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Lexicon Love, a Collage Artist who focuses on Photography. Collage Artist Lexicon Love Under the name Lexicon Love, Harriet Moutsopoulos creates unique collages.

Lexicon Love, a Collage Artist who focuses on Photography

Moutsopoulos is a collage artist who focuses on the photography segment. She lives and works in Sydney, the place she was originally born. “I simply love the idea of being able to renegotiate and manipulate the origins of an image through the medium of collage art” she explains. At first, Harriet uses authentic images to create a new viewpoint. Opa · Tel Aviv, Israel. Terrazzo Crayons – Present&Correct. The Brooklyn Home Company designs Passivhaus in Brooklyn. American studio The Brooklyn Home Company has designed a Brooklyn townhouse using Passivhaus principles in New York's Carroll Gardens neighbourhood.

The Brooklyn Home Company designs Passivhaus in Brooklyn

The Sackett Street townhouse comprises four storeys as well as a rooftop with views of the Manhattan skyline, along with a basement and a drive-in garage. Stairs from an outside decking area lead to a back garden, and a private terrace is accessed from the main bedroom. Passivhaus is a recognised European energy standard for homes that require minimal energy to heat or cool and promote high indoor air quality. For the townhouse project, The Brooklyn Home Company used an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) filtration system.

"The air quality brings health and cognitive benefits that the developer believes will become the new standard for home building in New York City," co-founder of The Brooklyn Home Company William Caleo told Dezeen. "The homes also maintain humidity levels to prevent virus spread, which is common in both dry and cold weather. Verdant Abodes: 6 Plant-Filled Residences That Bring the Garden Indoors. Architects: Showcase your next project through Architizer and sign up for our inspirational newsletter.

Verdant Abodes: 6 Plant-Filled Residences That Bring the Garden Indoors

Obsession with house plants has long been a hallmark of modern architecture. The founder of the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, was known to go on cacti-collecting trips, Le Corbusier centered his 1925 Pavilon de l’Esprit Nouveau around a tree, and Alvar Aalto included interior plant boxes in his iconic Riihtie House. In contemporary design, desire for spaces that bridge the botanic and architectural worlds has remained strong. Whether with cacti, vines or philodendrons, today’s architects utilize plants for more than just aesthetics: they improve air quality, provide shade in courtyards and promote relaxation. These six projects from tropical and temperate regions prove that, irrespective of location, house plants are playing an increasingly important role in contemporary architecture.

Suppose design office builds house T in tokyo as concrete box with wood-clad interiors. T Lamp, luminaire moderne et intemporel par le studio de design croate Regular Company pour Frama. Bien que des géométries simples composent le design de la lampe, sa stature est imposante et elle attire le regard instantanément.

T Lamp, luminaire moderne et intemporel par le studio de design croate Regular Company pour Frama

Elle utilise un mécanisme simple qui lui permet de s’incliner et de faire briller la lumière sous différents angles. La lampe T célèbre la chaleur et l’éclairage – idéale pour les jours sombres de l’hiver. Composée de matériaux qui se patineront magnifiquement au fil du temps, la lampe T est actuellement disponible en acier brossé, laiton brossé et blanc mat. Sisters Houses / Daher Jardim Arquitetura. Sisters Houses / Daher Jardim Arquitetura Share FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMail Or Area: 80 m² Year: 2020 Photographs: Marina LiraManufacturers: Marmoraria MG, Sai Glass, Stark Tecnologia.

Sisters Houses / Daher Jardim Arquitetura

Hourré House, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France by Collectif Encorea. Hourré House Hourré House resides in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, an area near the borders of France and Spain.

Hourré House, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France by Collectif Encorea

Named after the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, it covers the French Basque Country and the Béarn. Due to both the ocean and the mountains the area is a touristic attraction. Contemporary Art Daily » Blog Archive » Alice Tippit at Nicelle Beauchene. If we survive the teeth, we succumb to the waves. – Virginia Woolf, Orlando Nicelle Beauchene Gallery is thrilled to announce Unspelt, Alice Tippit’s third solo show with the gallery and the inaugural exhibition at our new home, 7 Franklin Place.

Contemporary Art Daily » Blog Archive » Alice Tippit at Nicelle Beauchene

Unspelt will open on December 9th with a daylong reception from 10-6 PM. For Unspelt, Alice Tippit continues to tangle meaning and evade certainty through her clean, hard-edged oil on canvas paintings. "Abbandonare un gatto" by Haruki Murakami on Behance. Canapé ASSEMBLE par destroyers/builders pour Valerie_Objects. Les coussins asymétriques sont assemblés en différents éléments du canapé ; on peut ainsi choisir entre des sièges simples, des sièges doubles, des éléments d’angle, des poufs et des tables d’appoint pour jouer avec.

Canapé ASSEMBLE par destroyers/builders pour Valerie_Objects

Sur le plan des formes, ASSEMBLE s’inspire de galets vieillis, de verre broyé ou des restes d’un petit savon. Cette silhouette arrondie du canapé partage le même langage que certains des dessins précédents de destroyers/builders. The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// jon koko. Jon koko Okay, I was already missing traveling, but now I want to go traveling and then go swimming when I get there.

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// jon koko

These quiet, dreamy ink wash paintings are the work of Swedish artist Jon Koko. Yes, Swedish… but with a deep love for Japan: Emma Talbot. Warehouse Transformation / Thomas Raynaud + Paul Devarrieux. Warehouse Transformation / Thomas Raynaud + Paul Devarrieux Share FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMail Or Area: 600 m² Year: 2020 Photographs: Adrià Goula More SpecsLess Specs Text description provided by the architects.

Warehouse Transformation / Thomas Raynaud + Paul Devarrieux

Prioritising Repurposed Materials: Bermonds Locke London by Holloway Li. Reception and co-working zones at Bermonds Locke. London-based design consultancy Holloway Li has recently completed Bermonds Locke, a 143-room urban retreat focused on sustainability located in Bermondsey, South London. Housed within the concrete shell of a former office block, this is the first in a series between Holloway Li and Locke that explores the home-meets-hotel concept. Electric, surreal and dreamlike the designers took inspiration from California’s Joshua Tree and the Navajo to create a desert informed aesthetic that can be felt throughout all the spaces. Four Women, a Painting Series by Catherine Repko. Four Women Series Catherine Repko is an English artists who focuses on painting. Currently, she develops a new series called Four Women based on the relationships between herself and her three sisters. Sigurd Grünberger’s Series A Letter To A Friend Is A Reminder Of The Simplicity That Surrounds Us.

Grünberger’s extensive body of work reveals a distinct visual language and an impressive knowledge of color and lighting. The photographer has mastered his skill through working in a camera shop at the age of 19, where he first developed a fascination with the medium of photography. Today, he boasts a strong international reputation with editorial publications in magazines such as L’Officiel, Elle, GQ, and Vision China, amongst others. What sets him apart, making his editorial work immediately recognizable, is his signature style of effortless elegance hinted with a subtle edginess; giving his images an ethereal air. L'ACTE GRATUIT. POOL 2020 by Photographer Maria Svarbova. Many of you will be familiar with Maria Svarbova‘s distinctive photographic work. Inspired by the aesthetics of past decades mixed with striking colors and a sense of minimalism, the Slovakian photographer is best known for staged photo projects in swimming pools and sports facilities.

Just a few days ago, Maria Svarbova published a new series shot in 2020. The images can be found below. For those who want to see more of her work, feel free to visit her website or follow this talented photographer on Behance and Instagram. Mark Mulroney: So many of my friends are in trouble. Mrs. is pleased to announce a solo presentation of new works by Mark Mulroney. This exhibition was originally slated to be held on Governors Island with NADA House. Due to the pandemic, however, we have now moved the exhibition to our brick and mortar gallery space. This is Mulroney’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Artist Spotlight: Helen Bur. Extracurricular activities: creatives on the side-hustles which grew out of 2020. Making flyers to post to their new neighbours, the pair developed a plan to open every other Sunday. Residents could place their order via Instagram and, in exchange for contact-free delivery, make a charity donation to their neighbourhood food bank, Eat or Heat.

Over 100 pizzas later, and £1000+ raised, “a nice man in our area called Jack who had the same oven as us wanted to help out,” explains Kate, now leading the trio to host a weekly Sunday pop-up at their local wine shop, TBC, in Leytonstone. Teresa Austin Portraits in Acrylic Paint. Acrylic Paint by Teresa Austin Teresa Austin is a painter originally from California. 2021 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Collection. How the Timelessly Iconic Fiesta Tableware Is Made. Sweet and Minimalist Illustrations. Casa Cajueira by Wilbert Das. A Fascinating Timeline That Compares 'Star Wars' With Real World Years That Span From 1952 Through 2019. Lucky Chan Restaurant / MAIA Design Studio. The art room plant: Cathy Fisher. Beauty Remains, Garage Doors in Vilnius, Lithuania by Agne Gintalaite. Beauty Remains as Garage Doors. Santi Zoraidez – New Normality Reel — Designcollector.

Workshop architects integrates contemporary elements into colonial mexican house. Shape & Colour Play – Paintings by Artist William LaChance. Destinee Ross-Sutton Opens "BLACK VOICES: Friend of My Mind" @ Her New Ross-Sutton Gallery, NYC. Counting down what is left of 2020, we’re all so drawn to folks who act on positive energy, and a prime example is the Ross-Sutton gallery where the dynamic Destinee Ross-Sutton and her newest project, the Ross-Sutton gallery where she is acting as curator, artist advisor, manager, artist advocate and champion of Black artists at her own namesake space. Destinee was already one of the bright spots of this year, quickly becoming one of the most vibrant voices in the artworld. 1900 COFFEE / PVA. Share. Defying Archetypes – Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera for LoVisual.

Artist Spotlight: Laurie Lee Brom. Minimal Refurbished Apartment, Bratislava, Slovakia. The apartment resides in 500 flats, the oldest residential area of Bratislava. It was one of the first buildings in the area, an area which started developing in the fifties. Reversible design could turn every building into a "DIY store for the next project" Architects should design buildings to be taken apart and reused as part of the circular economy, according to Adam Strudwick of Perkins and Will.

Designers should get used to working with smaller palettes of reusable materials and draw up blueprints for disassembly as well as assembly, the interior designer said. A Bauhaus-Inspired Furniture Collection From NOOM Studio And Sokolova Design. Artist Spotlight: Bony Ramirez. The Best Books of 2020. Tyler Spangler. Walter Robinson - Artists - Owen James Gallery. Oil Paintings by Inès Longevial. Lowest Mileage 90s Ferrari In The World On Sale In Melbourne.

The Watch Book Rolex: Extended Edition. Luxury Hand-Made Bicycle by Louis Vuitton and Maison Tamboite. The cultural legacy of those who left us this year. This modern-rustic prairie home in Minnesota is anything but ordinary. Housing in Amatepec by Manuel Cervantes Estudio. KLC introduces nature into retail warehouse extension interior in beijing. Anthony Zinonos Collages and Illustrations. I Climb, I Backtrack, I Float: The New Works of Nadia Waheed. HH47 House / JUMA architects. Contemporary Art Daily » Blog Archive » Fiona Connor at Fine Arts, Sydney. Meet the Lithuanian Designer Making Anthropomorphic Furniture Inspired by Klee and Miro - Sight Unseen. Apartment in Vilnius by Heima Architects. Oil Paintings by Cristi López - EverythingWithATwist. MilK decoration. Wanda Koop at Night Gallery (Contemporary Art Daily) Hishaku Lamp – Minimalissimo. In Austria, Bernardo Bader Architekten’s Atelier Klostergasse Stands Out From Its Surroundings - IGNANT.

“I don’t want to do anything about dying anymore”: Marina Abramović on why she’s had enough of death. ♥ / General Assembly’s Free Festival. Louise Belcourt : 2015-2017. Pietro Paolini. Andrew Berman Architect Designs Impressive Multifunctional Studio For A Brooklyn Artist - IGNANT. 43 Illustrated Homes Celebrate the Work of Paul R. Williams in California. Conceptual Design Artworks by Jorg Karg - EverythingWithATwist. Memo Furniture Unveils Maru Collection. Bex Day Photography. Brutopia Takes on the Friendlier Side of Brutalism. The Best fragment design Sneaker Collabs & Where to Buy Them. Silent Charmers: Aly Helyer @ The Cabin, LA. Monforte soundproof partition by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners. Moscow Apartment by Agnes Rudzite.

McKinley Bungalow Etna by Studio Robert McKinley. Ola Jachymiak Studio brightens Beam cafe in London with orange hues. HL House / Chi.Arch. 1920s Villa in Puglia Renovation, Southern Italy - EverythingWithATwist. Faith Ringgold Era Sneakers – COOL HUNTING® Gender by Katerina Jebb for PURPLE #34 the LOVE issue - purple FASHION. Yu Nishimura at KAYOKOYUKI and Komagome SOKO (Contemporary Art Daily) Pati Hill at Air de Paris (Contemporary Art Daily) In Pictures: The World’s Most Accidentally Wes Anderson Locations. SomeOne helps RNID to launch a bold new look as charity reverts to historic name.

Wallis Lake House / Matthew Woodward Architecture. A Nostalgic (if Isolating) Road Trip Along Route 66. Five Creatives Keeping South Tyrol’s Sensitive Spirit Of Invention Alive - IGNANT. Paris Based Artist Rebecca Brodskis - EverythingWithATwist. Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Alloy. What makes a successful editorial package? The New York Times’ visual editor Tracy Ma discusses. Romantic Vintage Photos of Bogart & Bacall in the 1940s ~ Vintage Everyday. What is Scandinavian Design? – Gessato. CDK GLOBAL Offices / modulus. Simone Brewster's Paintings Articulate the Complexity of the Female Form and Psyche - Sight Unseen.