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A Book Lover's Dream House With Great Nature Views. Like Architecture & Interior Design?

A Book Lover's Dream House With Great Nature Views

Follow Us... Ever wanted your own book-lined wall? This 1,937sqft home in Mexico City, Mexico, is both book and nature-smart. Designed by Paul Cremoux Studio, 70% of the year is dedicated to outdoor living in a light, bright, and natural indoor-outdoor flow. Rain water is drained through two filters, eliminating dependency on the grid. Walking through an open-framed sliding door, a Scandinavian living space awakens.

Spaced on similarly-hued floors, the lounge and kitchen create a relaxed space. As the dining room dominates the other corner, a view outside shows a clever joining of plaster and wood panels. An outside area bathed in wood and plaster makes the most of outside plants. On the second floor, large steel frames create perpendicular grates. From the front, a slatted wooden door opens to plinths in tiled white. Another white-tiled space, the bathroom also beckons with a wooden door. Did you like this article? Superb Bamboo Holiday House in Mexico. 31 Remodeling Ideas You Obviously Need In Your Future Home.

Awesomely Stylish Urban Living Rooms. Loft Design Inspiration. I don't care if I'm too old for this... I want one! An album of some of the world's craziest rooms. 20 Home Furnishings That Are Borderline Magic. Fitzroy House by Techne Architects. The Fitzroy House unveils quite the surprise when you step behind the heritage facade to see a modern, three level addition on the back.

Fitzroy House by Techne Architects

The landmark property is located in Melbourne, Australia’s Fitzroy area and Techne Architects came on board to restore the original frontage and to complete the rear addition. A West Hollywood Retreat by Amit Apel Design Inc. Located in West Hollywood, California, the West Knoll residence was designed by Amit Apel Design Inc. to be a modest-sized home with an open flow and a feeling of being outside.

A West Hollywood Retreat by Amit Apel Design Inc.

Surrounded by lush native greenery, the home presented many challenges during the design process thanks to strict building codes for the city. Luckily the team got creative and worked within the parameters to make it all happen. The front door is nestled between two protruding volumes, one that contains the double garage on one side and the other with the living room that opens up to the partially private front yard. Part of the front yard is hidden away behind tall green shrubs, letting the family room extend out into the front lawn. The interior is open with plenty of windows and sliding glass doors that open out to the outdoors.

Large square windows frame the green views that can be enjoyed from every room. The living room’s stone wall brings a bit of the outdoors inside. There’s even a rooftop deck! Minimalist Multi-Family Flat With Plenty of Light + Space: Design Milk. If you’re wondering where I’ve moved to (in my dreams), it’s to this Central London Flat designed by VW+BS.

Minimalist Multi-Family Flat With Plenty of Light + Space: Design Milk

I mean, it’s super dreamy with tons of sunlight and flexible spaces for different functions. Back to reality… It was designed for an extended family of multiple generations from South East Asia that travel to London regularly for work and play. At any given time, there could be two entire families staying there for two weeks or just two adults there for two days, so it was important that the home accommodate as many functions as possible but be simple in design.

The Kensington Street flat was divided up with an awkward layout and dark bedrooms and bathrooms. VW+BS came in to bring the home back to life and they did with warm woods, clean white walls, and clever ideas. The open, double height living area offers various functions, like being the living room, dining room, and kitchen. a8W3WZ1_700b.jpg (600×10571) Secret Doors, Hidden Doors, Safe Room, Panic Room, Hidden Safe & Bomb Shelters. Build a DIY Sliding Door Bookshelf to Hide Your Secret Lair. Secret bookcase door. I used the Billy Bookcase. 3 x 30″ bookcase. 1 x 15″ bookcase. 1 Pax wardrobe with glass door.

Secret bookcase door