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Understanding Knitting Gauge. Knitting - Cast Ons. Knitting - Tutorials & Articles Indexes. Knitting Short Rows 101: Free Course. Stitch your knits into shape and never make a wrong wrap or turn!

Knitting Short Rows 101: Free Course

Learn how easy using short rows can be in this free, technique-based mini-class from Craftsy. Swatch along with Carol Feller, an expert knitwear designer, as she shows four different short row methods: wrap and turn short rows, Japanese short rows, yarn over short rows and her own invisible short rows. You'll recognize Carol's passion for knitwear design - influenced by her engineering background - as she demonstrates how short row shaping can be used to tailor knitted garments. You'll also see why Craftsy users love these online video classes. Watch each lesson on your schedule, as many times as you want, and ask Carol and your classmates questions along the way.

Knit Tutorial - Picking Up Stitches. When you pick up stitches, you are adding knit stitches to an existing work in order to expand the work.

Knit Tutorial - Picking Up Stitches

Why would you pick up stitches? Knitting Skills: Resize A Simple Garment. There comes a time in every knitter's life when she or he wants to make a project but finds it is completely the wrong size for them.

Knitting Skills: Resize A Simple Garment

It's important to be able to make pattern modifications yourself so that you can have garments that fit perfectly. Using the Convertible Knitted Bodywarmer as an example since the sizing is very easy, let's go through the process that was used to design the pattern so you know how to fit yourself if you want a larger or smaller size. Swatching I know people generally don't like to make swatches. I was the same way until I started designing. With your selected yarn or yarns and a size 15 needle, cast on 12 stitches. Stretch your swatch only as much as is needed to make the sides straight.

How To Increase & Decrease Stitches

How To Knit A Flat Circle. How To Sew Elastic Into Sock Cuffs. Did you really already finish knitting Chipps?

How To Sew Elastic Into Sock Cuffs

Did you enjoy carrying the yarn up? I am amazed, you are the quickest knitter ever! Now you just need to sew elastic into the cuffs and your socks will be perfect. Circular Knitting ("In The Round") How To Cable Without A Cable Needle. November 7th, 2011 by Jess.

How To Cable Without A Cable Needle

How To Fix A Miscrossed Cable. All is not lost Yesterday I got a letter from Sue. Sue wrote: I'm knitting Teva Durham's Cabled Riding Jacket. Everything was zipping along until I noticed that six rows back I crossed one cable out of many in the wrong direction... I could unravel those six rows back to that cable, but I'm wondering if there is a way to just drop those 5 stitches back to that point, recross the cable in the right direction, and fix things. Even as I write, I feel that it's hopeless, but some niggling little sprite tells me not to give up yet.

That sprite would be me, though I've never been called niggling before, at least not to my face. The Proper way. 1. All cables leaning right, and there, six rows back, a six stitch cable deliberately leaning left with shameless disregard for order or The Way That Things Should Be. 2. Begin frogging back, being sure to leave uninvolved stitches on the needles. 3. 4. And slide them onto the third dpn in their new, spiritually gratifying, correct order. 5. 6. Fixing A Miscrossed Cable. Someone asked the Yarn Harlot how to fix a cable that was miscrossed several rows earlier.

Fixing A Miscrossed Cable

Stephanie gave two excellent answers, and got me thinking about yet another way to do it. It involves cutting a strand of yarn, so may seem scarier than other methods, but it allows an invisible fix, and is easier than dropping the cable back many many rows.... Here we have our miscrossed cable. Here is the critical part -- which thread do we cut?

Knitting - Binding Off : Casting Off

“No Sew” Method Of Attaching Buttons. Buttons attached to button band without sewing Have you ever thought about attaching your buttons directly onto a sweater button band as you knit/crochet, rather than sewing them on afterwards?

“No Sew” Method Of Attaching Buttons

I did that a number of years ago when making Medrith Glover’s Circumnavigated Cardigan. The unique construction of this sweater produces a totally seamless garment. Yay! No seams to sew. Pulling a loop of yarn through the button shank As I neared the final steps of the sweater though, I realized that there would still be buttons to sew on. Pulled up a loop of yarn through the button shank,placed that loop on the working needle, thenknitted the extra loop and next stitch together. Detail of button knitted directly into the button band. Repair A Sock With A Knit-In-Place Patch. Counteracting a throw-away society Considering the time and expense of making hand-knit socks, it is well worth the effort to repair them if you eventually wear through a hole.

Repair A Sock With A Knit-In-Place Patch

You say you don’t know how to darn a sock? Let me help with these photos and brief explanation of steps for the method I use to to repair a sock with a knit-in-place patch. Although I usually get years of wear from my hand-knit socks, I am especially hard on the toes of socks because I have such a difficult time keeping my toenails short enough. But eventually, the inevitable happens (the pair of socks I photographed below to show are over 10 years old) and the yarn will wear thin and develop a hole. I could remove the toe area totally, and re-knit it. Note: In the photos below, the socks from the pair I am repairing are slightly different (this is one of those self-patterning yarns that was popular in the early 90′s).

Hand Winding Yarn Around Cardboard Tube. A Continuous Yarn: How To Join Yarn. Want to help me with some of the costs of providing free educational resources and newsletters?

A Continuous Yarn: How To Join Yarn

Your thank you donation, small or large, is very much appreciated.

Double Knitting

Lever Style English Knitting Method. Sign up for free Want to help me with some of the costs of providing free educational resources and newsletters?

Lever Style English Knitting Method

Your thank you donation, small or large, is very much appreciated. "Your patterns are just fabulous ... unique and yet based on tradition. " - Jennifer C. "I just love the simplicity of your patterns and the complexity of their appearance. " - Maureen M. "I enjoy your website. . - Debby L. " . . . - Kimberly L. How To Get Over Your Fear Of Knitting Lace. November 30th, 2011 by Guest This is a guest post from Amy Kaspar, Chicago Knitting Examiner for Getting over your fear of knitting lace. Are you a newer knitter, ready to break up with the standard knit-and-purl for a yarn over or two? Do you have a lace pattern you want to try, but you are afraid to do so? I have been there…we ALL have been there. It’s okay, though. Keep practicing on the same ball of yarn. Knitting Tips & Techniques.