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Copia Luxury Eco Cabins. Neogenesis + studi0261 complete 'jungalow' home in india. Atelier LAVIT's hotel suites float on a lake in the south of france. Atelier LAVIT has designed an eco-hotel comprising a series of structures that float on a lake in south-eastern france. located on a marine reserve near the city of avignon, the hotel is made of up ten suites — each clad with wooden screens that ensure both privacy and shelter for guests. in order to protect the unspoiled region from obtrusive structures, the architects sought to camouflage the buoyant buildings with the existing landscape. all images by marco lavit nicora appearing as primitive structures within the reeds, the hotel rooms float on the water like rafts and offer sweeping views across the lake. guests access the suites via wooden walkways that extend from the banks of the lake. rooms contain an area for sleeping, a lounge, and a hot tub. each unit is wrapped with an external deck, which is protected by a tall timber screen that defines the external appearance of the structure — either circular or square. the ten structures float on a lake in south-eastern france.

atelier LAVIT's hotel suites float on a lake in the south of france

Vietnam megacities: enjoy a 26th floor apartment in hanoi by atelier 12. Architect chu văn đông builds another 'forest house' in northern vietnam. Perched in the mountains of northern vietnam is architect chu văn đông second forest house. built on a lot around 40 square meters, it is made for 2 to 4 people, thus doubling the capacity of the temporary home area designed to be a overnight dwelling or staging area for when visiting the mountains. left is the first forest home completed by chu văn đông, on the right is the newly completed addition all images credited to lê hoàng architect chu văn đông used materials such as a steel box, wood, glass, lightweight concrete and clay stone to provide a framework for the home. these lightweight materials are incorporated to reduce the potential impact that the structure of the foundation has on the environment. the home offers sweeping views, and also incorporates the existing trees and surrounding terrain with an outdoor playground.

architect chu văn đông builds another 'forest house' in northern vietnam

Mr. Anderson's House. Longitude 131° Amazing Hydrohouse by Max Zhivov. Wilderness Huts for Backcountry Glamour: 15 Not-So-Rustic Retreats. Modern Homes for Mermaids: 12 Houses Built Around Swimming Pools. St.

Modern Homes for Mermaids: 12 Houses Built Around Swimming Pools

Leon 10 Residence by SAOTA This Cape Town, South Africa home by SAOTA features an infinity-edge pool that not only continues into the home’s interior in the form of a reflecting pool, but also features a transparent wall for an aquarium-like effect in the sunken lounge adjacent to it. Willow House by Guz Architects. Moveable floor for swimming pools - agor-eng. The most common concern with an outdoor swimming pool is, above all else, safety.

moveable floor for swimming pools - agor-eng

AGOR’s moveable floor systems adhere to stringent safety standards, with the unique ability to lock the floor in its covered position and adjust water height in accordance with children’s height and swimming ability. The rigid floor completely covers the swimming pool and the water is inaccessible, guaranteeing maximum safety with a secure, highly-durable surface, giving you peace of mind. AGOR’s moveable floor for swimming pools is based on next generation technology, innovative design concept and custom manufacturing.

When fully deployed, the system is able to support nearly three times the average (kg. per sq.m.) load. Once installed, the converted space results in a uniquely strong, durable and reliable swimming pool cover, safe and resilient surface for any type of recreational or social event. AGOR offers custom-made covering solutions for most swimming pool shapes and sizes. A Book Lover's Dream House With Great Nature Views. Like Architecture & Interior Design?

A Book Lover's Dream House With Great Nature Views

Follow Us... Ever wanted your own book-lined wall? This 1,937sqft home in Mexico City, Mexico, is both book and nature-smart. Designed by Paul Cremoux Studio, 70% of the year is dedicated to outdoor living in a light, bright, and natural indoor-outdoor flow. Superb Bamboo Holiday House in Mexico. 31 Remodeling Ideas You Obviously Need In Your Future Home. Awesomely Stylish Urban Living Rooms. Loft Design Inspiration. I don't care if I'm too old for this... I want one! An album of some of the world's craziest rooms. 20 Home Furnishings That Are Borderline Magic. Fitzroy House by Techne Architects. A West Hollywood Retreat by Amit Apel Design Inc. Minimalist Multi-Family Flat With Plenty of Light + Space: Design Milk. If you’re wondering where I’ve moved to (in my dreams), it’s to this Central London Flat designed by VW+BS.

Minimalist Multi-Family Flat With Plenty of Light + Space: Design Milk

I mean, it’s super dreamy with tons of sunlight and flexible spaces for different functions. Back to reality… It was designed for an extended family of multiple generations from South East Asia that travel to London regularly for work and play. At any given time, there could be two entire families staying there for two weeks or just two adults there for two days, so it was important that the home accommodate as many functions as possible but be simple in design. The Kensington Street flat was divided up with an awkward layout and dark bedrooms and bathrooms. VW+BS came in to bring the home back to life and they did with warm woods, clean white walls, and clever ideas. The open, double height living area offers various functions, like being the living room, dining room, and kitchen. a8W3WZ1_700b.jpg (600×10571) Secret Doors, Hidden Doors, Safe Room, Panic Room, Hidden Safe & Bomb Shelters. Build a DIY Sliding Door Bookshelf to Hide Your Secret Lair.

Secret bookcase door. I used the Billy Bookcase. 3 x 30″ bookcase. 1 x 15″ bookcase. 1 Pax wardrobe with glass door.

Secret bookcase door