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Loop / FKA twigs You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights... Loop, Purling Hiss, Donovan Blanc @ Le Poisson Rouge Existing for a barely five years, UK psych band Loop were one of the most perfectly-named bands ever. Rarely bothering with verse-chorus-verse song structure, the South London group took a riff and added layer upon layer till it had its own gravitational field. They were heavy, man, and got heavier as they went along. Loop are back in action and are stopping in NYC tonight on their way to Austin Psych Fest.

ALTERED ZONES ***** Altered Zones is an international collective of music bloggers that unites 15 autonomous sites. Our aim is to highlight one of the more overlooked narratives in contemporary music-- the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases, and pockets of underground activity all over the world. Editors

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good An Album and a Song is a series where I pick a favorite album and song from a year (working up from 1960) for your listening pleasure. One rule: The year’s album and song can not both come from the same artist. Strangely enough, the Abbey Road got mixed reviews on it’s initial release, but retrospectively it’s rightfully considered The Beatles' last and perhaps greatest masterpiece. The album contains some of the finest songwriting of the band's careers whether it was Lennon's “Come Together”, Harrison’s “Something" (his greatest Beatles contribution), or McCartney’s masterful Side 2 medley, which sees the most legendary band of all time going out in the most grand fashion possible. Michael Jackson obviously had an incredible, groundbreaking solo career but if singing lead on the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" was his only achievement, he’d still be a legend in my book. Listen to Abbey Road on Youtube and “I Want You Back" on Spotify.

Bifo: The Obsession with Identity Fascism Franco Berardi Bifo Translated by Steve Wright. This text is an extract from Franco Berardi's La nefasta utopia di potere operaio. The original can be found here. Potere Operaio presented itself explicitly, even provocatively, as a movement that had severed all links with the history of realised socialism. Just as decisively, it refused to identify with the tradition of anti-fascism. Amoeblog ***** Fourth annual Earth Day San Francisco happens at Civic Center/UN Plaza on 4/19/2014 With the unsettling (but not surprising) results of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mitigation report, this year's Earth Day (April 19th, same day as Record Store Day) takes on a more profound meaning. U.S.

2010 in heavy metal music This is a timeline documenting the events of heavy metal in the year 2010. Bands disbanded[edit] Bands reformed[edit] Bands formed[edit] Deafheaven[42] Books[edit] Letter to Lord Chandos Hugo von Hofmannsthal The Letter of Lord Chandos THIS is the letter Philip, Lord Chandos, younger son of the Earl of Bath, wrote to Francis Bacon, later Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, apologizing for his complete abandonment of literary ac­tivity. IT IS kind of you, my esteemed friend, to condone my two years of silence and to write to me thus.

Bass is The Place Apparently this sporadically updated Tumblr turned 3. I’m sorry for the lack of porn. Hi Sonraw,just wanted to say your review of the Keysound Recordings compilation is pretty nice, made me take interest in it straight away and I didnt regret it! what a record! my personal favourite is 'The Steppenwolf' :) The Corner “You could have said that yesterday,” a friend wrote on social media, slapping down someone who was inveighing against the alleged racism of an accomplished sports figure who had died a few hours earlier. “You could have said it tomorrow.” Out of respect, we honor the dictum “Speak no ill of the dead” — for a day. Mourning, we might extend the period to months, or even years, but to maintain that attitude in perpetuity would mean that we suspended forever our judgment of precedents: We could never criticize any action if it was taken by someone who, being human, went on to die.

Budget Fashionistas * It’s not bourgeoisie to wonder if Mad Men would ever give Don a shred of hope; a chance to remake himself in a more profound and productive way. Nor was it hopelessly middlebrow to wish for Roger to save himself from ruin and reclaim some of his old spark and maybe some dignity, too. To wish for Peggy to end the show in the fabled catbird seat isn’t unreasonable. Ben Smith: Political News and Analysis From our report on today's Pulitzer Prize announcement: Edward Snowden didn’t win a Pulitzer on Monday, but he might as well have. In a move certain to be interpreted as a vindication of the former government contractor’s efforts, the Pulitzer Prize Board on Monday awarded The Guardian US and The Washington Post its coveted Public Service award for reporting on the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance practices. The award was given for the “revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, marked by authoritative and insightful reports that helped the public understand how the disclosures fit into the larger framework of national security,” the committee said in its release. Sig Gissler, the Pulitzer Prize administrator, announced the winners at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

The Obelisk 04.11.14 — 00:08 — Thursday night/Friday morning — Hotel Mercure, Tilburg This afternoon and this morning both seem like a really, really long time ago. I got asked a few times today when I got into town and I couldn’t seem to remember. 2009 maybe?

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