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Aussies spend $15b shopping online. Tweet to beat the queues: Amazon unveils social shopping system so customers can buy with a hashtag. Selfie holidays: Hotels embrace snap-happy trend by offering free stays to social-media-savvy guests. Savvy hotels are embracing the trend for 'selfies' with clever promotionsResort in Puerto Rico has launched a 'Take A Selfie Adventure Package'Sydney hotel offers free nights for Instagram users with 10,000 followers By Travelmail Reporter Published: 10:50 GMT, 30 April 2014 | Updated: 11:18 GMT, 30 April 2014 It is the phenomenon that has changed our lives, seeing us pause to snap photos of ourselves at any 'reasonable' moment – while eating, meeting friends or even lying in bed.

Selfie holidays: Hotels embrace snap-happy trend by offering free stays to social-media-savvy guests

But now, it seems, the selfie is taking over the places where we stay on holiday. Say cheese: The Selfie is increasingly taking over the world of travel Hotels – from the beaches of the Caribbean to the distant shores of Australia – are adding their weight to the selfie craze, encouraging guests (or would-be guests) to turn their cameras on themselves in order to make the most of their stays – and to win prizes.

Shopping, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Cars, Technology, Kids, and Baby. Top Giveaway Blogs - The Best in Reviews and Giveaways - All Sites. The Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World. Malls have become a lot more than just shopping venues.

The Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World

It has become a modern version of the park as people flock to malls just to hang out and have fun. Anything and everything that you need can be found right in the malls. That is why some companies have taken the time and money to develop huge tracts of land into modern shopping centers. Gift Guide & Gift Ideas. SHIP-WRECKED: Shoppers warned of the hidden costs of online shopping.

Top 10 Gifts for Him - TopTenREVIEWS. 10 of the Most Beautiful Online Stores. Last week, we featured some of the most beautiful blogs that run as businesses.

10 of the Most Beautiful Online Stores

This week we’re taking a look at some of the most beautifully designed online stores. We can admit that narrowing this list down to just 10 was pretty hard, but we got a little something in there for everyone. From makeup, to design, and clothing to crafts, these 10 stores have some pretty unique layouts, and some pretty cool products to go along with them. Balancing a beautiful layout, which is easy to navigate and showcases your products, can be a huge challenge, and there are certainly a whole bunch of online stores out there that are doing it all wrong. These 10, on the other hand, have got their finger firmly on the pulse of beautiful design, and more. Hu2. Top Selling Internet Items. SHIP-WRECKED: Shoppers warned of the hidden costs of online shopping. Global Sources 20 Most Popular Products For February 2014. View advertisments. Baby Gizmo Videos. The psychology of buying. Why do we buy certain items all of a sudden without previous planning?

The psychology of buying

Why do some people long for certain products? Why do some people spend fortunes buying a small decorative item?? People buy things to fulfill certain psychological needs through the purchase. People usually don't buy brands because they like them but they buy them because they like how these brands affect their image and status. 14 best shopping list apps reviewed. The key to shopping like a pro is planning – and these days, a crumpled up note scribbled on the back of an envelope just doesn’t cut it.

14 best shopping list apps reviewed

The humble shopping list has gone high tech with a flock of apps designed help you save time, money, and get exactly what you want. We’ve found 14 of the best … so let’s go shopping! 1. The Gift Register The Gift Register is a godsend for anyone who (a) is surrounded by little people screaming I WANT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY whenever they hit the shops, or (b) has received more than their fair share of scented soaps and wishes their family knew what they actually wanted for Christmas. The Gift Register allows you to create customised gift suggestion lists and easily share them with friends and family. 2.

With a focus on budgets, GrocerEaze allows you to see how much your list will cost before you shop and track costs while you are doing the shopping. .3. 4. 5. Manage your shopping lists online or on your phone with Out of Milk. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14. Make a Wish List at WantsThis. 25 Awesome Things You Can Buy For Under $US25. Cool stuff doesn’t have to be expensive.

25 Awesome Things You Can Buy For Under $US25

A recent Reddit thread asked for the coolest products for under $US25. We chose our favourites. 1. Miracle berry tablets. The tablets last for about an hour and alter your taste buds so that anything sour tastes sweet. “Eat a whole lemon like it’s an orange. Safer Transactions Online. Best Laptops 2014: Top 10 PCs and Macs. Christmas is coming, and a good laptop can make a great (if extravagant) gift for a certain someone (or yourself).

Best Laptops 2014: Top 10 PCs and Macs

We've rounded up the best laptops you can buy right now, and thrown in a buying guide for you as well. Buying a laptop has become easier in recent years, thanks to the reduction in the number of fly-by-night companies that produced rubbish machines. There are very few truly bad products out there, which is great news for everyone. This means that, while it's hard to buy a lemon, finding the best-value laptop for any given use case can be difficult, especially as prices change frequently. The guide below should offer you some general advice, while our list of the best laptops over the page shows you our top picks based on our extensive back catalogue of reviews. Let's get started.

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