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NET to JavaScript compiler. Merge pull request #406 from iskiselev/UnusedModules Repo compatibility with hg-git and TeamCity Merge pull request #451 from iskiselev/MetaDoc Generate xml documanetation for JSIL.Meta Fix issue #453: Fix HashSet not implementing ICollection`1 Fix HashSet.Add not having a definition for ICollection`1 Fix generic variance checks failing to find matching interfaces (#452) Generate xml documanetation for JSIL.Meta Merge pull request #422 from esardaya/bugfix_unknown_member fixed unknown member bug Merge pull request #447 from iskiselev/VarianceTest Test updated: Added check for all cases for covariance/contravariance casts Test updated: Added check for all cases for covariance/contravariance casts.

NET to JavaScript compiler

When doing method lookup for methods of generic interfaces, sort the candidates by their distance from the defining type, so that we use the closest one that matches. Clean up and correct some mismatches between JSILc and the runtime regarding interfaces. Fixed covariant cast problem (#443). Sebastienros/jint. CoffeeScript Redux Online Demo.

Home. MikeMcl/bignumber.js. How can I get query string values. Call JavaScript via ScriptManager in C# – Sarin.Mobi. Executing a block of JavaScript code from C# on the server side in ASP.NET AJAX is relatively easy to do, here in this post I will show how this can be done.

Call JavaScript via ScriptManager in C# – Sarin.Mobi

The main object that you need to use is the ScriptManager via RegisterClientScriptBlock method; this method let you inject new JavaScript codes into the browser in run-time. That mean you client web browser can order to execute new task by the server ordering it, in this example I will use the DropDownList SelectedIndexChanged event to make event changes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Unable to attach to the crashing process. A debugger is already attached. JScript: JScript Code (importNode.js) Multithreading - How to run a method in a new thread in Jscript .NET. API Documentation. URI.js API URI Constructor The following parts can be specified in an object: using only components of URIs: // Look ma!

API Documentation

I'm only working the pathnamevar uri = new URI("some/directory/file.html"); // Look ma! Using web workers - Document Object Model (DOM) Dedicated Web Workers provide a simple means for web content to run scripts in background threads.

Using web workers - Document Object Model (DOM)

Once created, a worker can send messages to the spawning task by posting messages to an event handler specified by the creator. However, they work within a global context different from the current window (using the window shortcut instead of self in order to get the current global scope within a Worker will return, in fact, an error).

The worker thread can perform tasks without interfering with the user interface. In addition, they can perform I/O using XMLHttpRequest (although the responseXML and channel attributes are always null). Web worker. A web worker, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), is a JavaScript script executed from an HTML page that runs in the background, independently of other user-interface scripts that may also have been executed from the same HTML page.[1] Web workers are able to utilize multi-core CPUs more effectively.

Web worker

[citation needed] The W3C and WHATWG envision web workers as long-running scripts that are not interrupted by user-interface scripts (scripts that respond to clicks or other user interactions). Keeping such workers from being interrupted by user activities should allow Web pages to remain responsive at the same time as they are running long tasks in the background. The simplest use of workers is for performing a computationally expensive task without interrupting the user interface. The W3C and the WHATWG are currently in the process of developing a definition for an API for web workers.[1] Overview[edit] iCompile. Rockstarapps for Eclipse. A couple of years ago I discovered some awesome plugins for Eclipse.

Rockstarapps for Eclipse

It was by RockstarApps aka Bob Buffone, one of the plugins is the main reason I installed the plugin, It can minify stylesheets and javascripts within the IDE. Unfortunately the update site for these plugins is no longer a live, but this article tells you how to install them without the update site. Before I tell you how to download the plugin, let me tell you what the minify plugin can do.Javascript Files.

The Opa Framework for Javascript. Javascript – almost not line based. Javascript is not a line based language.

Javascript – almost not line based

White space has the same meaning regardless if it’s a space, a tabulator character or a line break. Well, almost. You can format the code pretty much any way you like. If you have a function like this: function getAnswer() { var answer = 42; return answer; } Why results varies upon placement of curly braces in javascript code. In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example » Encosia.

Note: This post is part of a long-running series of posts covering the union of jQuery and ASP.NET: jQuery for the ASP.NET Developer.

In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example » Encosia

Topics in this series range all the way from using jQuery to enhance UpdatePanels to using jQuery up to completely manage rendering and interaction in the browser with ASP.NET only acting as a backend API. If the post you're viewing now is something that interests you, be sure to check out the rest of the posts in this series. If you’ve been working with JavaScript very long, you probably know that you should format curly braces in JavaScript code a certain way.

In fact, if you’ve watched my TekPub series, Mastering jQuery, you’ve heard me stop James and remind him that at the beginning of nearly every episode. However, you’re less likely to have seen a clear example of why this matters or why you should care. Allman, K&R, and you The specific part of the previous post that I want to talk about is this: Pyjeon / RapydScript. NOTE: Please use git repository it's a pain to keep both of them in sync at once, this one is effectively outdated.

pyjeon / RapydScript

I'm also hoping that maintaining a single repository will make it easier to report bugs and for other developers to contribute, if they wish to. ScriptCryptor - Compile VBScript and JavaScript files into EXE. FESI (pr. like fuzzy) EcmaScript interpreter. Release 1.1.8Uses JDK 1.4 regular expressions Precompiled library for JDK 1.1.8 and up included.

FESI (pr. like fuzzy) EcmaScript interpreter

Version 1.1.8 29-Sep-2003)Download current version (combined source/binary kit)Download previous version (separate source and binary kits)You can mail me by clicking here <p>Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to read the mail address. Chakra (JScript engine) Chakra is a JavaScript engine developed by Microsoft for its Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser.

A distinctive feature of the engine is that it JIT compiles scripts on a separate CPU core, parallel to the web browser.[1][2] The engine is also able to access the computer's graphics processing unit (GPU), in particular for 3D graphics and video.[3] March 2011 performance tests for ZDNet concluded that Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit), Chrome 10, and Firefox 4 release candidate were "pretty evenly matched. "[7] Subsequent versions of Chakra, such as the version included in Internet Explorer 10, introduced additional performance changes, including JIT compilation on x64 and ARM architectures, and optimizations related to floating point math and garbage collection.[8] JsUnit: JavaScript Engines and Products. This page give a short overview of the JavaScript language, available engines and JavaScript enabled products. Some of them are explained on separate pages demonstrating the usage of JavaScript in general and JsUnit especially in their context.

Listening To Reason: A Simple JavaScript Command Line Interpreter for Windows in JScript.Net. I've been playing around with JavaScript quite a bit lately, and one thing I enjoyed having was a web-based JavaScript shell for trying out JavaScript commands quickly. I was also thinking about the fact that my command-line skills have gotten a little rusty lately, and that I should get those back into shape. I remembered JScript.Net, which I've been meaning to read more about anyway as a possible solution for embedded scripting in .net applications. So I decided to write a simple interactive command-line interpreter, and see how far I got. Working with JScript The JScript compiler, ships with the .Net SDK. Print("Hello, World! ") That's all there is to it. If you save it as hello.js and enter jsc hello.js, it will compile to hello.exe, and you can then type hello at the command line to run it.

That's the good news. Function bar() { print(5); } bar = function() { print(9); } Straightforward, right? JScript .NET Articles. Official Home of Goto.js. Passing Arguments To Embedded JavaScript. So, you're writing an embedded script and you want to pass some arbitrary arguments and parameters to your javascript. How do you do it?

This quick little tutorial will show you two examples, one using the HTML5 data attribute, and the other using the query string. Method 1: HTML5 'data' Attribute This is the easiest method. HTML5 now supports arbitrary parameters as long as they are prefixed with 'data-', so you can pass any arguments to your function with that. So, your embed will look like this: How would I design a client-side Queue system. Event properties. Page last changed today See section 7E and 7F of the book. The target/srcElement properties are sometimes buggy in Explorer 5 on Mac and unreliable in Netscape 4. Console is undefined error in IE9. Device and Viewport Size In JavaScript. ScottHamper/Cookies.

Cookies. Page last changed today See section 6G of the book. How can I use PHP or JS/HTML to dual post to a URL. Using JavaScript and CSS with your WordPress Plugin. This post was written as part of the How to Write a WordPress Plugin series. Ph. This post is about JavaScript performance but I would like to start it by telling a story that might seem unrelated to JS. Shawn Pringle - Shawn Pringle's Web Document. In the EUPHORIA 4.0 Standard Library there are many that take some notion of a needle and haystack: You can conceptually divide these into five classes depending on what kind of object you take as the 'needle'. Consider s a haystack and x a needle and the abstract notion of matching. Themes for Twitter Bootstrap - WrapBootstrap.

Rwldrn/idiomatic.js. SET JSCRIPT .NET AS THE DEFAULT SCRIPTLANGUAGE for (eBook PDF) Visual Studio C Sharp Book. JavaScript Objects. Detect Client Visitors IP , Country and City by Javascript, jQuery & PHP. Http headers - Get Client IP using just Javascript. Jurassic - A Javascript Compiler for .NET. Onclick to change cookie value JavaScript and AJAX forum at WebmasterWorld. Asynchronous Technologies: AJAX, AJAH, AHAH, and AJAJ. Hey guys and gurls! AHAH(Asynchronous HTML over HTTP)

AHAH or Asynchronous HTML over HTTP is a much simpler version of AJAX. Javascript – Traversing the HTML DOM recursively. Javscript tutorial to learn basic HTML DOM methods and implement it to traverse the HTML element tree. Ariel Flesler: jsDump - Pretty dump of any Javascript data. Introduction This script can dump any type of Javascript data (or most), thus, generating a string out of the received information. It's specially useful when creating some kind of console or logger. Also, it can be used for the development stage, when you need to inspect things on browsers that lack a good console. How to use. New JS SDK with OAuth 2.0 saving subdomain in fbsr_ cookie? - Facebook Stack Overflow. Online JavaScript beautifier. JumpStart Home. Cerny.js - Introduction. jPaq - Build Your Own JavaScript Library!

JavaScript. Jsc (c# to javascript) Thinking Async. JScript Language Tour (JScript .NET) .NET Framework General Reference. JScript (JScript.NET) Saving app settings - What's the opposite of appsettingsreader? JScript .NET Language Reference. JavaScript Security, Frames and Multiple Domains. Microsoft Jscript.Net Programming - Justin Rogers. JScript Compiler Options Listed by Category (JScript .NET) Compiling JScript Code from the Command Line (JScript .NET) Environment.GetCommandLineArgs Method (System) Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons With CSS and JavaScript. Environment Class (System) Something clever should go here. .net - What are people using JScript.Net for.

A JScript .NET Design Donnybrook - Fabulous Adventures In Coding. Navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition sometimes works sometimes doesn't.