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Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up

Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up
Handmadeology’s resident product photography pro Mariano, has put together a $12 product photography set up that will help you achieve studio quality product photography . Anderson Soap Company is one of the most successful Etsy sellers with LOADS of sales! This photography demo uses his liquid soap as the photography example. Look at his Etsy shop to observe the consistency in picture styles that creates a cohesive photo theme of all his products. Learn from the best – browse his shop – and you might even find some soap you’ve gotta have! I took this picture in my kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need for this product photography set up. 1. 2. 3. 4. This is one of those times when bigger is indeed better. Cut a flat panel from the box that is much bigger than the thing you want to photograph. 1. 2. 3. 4. Now you will need to redecorate your home a bit, move a table as close to a window as you can. Is your furniture high enough? Don’t let the neighbors watch. Now you are ready to take a picture!

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Zentangle: Pattern-Drawing as Meditation by Maria Popova If greater creativity and more mental balance are among your new year’s resolutions, look no further than Zentangle — a type of meditation achieved through pattern-making, created by artist duo Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Each pattern is built one line at a time, organically combining simple patterns into complex zentangles in unplanned, unexpected ways that grow, change and unfold on the page as you enter an immersive state of flow. Totally Tangled offers a fantastic introduction to the relaxing and beautiful practice through step-by-step instructions and over 100 original tangles.

untitled interesting build... I have a Jotto desk I bought for about $300 a few years ago and I mounted it in my Trans-Am convertible... it is WONDERFUL... now, to the naysayers... there are very good, practical purposes to having this... I can name a few that I use... Microsoft MapPoint with GPS which records all my mileage, gas used, etc. on-the-go, and dumps it into an Excel sheet I created (need accurate data for work) all with no interaction on my part other than mounting up the laptop and booting up... the GPS capability on a large screen (with sound 'on') ALONE is worth it... also, I have a server set up at my house with my entire music library on it... 9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books » Written Word Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books? They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas.

Tiny Polaroid Magnets Hi there! It’s felt like forever since I’ve last blogged, and has felt like an eternity since I’ve done anything crafty and nifty. Since my morning sickness has gone into full speed (yes, we’re expecting our third this fall!) I haven’t felt like myself. But nothing like inspiration to wake one out of a reverie — or nightmare, in my constantly sick state. How to Make a Pattern: Learn How to Draw Patterns Step by Step learn how to draw patterns step by step Learn how to make a pattern in this easy drawing tutorial! Once you learn how to make patterns, you can use them in your art in all kinds of ways.

New Year's Eve Disco Ball- Party Favor (Kid Friendly) Craft Ahhh New Year's Eve... proof that there really is something even gaudier than Christmas decorations (I say this with a great deal of fondness). Christmas may have the childlike, multicolored, cuteness, but New Year's Eve? Well NYE has all the spangle and sparkle of a Vegas Show Girl's undies. In that vein, what could be more fun than a mini disco ball as you watch that famed ball drop? This would also work for a kid or tween's themed party.

do stuff! I started this project back in October of 2012, worked on it a little bit then, a little bit last spring, and then picked it back up and finished it over the last couple of weeks, finally! Hooray! I’m so excited to show it to you now! I got this ill-fitting but beautiful hand knit cardigan at a thrift store (4 years ago - wow time flies!), knowing I’d someday fix it up and make it wearable: Mason Jar Key Hook Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Wednesday I have a fun project to share today! I started with a 1×8 board from Lowe’s that I cut to about 2′ long. I used a different paint method on this board and I love how it turned out so I am going to share it with you in my next post. 50 Portrait Retouching Tutorials To Take Your Photoshop Skills To A New Level Email Is it something that often happens to you? You just sit and keep on looking through your photos on the computer screen trying to take a closer look at your full-size pictures. And then it occurs to you that they didn’t really suck that much during the actual shoot?

Martha Stewart Crafts This unique costume idea -- mustache on a stick -- is not only affordable, but also easy to make and fun to wear. Tools and Materials Wire hangerWire cutters and pliersSeam bindingFabric glueMustache templatesChipboardCraft knifeQuarter yard of fake fur in black, brown, or reddish blondeScissorsHair pasteToothbrushHair spray Mustache on a Stick How-To 1. How to Make a Sailor's Knot Bracelet In order to create your Sailor's Knot bracelet, you'll need: cotton twine (at least 3 yds), a round object to put the bracelet around – Mason jar, can, bottle, anything circular with a similar circumference to your wrist, scissors, and Fray Check or clear nail polish. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials. A ModernTake on the Doily - $850 Lamp for less than $50 A Modern Take on the Doily $850 Lamp for less than $50? Yes Please! Hello Pretty people! We are so excited to share a project we did this past weekend.

25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos Getting a little bored how your photos are presented online? How about injecting some fun and humor into it. You don’t really need to be Photoshop literate to edit and add effects into your photos. When a book becomes a purse Mostly what we like to do with books here at Jacket Copy is read them. Which means we wind up carrying them a lot; personally, I had to buy a purse big enough to fit a book (or two). But some crafty people have taken that one step further and turned the books themselves into purses. For those who can cut and sew, the process looks pretty easy.

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