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Cosmos not doing it for you? Maybe try I F*cking Love Science. "I Fucking Love Science" is an impressive Internet phenomenon.

Cosmos not doing it for you? Maybe try I F*cking Love Science

It started as a Facebook account, where one woman (Elise Andrew) simply posted anything that impressed or amazed her about science. From there, it has grown into its own website, which features a number of additional writers. And, as of yesterday, it will be coming to TV. The future host of the show is comedian Craig Ferguson, currently host of The Late Late Show on CBS. Ferguson announced the new project via a video shown at SXSW. Ferguson, like Stephen Colbert, has been using his talk show to dive into science topics that might otherwise not reach broad audiences. I Fucking Love Science has been the subject of both criticism and admiration. Nevertheless, shows like Cosmos aren't for everyone, and there's a risk that some people might never tune in to something that's overtly educational. Empirical Zeal. Empirical Zeal.

It's Okay To Be Smart. In the Dark. Talk Nerdy To Me News, Videos, Blog - Cara Santa Maria, HuffPost Science. Double X Science - Science. It's the new black. Brightsurf: Science Current Events and Science News. - Science News, Technology, Physics, Nanotechnology, Space Science, Earth Science, Medicine. Science, Space and Technology News. PLOS ONE : accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science. Universe Today — Space and astronomy news. Symphony of Science. An album all about science! "Terra Lumina" by John Boswell.

Terra Lumina is a new musical project by John D Boswell, aka melodysheep, the creator of Symphony of Science, and Will Crowley, fellow musician and collaborator for the band Hudson.

An album all about science! "Terra Lumina" by John Boswell

We're looking to create and publish an album of songs covering a topic that is under represented in today's musical scene - science. John has pioneered a new form of inspirational and educational music through his Symphony of Science music video series, which has garnered millions of views and inspired thousands of people to pursue scientific interests; Will Crowley is a scientifically educated multi-instrumentalist and has worked for years in the public school system as a math and science educator. The album promises to be an epic collection of songs about topics that are endlessly fascinating, yet rarely represented musically. AlphaGalileo. Science and Technology News, Science Articles. The Alchemist Newsletter: Apr 26, 2012 — Welcome to ChemWeb. Aspirin by any other name An international research program has revealed once more that the earliest of commercial pharmaceuticals, aspirin, has yet more roles to play in medicine.

The Alchemist Newsletter: Apr 26, 2012 — Welcome to ChemWeb

The researchers have demonstrated that salicylate, the active metabolite, directly increases the activity of AMP-activated protein kinase. This enzyme is key player in the regulation of cell growth and metabolism and is, figuratively speaking, the cellular fuel-gauge. It is triggered by exercise and by the anti-diabetic medication metformin, so understanding and modulating its activity could be relevant to overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes. “We show that salicylate increases fat burning and reduces liver fat in obese mice," says McMaster University's Greg Steinberg who is a principal investigator on the project. McMaster Researchers Find Potential for New Uses of Old Drug back to top.

Innovation, Craftsmanship & Design. ScienceBase - Science News & Views. Science News. 100 Best (Free) Science Documentaries Online. No matter how much you know, there is always something new to learn about science.

100 Best (Free) Science Documentaries Online

While your college courses may cover the basics, you can get a more in-depth look at a wide variety of topics from Internet resources such as these great documentaries. These selections will help you explore everything from the inner reaches of the human mind to the outer areas of our universe and just about everything else in between. Better yet, they’re all free to watch online so you can learn more without spending a dime. Health and Medicine These documentaries cover topics like health care, diseases, nutrition, nursing, and more so you can get great insights into health and medicine.

Super Size Me: In this movie, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock attempts to subsist on only a diet of McDonald’s for a full month. Drugs Learn how drugs impact the brain and the variety of legal restrictions imposed upon them from these documentaries. Genetics Evolution and Biological History Physics. Science. Ology List - List of -ology Sciences and Scientific Disciplines. Updated November 12, 2015.

Ology List - List of -ology Sciences and Scientific Disciplines

An ology is a discipline of study, as indicated by having the -ology suffix. This is a list of science ologies. Please let me know if you know of an -ology that should be added to the list. LiveScience: Science News, Articles & Current Events. Periodic Table of Science Bloggers. James Randi Educational Foundation. Bad Science. Pharyngula - Just another site. Planet of the Apes. POSTED: Sunday, September 30, 2012, 12:34 PM Peter Andolfatto One of the more difficult aspects of evolution for some people to swallow is the notion that random copying errors in DNA can add up to anything useful.

Planet of the Apes

In two recently published projects, however, scientists show how typos can indeed lead to improvements. In numerous species of insects, they document the DNA errors that led to changes that are not only beneficial but also brilliant. Various species of beetles, aphids, butterflies, and moths have independently acquired genetic errors that allow them to eat highly toxic plants and then use the toxins to defend themselves against predators. The toxins in question, called cardenolides, are made by several plants including milkweed, which is the staple food for monarch butterfly caterpillars. Read » The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion. For thousands of years we have wrestled with the great questions of existence.

The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion

Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? The quest to answer these is the story of science. Each week, medical journalist Michael Mosley traces the often unpredictable path we have taken. EDGE 2011: What scientific Concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit? There's a lot of stuff in the world: trees, cars, galaxies, benzene, the Baths of Caracalla, your pancreas, Ottawa, ennui, Walter Mondale.

EDGE 2011: What scientific Concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit?

How does it all fit together? In a word… Supervenience. (Pronounced soo-per-VEEN-yence. The verb form is to supervene.) Supervenience is a shorthand abstraction, native to Anglo-American philosophy, that provides a general framework for thinking about how everything relates to everything else. Supervenience is a relationship between two sets of properties.