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Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

Joongel, Internet The Easy Way Drew Neisser: Why Social Media Is No Longer Optional Two years ago this month, I wrote an article called Why IBM Could Be Bigger Than Facebook in Social Media and it was my most popular story of 2010. The performance of this article was not a testament to my stupendous skills as a writer but rather to the unrivaled power of IBM’s army of social sharers and provided yet another proof point to me that all this social stuff might actually work! That article was based on an interview with Jeff Schick, then VP of Social Software. I was lucky enough to catch up with Jeff (now VP of Social Business) to talk about IBM’s latest efforts to help transform their clients into social businesses. Why do you think CEO’s are waking up to Social Media now? IBM’s 2012 CEO Study of more than 1,700 Chief Executive Officers from 64 countries and 18 industries worldwide reveals that today only 16 percent of CEOs are using social business platforms to connect with customers, but that number is poised to spike to 57 percent within the next three to five years.

Push 2 Check Serendipity Social Media Analytics | Andiamo Systems Social Media Search Tool | WhosTalkin? Social media measurement: are you looking in the wrong place? Last week we released the latest Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, looking in detail at the current state of social media measurement. While 69% of marketers surveyed reported that social has a measurable impact on PR and analytics, and many felt that it gave huge boosts to brand recognition, it is also clear that a large number of companies are still struggling to identify clear social attribution. The truth is, measuring a direct return from social activities is often fairly straightforward, but focusing on this may be clouding your ability to measure what's really important. Let's take a closer look at Econsultancy's social channels and I'll explain what I mean. A while ago we spoke about KPIs for display advertising, and mentioned that many CEOs believe marketers are disconnected from the financial realities of businesses. Social media acts as a useful microcosm here. The fine detail First of all, here is a quick example of definable ROI from social:

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Un site pour vérifier que le nom ou votre pseudo, n'est pas déjà utilisé dans les réseaux sociaux
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