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Ethical and Sustainable Living Choices

Shaping our future together. Container and Car Shipping Timetables from Australian Ports. 3401.0 - Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, Jul 2019. Made In China - Classroom - BTN. KIRSTY BENNETT, REPORTER: It's all happening in China right now.

Made In China - Classroom - BTN

The country's grown into the second largest economy in the world after the US and international companies want a piece of what they're making. Many companies get their products like cameras and clothing made in China because they're much cheaper. That's because wages there are low and there are stacks of people looking for jobs. In countries like Australia we see the end result but not the many hands that put these products together. Millions of people work in factories across China and working conditions are sometimes bad. KIRSTY: When you go to work in Australia, there are laws to make sure the workplace is safe and that you're paid the right amount of money for your age and the job you're doing.

China Connection - Classroom - BTN. NATHAN BAZLEY, REPORTER: "If China sneezes, Australia will catch a cold.

China Connection - Classroom - BTN

" It's a funny saying and strangely it has nothing to do with the flu. It's all about economies. It works like this - China's economy is healthy, but if it was to get sick, that is "catch a cold", Australia's would follow, because we rely so heavily on them. That's all good now, while things are going well, but what would happen if China sneezed? This is the great wall of China, a 6000km barrier built thousands of years ago to protect China's northern borders. It's an example of the lengths the Chinese would go to to keep the outside world out, and they still thought that way up until about 40 years ago.

Australia Imports. Australia Exports. Compare Australia To... Engaging with Asia. Sun Cable plans NT solar farm to export electricity to Singapore. Australia’s hot and plentiful* Northern Territory sunshine could soon be farmed for electricity to power Singapore.

Sun Cable plans NT solar farm to export electricity to Singapore

The 15,000ha farm planned for the Barkly region near Tennant Creek would be the world’s biggest solar farm. The $20 billion project would generate* 1000 jobs in Darwin and another 1000 in Adelaide, South Australia, during construction and 300 jobs on the solar farm. Sun Cable, the Singapore-based company proposing* the farm, is aiming to start building in 2023 and for it to be fully working in 2027. NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner supports the plan. The NT News newspaper understands traditional owners in Central Australia and the Federal Government have attended meetings about the project.

Overhead power lines would send the electricity generated to Darwin and into the NT electricity system. He said Australia’s strong relationship with Singapore, as well as its stable economy* and political and legal system*, will ensure a secure, reliable electricity supply for Singapore. 2. 2. Australia's trade relationship with Indonesia. Australia and Indonesia have the world’s 13th and 16th largest economies respectively, by gross domestic product ranking.

2. Australia's trade relationship with Indonesia

Despite being close neighbours with strong economies, Australia only ranks 11th on Indonesia’s principal export destinations and 8th as an import source. The trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia is clearly under-developed. In 2015-16 Indonesia was Australia’s 13th largest trading partner, trailing behind smaller markets such as New Zealand. The Australia-Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) pointed out the stark contrast in these relationships noting that there are 12 000 Australian companies with $86 billion invested in New Zealand, population 4 million, and ‘less than 300 on the ground in Indonesia’ and $11 billion invested in a country with a population of 250 million. Which Export Makes Most Money For Each Country[3500×1827] : MapPorn.

Country profiles. Teaching activities. Photo kit: A Day in the Life of 5 Children. Worldwide Country and City Comparison. In My Shoes - Programs - ABC TV Education - TV Education. Program Information In My Shoes gives a unique child led view of China, providing a balanced perspective of the country and using illustrated maps to help locate the child's daily life - be it home, school, family or play.

In My Shoes - Programs - ABC TV Education - TV Education

Episodes will be available on iview after broadcast Duration: 10 minutes Age Level: Upper Primary Episodes Episode 1 - Xingping Tuesday 23 July 2019 | 10.40 am Zhao Zhenhui shows us the beautiful karst peaks and life on the banks of the Li River. Episode 2 - Yangshou Tuesday 30 July 2019 | 10.40 am Yangshuo lies on the Li River. Episode 3 - Lijiang Tuesday 6 August 2019 | 10.40 am Lijiang is situated in the shadow of the foothills of the Himalayas, and a magnet for tourists.

Episode 4 - Chan'gou Tuesday 13 August 2019 | 10.40 am He Ruigin lives in Chan'gou, a remote village about three hours from the ancient city of Lijiang. Episode 5 - Tian Chang Tuesday 20 August 2019 | 10.40 am An introduction to Tian Chang, a city in eastern China in the province of Anhui. Home - Commonwealth for kids.

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