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Labatrockwell/openTSPS. Ideas map, multimodal, gesture, voice, touch, Kinect, HCI, Human Computer Interaction, micro-interactions) by Ivan Golod. Kinect Hand and Finger Tracking with Pointing. Since my last post several months back (about the PrimeSense device) I've been doing a lot of work with the Kinect.

Kinect Hand and Finger Tracking with Pointing

I've started work on a library that I'm referring to as NuiDotNet which I plan to put on codeplex and that assists you in building applications that integration NUI with the Kinect PrimseSense, WiiMote and voice recognition into your application. As part of trying to get the word out about it, I've decided it's time to start posting about some of the work that I've done with it. I'm also speaking this weekend at Houston Tech Fest 2011 and want to get content out for anyone that attends my session, and if you are there please do come by as I'd love your input.

The first video is one that I'll go over right now is one that shows the Kinect doing hand tracking. Now I've kind of jumped way ahead, well past things like skeleton tracking, to this point. To do this, there are a number of tasks that must be undertaken, on a frame-by-frame basis: Very easy. It's that simple :) Max Planck Institut für Intelligente Systeme.

Pie menus, gestures

Stuff. Papers., information maps, mind maps. Win sdk. Papers - visual representation, thesis description, prezi. Kinect. Download the Developer SDK for the Kinect. Kinect for Windows SDK beta vs. OpenNI. Jun, Mon 20th, 2011Posted in : Technical By : Will Hinchman 11 Comments With the release of the official Kinect for Windows SDK beta from Microsoft, there have been a few questions on what the pros and cons of using Microsoft’s SDK over one of the previously available hacked SDKs.

Kinect for Windows SDK beta vs. OpenNI

Since there are several of these SDKs floating around we’ll use the largest, OpenNI, as our hacked SDK in these comparisons. 1. Skeleton – both SDKs have skeleton systems that track 20 unique joints on the human body. Both have lag times in the mere milliseconds and can handle tracking 2 users simultaneously. Winner: Windows Kinect SDK 2. Winner: Tie 3. 4. Winner: Windows Kinect SDK. 5. 6. Winner: OpenNI With our data laid out, it shows that in most cases the Kinect for Windows SDK is the better choice.

Microsoft Kinect SDK vs PrimeSense OpenNI. OpenNI Arena - Applications. An introduction to glut. Goal of this file This file offers a brief overview of what GLUT is and does and how you can use GLUT to create and environment that is usefull for the output of an OpenGL application and how to build these applications. This also contains a list of the most common GLUT functions and procedures, the document is ended with two examples including screenshots. This file is targeted towards Linux users programming C++. History of this file 26 june 2003: initial release 20 july 2003: updates, added new sample program illustrating the use of timers 11 august 2003: this file was merged with the mindfuck project What is GLUT Introduction GLUT is the OpenGL Utility Toolkit.

Summary Now, let's summarize, OpenGL is a standard, available on many platforms, it does everything that is related to graphics, it does not handle interaction with the window system. Using GLUT Installation I presume you have the knowledge how to install these on your system or that you have these installed already. Header files. Custom Kinect Gesture Recognition using OpenNI and Unity3D. Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition. Custom Gesture Recognition using OpenNI and Unity3D - OpenNI.

Custom Gesture Recognition using OpenNI & Unity3D. PrimeSense NITE.