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When Neil Armstrong and Edmund Hillary Took a Trip to the North Pole. Sir Edmund Hillary (second from left) with Neil Armstrong (far right) at the North Pole (via It sounds like the plot of a comic book — Sir Edmund Hillary and Neil Armstrong at the North Pole — but in fact it was one of those spectacular crossroads of history.

When Neil Armstrong and Edmund Hillary Took a Trip to the North Pole

In the lonely, desolate arctic, these two great explorers — who had never met before — got in a tiny bush plane and took off for the top of the Earth in 1985. Here's how it happened. One morning in the mid–1980s, professional expedition leader Mike Dunn decided he wanted to take the day’s greatest explorers to the North Pole. According to Sir Edmund Hillary's son Peter, himself an accomplished mountaineer who came on the trip, Dunn was a colorful character, the kind of man who didn’t mind ringing up people like first man on the moon Neil Armstrong and saying, “How about this?” Great Unsung Science Fiction Authors That Everybody Should Read. Saying that Clifford Simak's writings sometimes have a "1950 pulpy feel" is both true and misleading, at least for those who think the pulps were Mickey Spillane by way of Quentin Tarantino.

Great Unsung Science Fiction Authors That Everybody Should Read

Simak's characters tended to be both thinking and feeling people — rare in most pulp writings — and violence, while it was used, was rarely a first choice, and was usually committed with reluctance that a better solution hadn't been found. In a word, his characters do tend toward being gentle people, men and women who'd enjoying sitting on the steps, watching the stars come out, in the company of their dog and their favorite robot. Get high on sci-fi: 10 short story collections that will blow your mind. We’re huge short story fans around this way, but while we definitely foster great big loves for the likes of Alice Munro and V.S.

Get high on sci-fi: 10 short story collections that will blow your mind

Pritchett, we also very much dig the science-fiction greats. We reckon newcomers to the sci-fi field might get the impression it’s dominated by novels or series of novels, but that’s not really the case: excellent science-fiction short stories abound. What’s in that image? Masterpieces like you’ve never seen them before.

During the past few months, I’ve become increasingly interested in digital art.

What’s in that image? Masterpieces like you’ve never seen them before

Glitch, visualizations, pixels … it’s all very exciting, and I’ve wanted to dive in myself. As I progressed, I found myself tweaking the level of abstraction so much that I wrote code to do it in the browser. Below are highly abstracted famous works of art. Each click will bring you closer and closer to the original. Elena Shumilova. Animated films that will leave you devastated. The Most Controversial Math Problems. 6 Famous Authors Who Were Nothing Like You Expect. The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances. Welcome To News And Views 24.Com. Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught. Notices of the AMSJanuary 1997 The article is based on a talk delivered on the occasion of the Rotafest in April, 1996, and is reprinted with permission of Birkhauser Boston, copyright 1997, ISBN 0-8176-3866-0,Indiscrete Thoughts by Gian-Carlo Rota, edited by Fabrizio Palombi .

Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught

Allow me to begin by allaying one of your worries. I will not spend the next half hour thanking you for participating in this conference or for your taking time away from work to travel to Cambridge. A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence. 22 March 2013Last updated at 13:36 ET An 18th Century automaton that could beat human chess opponents seemingly marked the arrival of artificial intelligence.

A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence

Seven Tips From Ernest Hemingway on How to Write Fiction. Image by Lloyd Arnold via Wikimedia Commons Before he was a big game hunter, before he was a deep-sea fisherman, Ernest Hemingway was a craftsman who would rise very early in the morning and write.

Seven Tips From Ernest Hemingway on How to Write Fiction

His best stories are masterpieces of the modern era, and his prose style is one of the most influential of the 20th century. Hemingway never wrote a treatise on the art of writing fiction. He did, however, leave behind a great many passages in letters, articles and books with opinions and advice on writing. Svetlana Boym: Freedom and the Arts of Dissent.

Genetic Testing for Health, Disease & Ancestry; DNA Test. Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature. Is one of those things that everybody talks about but no one can define precisely.

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

Every time we fall in love, fight with our spouse, get upset about the influx of immigrants into our country, or go to church, we are, in part, behaving as a human animal with our own unique evolved nature—human nature. This means two things. First, our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are produced not only by our individual experiences and environment in our own lifetime but also by what happened to our ancestors millions of years ago. Second, our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are shared, to a large extent, by all men or women, despite seemingly large cultural differences. Richard Feynman a.k.a. Dirty Dick: Genius, Hound Dog, and Hero « Felice & Friends. T J S George: What makes beautiful women beautiful? It was a typically American marketing trick when Vogue magazine described Leela Naidu as one of the world's ten most beautiful women.

T J S George: What makes beautiful women beautiful?

Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, Comics, and Games. Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the iPad in 1968. The Meaning of "American Pie" Besides Food. The entire song is a tribute to Buddy Holly and a commentary on how rock and roll music changed in the years since his death.

The Meaning of "American Pie" Besides Food

Ethnomathematics. In mathematics education, ethnomathematics is the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture.[1] Often associated with "cultures without written expression",[2] it may also be defined as "the mathematics which is practised among identifiable cultural groups".[3] It refers to a broad cluster of ideas ranging from distinct numerical and mathematical systems to multicultural mathematics education. Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand Russell. The Modern Library's Top 100 Nonfiction Books of the Century. VLSI CAD Laboratory. Times Higher Education 21 December 2001 You know what you have to do to join the ranks of the great science laureates, but just as important is what you don't do. Leo Esaki has a list of golden rules to help you on your way to stardom in Stockholm. The 20th century was characterised by the remarkable progress of science and technology.

Establishing the Nobel prize at the start of the century helped to foster such progress by stimulating global scientific competition. The race in business ventures based on new scientific knowledge has brought about further technological advances. Does Truth Matter? Science, Pseudoscience, and Civilization. Article Carl Sagan Volume 20.2, March / April 1996. The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Moments from Indian Action Movies. ‪1/7 Jes Hudak - Feeling Good Cover (of Nina Simone's Cover) by Anthony and Leslie, All Mine + Banter‬‏