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Great People and Outstanding Minds - Deep Spirits. Online Shopping for TVs, Computers, Cameras & Electronics. Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric. Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews. I Love Charts. Film.FM - Watch Free Movies Online.

Random Dungeon Generator Launcher - v 0.1.12 beta. 0.1.12 Beta- Added the beginings of the adventure seed system (still not functional).- Added 40 new room descriptions, mostly for the two smallest room sizes.- Added wandering monster chart generator.- Added wandering monster generator on/off toggle.- Added "dungeon features" text to the intro area.- Added a very simple adventure hook generator that can generate up to 5 hooks (appears after the adventure text).- Added on/off toggle for Intro Text (including features)- Added on/off toggle for Dungeon features (only)- Added on/off toggle for the Trap Summary.- Added a adventure hook selector so that you can select to generate from 0 to 5 adventure hooks.

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything. Posted by Site Administrator in Online Learning May 7th, 2009 Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything

There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. A favour for a friend. University of Minnesota Libraries - Assignment Calculator. The Consumerist. Kubrick 2001: The space odyssey explained. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos.

Perfect Pitch. ANT.COM - Search the web with ANT.COM! Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life. Quotations on character and ethics - Josephson Institute. Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites. The Neatest Stuff on Earth.

Meninos Store. I Feel Unmotivated. Typography: IF Rudyard Kipling by George Horne. Only Infographic - Best Infographic Site! Top 10 Free Ways To Discover New Music Online – Eternal Code. [via] Bored with your music and want to discover some new bands or singers?

Top 10 Free Ways To Discover New Music Online – Eternal Code

There are two main ways you can do that online. You can use services which create music maps, allowing you to explore artists similar in genre to the artists you already listen to. Or you can use music blogs and websites that showcase independent or up-and-coming artists, whether the music is being reviewed, or posted by the musicians themselves. Some of these websites have a community built around them, which gives fans the opportunity to interact directly with these new talents. Here is a list of 10 free sites to discover new music. TuneGlue TuneGlue is straightforward and easy to use. Back to the Bible - Home.

Building houses with side views. 11 Points - A Blog of Lists by Sam Greenspan. Funny lists, movie lists, sports lists, top lists. So, basically, lists. Green, Healthy, & Safe Product Ratings & Reviews. Productive Flourishing — Strategies for Thriving in Life and Business.

Responsible Thinking: An Approach to Critical Thinking. Tracks on a Map. Free TV and Movies Online. Quality Links Only. Productivity501 - Maximize the productivity in your work and play. Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects. - Home. Glitchscape. The Official String Theory Web Site. Shakespeare plays at Shakespeare's plays form one of literature's greatest legacies.

Shakespeare plays at

Divided into comedies, histories and tragedies, shakespeare plays have spawned thousands of performances, adaptations and films. From famous tragedies like Macbeth and King Lear to tragic love stories such as Romeo and Juliet to epic historic plays like Antony and Cleopatra, enlighten, sadden, teach and most important of all, entertain. Text: Craig, W.J., ed. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. London: Oxford University Press: 1908. METRONOME ONLINE - free! Solutions for p??tal???s. You Are Now Aware. Free Font Downloads for Commercial Use - Best Free Fonts. Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines. Welcome to the Webby Awards. The Beatles. Christian Quotes - Index.

Musical scale. The frequencies 440Hz and 880Hz both correspond to the musical note A, but one octave apart. The next higher A in the musical scale would have the frequency 1760Hz, twice 880Hz. In the western musical scale, there are 12 notes in every octave. These notes are evenly distributed (geometrically), so the next note above A, which is B flat, has frequency 440 × β where β is the twelfth root of two, or approximately 1.0595. The next note above B flat, which is B, has frequency 440 × β 2. Left is a table of the complete musical scale between middle A and A-880. The psychoacoustic properties of the musical scale are fascinating. Frequencies that are harmonically related tend to sound good together. The blue waveform is the sound you hear, which is a combination of the other (pure tone) waveforms.

What about 440 × 3 = 1320? For somewhat more arcane reasons, the interval between A and E, which is a frequency rise of 3/2, is called a fifth. Greek Mythology Today. ChessOps - A Basic Chess Openings Guide. Simply Quotes. Welcom to Cheap Tricks, the Wiseguy's Supermarket, source for practical joke products. Browse for Free sheet music by Composer last name - SheetMusicFox. Play Game Boy Online. Classical Music Navigator. Vimm's Lair: Preserving the Classics. Pick Up Lines Generator - Find & Submit Funny Pick Up Lines Now! WriteSomething. Index page of The Chess Variant Pages. Game Theory 101: Game Theory Made Easy. « » The Ancient Web - the Ancient World's Great Civilizations.

Play Drums online, for fun or jam along with your friends, if they are playing guitar or other instruments, - Improve Your Writing - Table of Contents. A webcomic by Dan Long at EQComics. Online Books, Poems, Short Stories - Read Print Library. - Daily philosophy lessons on life. E-mails from an Asshole. Randomize your routine. Medieval Castle History, Design of Medieval Castles, Haunted Castles:

The Urban Shogun. Perseus Digital Library. HistoryWorld. Weird Houses, Strange Homes & Crazy, Odd Buildings to Live In - You Live Where? Good News... Served Daily.