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Developer SDK, Toolkit & Documentation. What is the difference between Kinect for Windows & Kinect for Xbox360? Kinect for Windows Sensor Components and Specifications. Developer SDK, Toolkit & Documentation. Kinect, I mock you so much. Derrière cette formulation humoristique se cache un des fondements de l’industrialisation des développements : le fait de pouvoir tester de manière automatisée tout ou partie d’un système informatique.

Kinect, I mock you so much

Aussi bien dans les architectures complexes que dans les applications les plus simples, il est pertinent de pouvoir tester un composant logiciel unitairement (indépendamment des autres composants duquel il dépend) : les dépendances sont donc « mockées » ou simulées en français. Il est aussi nécessaire de pouvoir créer un contexte favorable au scénario de test en injectant un jeu de données particulier via un automate de tests ou un injecteur. Le développement d’applications Kinect n’échappe pas à cette nécessité. Voici comment simuler une Kinect avec la librairie MocKinect. Pour rappel, la Kinect est un périphérique composé de capteurs optiques (video couleur et infrarouge) permettant de capturer une vue en relief des éléments entrant dans son champ de vision. Remplacez: Par: Finger-precise hand gesture tracking. San Francisco based start-up 3Gear Systems has developed a gesture control system with an astonishing finger-precise hand gesture tracking.

Finger-precise hand gesture tracking

The system uses two Microsoft Kinect sensors facing downwards from above a desk and a new software to track a user’s hands. When properly calibrated to the user, the system provides millimeter-level accuracy of the user’s hands. This allows to build simple and intuitive interactions that leverage small, comfortable gestures: pinching and small wrist movements instead of sweeping arm motions, for example. Gear has released an open software library for 64bit Windows to let developers integrate the technology into their applications. Two Kinects and an own self-made rig to mount them is required. 3Gear developed a new computer graphics algorithms for reconstructing the precise pose of the user’s hands from 3D cameras. Xbox One Review. Microsoft is certain the Xbox One is their key to taking over living room entertainment in its entirety.

Experiencing the Xbox One for the first time will almost certainly remind users of their first time working with Windows 8 - there's a lot of tiles to be tapped, and they're not always the easiest to traverse. In the Xbox One is Microsoft's extended Windows experience, coming closer to the do-everything ecosystem the brand has been cultivating over the past several years. Hardware The Xbox One is a big black box with a single Xbox circle logo on it that lights up when you tap it to turn it on. Where competing systems work with industrial design that's made for potential shine, the Xbox One is Microsoft's return to utter simplicity.

Up front you've got a 3.1-inch height that's half glossy plastic and half matte plastic, this first version of the console coming in all black. Up top you've got a massive grille through which this device's beastly fan can operate. Microsoft releases Xbox One cheat sheet: here's what you can tell Kinect to do.

Every Xbox One comes with a new Kinect sensor — a powerful peripheral that lets the game console read your heart rate and respond to your voice commands. In our review of the Xbox One, however, we discovered that the Kinect typically only recognizes extremely specific vocal cues like "Xbox turn off" and "Xbox Bing. " How many of those prompts are there, and what can they do? Microsoft just released a cheat sheet with a host of examples. In addition to useful commands like "Xbox Snap" and "Xbox Play," for example, you can also say "Xbox Help" on any screen or in any app to bring up a simplified user manual.

"Xbox Invite" is a shortcut to get your friends in on the action, allowing you to pull up the Party interface without leaving your game or issuing several commands, and you can say "Xbox Play Music" to quickly start playing the last track you were listening to in the Xbox Music app. Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks. Thanks to ever-growing Kinect Community, there are a lot of great Kinect programs/hacks out there and more come each day.

Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks

The artists, developers and technology enthusiast who belong to the Kinect Community have presented and share their Kinect programs not only within the community, but also to the rest of the world. In honor of the community as well as the Kinect device, has currently compiled its TOP 10 BEST KINECT HACKS. The team has gone through a lot of content it has featured in order to create this list of the best and most brilliant Kinect programs. The following programs have been selected for pushing the Kinect Technology, its unique creativity and its goal in improving daily routines and tasks.

For its contributions to the community as well as its potential, these programs have made it on our Top 10 List. Without further ado, the Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks of (Updated September 10, 2011) 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. Kinect: un tour d’horizon tout naturellement.