyphs ("gnumbers"), images, phonetic values ("pvalues"), and semantic values ("svalues") according to the consensus among various American Mayanists (MacLeod and Reents-Budet 1994). Also present is the beginning of an archive of digitally transcribed Mayan texts.

Server space for MED is provided by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia, and the Multimedia Engineering Computation Atelier (MECA) at Princeton. Silabario de los Jeroglíficos Mayas Tarjetas de Aprendizaje.