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Watch exclusive live music concerts and music videos on

Watch exclusive live music concerts and music videos on

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TWENTY ONE PILOTS LYRICS - Holding On To You I'm taking over my body, back in control, no more shotty, I bet a lot of me was lost, 't's uncrossed and 'I's undotted, I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all I got, Not anymore, flesh out the door, swat, I must've forgot, you can't trust me, I'm open a moment and close when you show it, Before you know it I'm lost at sea, And now that I write and think about it, And the story unfolds, You should take my life, you should take my soul. You are surrounding all my surroundings, Sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain, You are surrounding all my surroundings, Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes. And I'll be holding on to you [x2] Remember the moment you know exactly where you're going, 'Cause the next moment, before you know it, Time is slowing and it's frozen still, And the window sill looks really nice, right?

Guguchu Promote music, only better! Guguchu is a powerful one-stop direct-to-fan platform. We’ve set out on a mission to enable every artist, band, manager and label to manage the relationship with their fans directly, provide data-driven unique insights and cut down on the overhead needed to build everything from scratch. So far, we've built the essential set of features, and we'll keep going: Easy to set up, fully customizable and professionally looking band pages A music store with instant and direct payments and some of the lowest fees around A sleek mobile ticketing solution A rich HTML newsletter composer with embeddable music tracks A smart media kit allowing you to track the level of interest by venues A venue database with 15,000 gigs with contact information Embeddable widgets allowing you to sign up fans and sell music anywhere you like Unique fan experience on your website through API-driven feature integration

Yet another iPod manager - Downloads This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Have you read this? Please feel free to read the online documentation to learn how to use the basic and advanced features. ALTERED ZONES ***** Altered Zones is an international collective of music bloggers that unites 15 autonomous sites. Our aim is to highlight one of the more overlooked narratives in contemporary music-- the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases, and pockets of underground activity all over the world. Editors Contributors 20 Jazz Funk Greats 20 Jazz Funk Greats is a collective that functions as one brain overrun with a passion for Arthur Machen dreamscapes, epic cosmic structures, terrible punctuation, avant pop experimentation, the gospel according to Yuzna, and themes and sounds from the semi-inverted pyramid of phantasmagorian synergies. view posts Don't Die Wondering Don't Die Wondering is a London-based music blog, monthly club night, and periodic compiler of compilations. Written and maintained by Noam Klar, it was started by various contributors in April 2009.

THE BEATLES LYRICS - I've Just Seen A Face I've just seen a face I can't forget the time or place Where we just meet She's just the girl for me And want all the world to see We've met, mmm-mmm-mmm-m'mmm-mmm Had it been another day I might have looked the other way And I'd have never been aware But as it is I'll dream of her Tonight, di-di-di-di'n'di Falling, yes I am falling And she keeps calling Me back again I have never known The like of this, I've been alone And I have missed things And kept out of sight But other girls were never quite Like this, da-da-n'da-da'n'da I've just seen a face I can't forget the time or place Where we just meet She's just the girl for me And want all the world to see We've met, mmm-mmm-mmm-da-da-da Falling, yes I am falling And she keeps calling Me back again Falling, yes I am falling And she keeps calling Me back again Oh, falling, yes I am falling And she keeps calling Me back again

Senuti — Recover music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your Mac Need to recover music, playlists, or videos from your iPod or iPhone? Look no further! With Senuti, you can recreate your iTunes music library in just one click. Want to be more specific? Amoeblog ***** Fourth annual Earth Day San Francisco happens at Civic Center/UN Plaza on 4/19/2014 With the unsettling (but not surprising) results of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mitigation report, this year's Earth Day (April 19th, same day as Record Store Day) takes on a more profound meaning. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the UN report, which stresses how only a few decades remain to halt global warming from falling into catastrophic effects, "a wake-up call about global economic opportunity we can seize today as we lead on climate change." Hence it is expected that this study's findings will be discussed by speakers at this weekend's Earth Day San Francisco festivities that takes place from 10am to 6pm at UN Plaza/Civic Center. shops, green-economy data, plus such things as green jobs opportunies, an "Eco-Fashion" show and an "Eco Artist Grove," as well as organic food cooking demonstrations and tips on how to build a solar oven.

The Wire Archive Live As of today, every single issue of The Wire since it kicked off in 1982 is available digitally. That’s 353 issues and 25,0000 pages of experimental music history, over 30 years, all available on the iPad/iPhone app or online. Imagine the entirety of The Wire’s history at your fingertips. If you’ll kindly pick your jaws up off the floor, we can tell you that the whole lot is fully searchable, too.

Bass is The Place Apparently this sporadically updated Tumblr turned 3. I’m sorry for the lack of porn. Hi Sonraw,just wanted to say your review of the Keysound Recordings compilation is pretty nice, made me take interest in it straight away and I didnt regret it! what a record! 50 Music Sites That Matter Photo and Feature Photo: Yuliya Libkina Bored with your music collection? Feeling out of the musical loop? Matador Editor-At-Large and globetrotting music journalist Paul Sullivan offers us fifty music sites that offer some of the best and most up-to-date sounds on the planet.

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