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Chickens Don’t Clap! * *** Le cool magazine * Brobots! This track is off Little Richard’s "Southern Child" record.


Originally recorded in ‘72, this album was shelved for unexplained reasons. It was finally released by Rhino in 2005 on The Complete Reprise Recordings comp. If I had to guess, I imagine it’s because fans expecting a standard Little Richard album wouldn’t know what to do with this one. The attatched track is slower (and also the one I couldn’t find on the internet, so you’re welcome, internet) and clearly demonstrates Little Richard’s complete lack of understanding of heterosexual lovemaking (“the touch of your back, pressing on my back…” Really LR?) But trust me when I tell you there are a few scorchers on this album. Editors Note: I couldn’t find a large enough image of the actual cover to attach, but it’s great. Download by ralieghfingers | 6/14/12 | 4:39pm ||+ share Happy Valentine from the Brobots! By butterandblackvinyl | 2/14/12 | 6:25pm ||+ share Ultimate autumn jam. B E A T. Branche ton Sonotone ! ***** Amateur Chemist * Chipped Hip *** Abcdr du Son * The American Music Forum ** AOL Music * Boing Poum Tchak! * Boogie Woogie Flu * ** Bass Guitar Magazine. Le Choix de Mlle Eddie - Webzine d'une Musicophage - Garanti san. Amoeba Music ***** Amoeblog ***** Fourth annual Earth Day San Francisco happens at Civic Center/UN Plaza on 4/19/2014 With the unsettling (but not surprising) results of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mitigation report, this year's Earth Day (April 19th, same day as Record Store Day) takes on a more profound meaning.

Amoeblog *****

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the UN report, which stresses how only a few decades remain to halt global warming from falling into catastrophic effects, "a wake-up call about global economic opportunity we can seize today as we lead on climate change. " Hence it is expected that this study's findings will be discussed by speakers at this weekend's Earth Day San Francisco festivities that takes place from 10am to 6pm at UN Plaza/Civic Center. shops, green-economy data, plus such things as green jobs opportunies, an "Eco-Fashion" show and an "Eco Artist Grove," as well as organic food cooking demonstrations and tips on how to build a solar oven. Covert Curiosity * Bloggerhouse ** Berkeley Place. Bass is The Place. Apparently this sporadically updated Tumblr turned 3.

Bass is The Place

I’m sorry for the lack of porn. Hi Sonraw,just wanted to say your review of the Keysound Recordings compilation is pretty nice, made me take interest in it straight away and I didnt regret it! Analog Giant. Bradley's almanac * Culturespill * Aurgasm * Clap Cowards * American Standard Time * Common Folk Music ** Bust The Facts * COOLER THAN THAT * Migos (Feat.


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Our aim is to highlight one of the more overlooked narratives in contemporary music-- the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases, and pockets of underground activity all over the world. Editors Contributors 20 Jazz Funk Greats 20 Jazz Funk Greats is a collective that functions as one brain overrun with a passion for Arthur Machen dreamscapes, epic cosmic structures, terrible punctuation, avant pop experimentation, the gospel according to Yuzna, and themes and sounds from the semi-inverted pyramid of phantasmagorian synergies. view posts Don't Die Wondering Don't Die Wondering is a London-based music blog, monthly club night, and periodic compiler of compilations.

Written and maintained by Noam Klar, it was started by various contributors in April 2009. Aquarium Drunkard ***** CHOCOLATE BOBKA * BrooklynVegan * Baeblemusic ***** C'est Entendu. AllGigs *** ***** ** Back To The Old Skool ** *** Crosstown Traffic *** Crossthetracks * Budget Fashionistas * It’s not bourgeoisie to wonder if Mad Men would ever give Don a shred of hope; a chance to remake himself in a more profound and productive way.

Budget Fashionistas *

Nor was it hopelessly middlebrow to wish for Roger to save himself from ruin and reclaim some of his old spark and maybe some dignity, too. To wish for Peggy to end the show in the fabled catbird seat isn’t unreasonable. She’s given us so much to root for; so of course we would want her not merely to survive, but be vindicated. To win. To be carried aloft by fate to thunderous applause, or at least toss her hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. Matt Zoller Seitz on Mad Men, a series which I often cite as not only my favorite show on television, but an inspiration in the way I write characters in my own work. medverf: Thomas Rameckers (via jesuisperdu) There are moments in life where the chip on your shoulder just weighs you down and weighs you down until you feel you can’t stand up anymore. Theladybadass: (via doyourwardance) An Addendum B.J.

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