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Secret Passage

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Hidden-forest-doorway-image.jpg (1600×1202) Here are top 10 secret doorways for your inspiration, which range from doorways in libraries to secret hidden forest lairs.

Hidden-forest-doorway-image.jpg (1600×1202)

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Above: Image source/copyright here. Above: Image source/copyright here. All images are believed to be © copyright of the links given below each image. Want more Daily Inspiration? If you liked this post, why not check out Top 16 Secret Compartments and 13 Unusual Pool Tables. UPDATE: I added the final image to the list on 27 June, so now there’s 11 image… ★ Related Posts here on Design Soak Magazine ★

Hidden Passageways « Secret Underground Lair. Blog Archive » this company will build you a secret lair. If you’ve been reading us awhile, you may remember the hidden bookshelf door how-to from a few years back.

Blog Archive » this company will build you a secret lair

Well, if you’re really into the idea but are too busy in your laboratory (pronounced “la-BOR-uh-tory,” of course) to take on a construction project, check out Creative Home Engineering, the subject of a recent article in Wired. They’ll build you hidden entrances and secret rooms to your heart’s content, including features such as “a door that opens when certain piano keys are pressed or when pieces on a chessboard are arranged just so.” I am both frightened and intrigued! — Mary T. - Hidden Secret Passages, Hidden Doors, Safe Rooms, Secret Vault Doors. 10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways. Home Theater Ticket Booth Hidden Door If you are big fan of unique hidden doors and cool home theaters, the Home Theater Ticket Booth Door from Creative Building Resources (CBR) combines the best of both worlds.

10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways

CBR's elaborate hidden door features a programmable, scrolling LED sign built into the top of the frame, while the interior of the hidden door functions like your traditional ticket booth, complete with recessed lighting. On the front of the ticket booth, a detailed wood inlay displays the high level of craftsmanship involved in constructing this hidden passageway, although we'd recommend ditching the frosted comedy and tragedy faces on the front ticket booth glass.

For those who intend to staff the ticket booth, or at least fill it with a costume-draped dummy, the interior is accessed through a full sized cabinet door at the back. As this hidden door is a custom creation from CBR, we'd recommend ordering yours to match your own home theater decor. 10 Historical Secret Rooms and Hidden Passages. 10 Historical Secret Rooms & Mysterious Hidden Passages Article by Delana, filed under Offices & Commercial in the Architecture category.

10 Historical Secret Rooms and Hidden Passages

For all of humankind’s history, we’ve been fascinated with hidden places. Before they were a fun architectural addition to new homes, hidden rooms and secret passages served a purpose. Most often, that purpose was to allow someone to hide or escape from some kind of danger. 10 Kick-Ass Secret Passage Bookshelves. If there’s one dream that unites all bookish folks (aside from, you know, universal literacy) it’s the dream of having a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase.

10 Kick-Ass Secret Passage Bookshelves

Ok, maybe it just unites some of us- but there’s no denying that there’s something super-nifty about having a bookcase that moves to reveal a space only you know about. You and your builder. Seventeen Sneaky Secret Hides. 01/17: Door-Top Stash, Sean Michael Ragan (link) 02/17: Plywood Secret Compartment, Yi Ting Ching (link) 03/17: Easy Hidden Pocket, Instructables (link) 04/17: Dead Drop Device, Brian Dereu (link) 05/17: Single Book Safe, John Edgar Park (link) 06/17: Stack-of-Books Safe, Matt Maranian (link) 07/17: Junction Box Stash, Derek Diedricksen (link)

Seventeen Sneaky Secret Hides

Hidden Door.