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Orange is the New Peach. We interrupt your regularly scheduled doomscrolling to bring you a joyful deer prancing across a beach at sunrise □ □


Art History. Art Practice. Asian. Cell. Fabric. Medieval. Photography. A Book of Stone: Adam Wirsing’s Marmora (1776) A List of Virtual Art Galleries & Museums #1 - in the UK. If you've been clicking your way through Google Trends (I aced it on the quizzes!)

A List of Virtual Art Galleries & Museums #1 - in the UK

You'll have seen this..... "Virtual Museum" hurtled up the search query rankings to become a TOP TREND in 2020 for virtual activities So I thought I'd make a list of Virtual Museums - for your delectation over the Covid / Christmas Break (take your pick - says woman sat in a 'Deep Purple' zone in Tier 4 London - who's going absolutely nowhere in the foreseeable future).

Here's some of the things I've learned through this process: some art galleries and museums are using the word "virtual" to rechristen their existing offering on the website. British Museum: Prints and Drawings - The Solution! Yesterday I highlighted the problems with accessing the Virtual Gallery of the Prints and Drawings held in the permanent collection of the British Museum.

British Museum: Prints and Drawings - The Solution!

Today I have the solution This page provides the Collection search guide. Smarthistory. Thinking through Drawing - Home. Seed Cultures Archive. What a Painter Taught Me. In 2011 I was invited by Demetrio Paparoni, my former editor at the Italian art journal tema celeste, to write a catalogue essay about Francesco Polenghi, an artist whom I had never met (Francesco Polenghi, Skira, 2011).

What a Painter Taught Me

Polenghi lived in Milan. Such assignments, which provide a welcome opportunity for travel, are always demanding. They entail entering an unfamiliar studio, looking at the artwork, listening to the artist discuss it, taking mental notes, and then writing about the art. Often it’s revealing to see what is on display: books, reproductions of Old Master or other artworks. It is the critic’s job to contextualize the works, to define their place in art history and identify their distinctive values.

The art critic is always split between a critical self, who watches and often censors reactions, and a receptive self, whose response to the art is unhampered by intellectual reflection. Short Films on the Svalbard Ark project — Seed Cultures Archive. Art UK. ‘Spirals’, Louise Bourgeois, 2005. Spirals is a suite of twelve oil-based woodcut prints on Japanese paper.

‘Spirals’, Louise Bourgeois, 2005

The prints are arranged in a grid formation with three rows of four prints. Each print depicts a spiral, with nine of the prints using red ink, two using black ink and one using blue ink. The spirals range in shape and size, with some of the spirals contained within the limits of the paper and others continuing beyond the picture plane. Ian Boyden Studios. Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures. Gold Leaf Painting. Indian artist Zarina Hashmi, Home Is a Foreign Place, 1999 #womensart. MAKING A MARK: About David Hockney and Watercolour. "With watercolour, you can't cover up the marks.

MAKING A MARK: About David Hockney and Watercolour

There's the story of the construction of the picture, and then the picture might tell another story as well. " David Hockney. Jussi Kivi » Drawing Office. Ground plan and profiles of unfinished cave (bunker) 1242, Kivikko, Helsinki.

Jussi Kivi » Drawing Office

Ground drawing (1938, Ministry of Defense). Additional study and markings 3.12.05, ink, crayon 30x 42 cm. Joyce Kozloff. Robert Mangold's Emotional Optics. Robert Mangold has long worked with three elements: a drawn line, the shape of the canvas, and muted color, usually one per shape.

Robert Mangold's Emotional Optics

For more than 50 years, the different and surprising visual dances he has established within this circumscribed vocabulary have engaged both the eye and mind. Accepting that a painting is a flat surface projecting slightly from the wall, Mangold has never turned his work into an object, as did many of his contemporaries, from Jo Baer and Robert Ryman to Frank Stella and Dorothea Rockburne. Jian Chong Min Amazing Landscape Painting. Pages Sponsored Links Saturday Jian Chong Min Amazing Landscape Painting 3K+Save Surprisingly, nothing was found online about the artist except here.

Jian Chong Min Amazing Landscape Painting

Probably, name isn't spelled correctly. Helen Mirra - Exhibitions - Peter Freeman, Inc. Simon Palmer b.1956. Simon Palmer - JHW Fine Art. SIMON PALMER is one of Britain’s leading artists working in the traditional medium of watercolour.

Simon Palmer - JHW Fine Art

His work has been shown across the UK since the late 1970s. Since 1995, he has held biennial exhibitions with JHW Fine Art, and since 2015 at Portland Gallery, London, who represent the artist in association with JHW Fine Art. Steph Rue. Liz Somerville. Hillary Waters Fayle. Plant Tissues and Organs – Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library. Journal of ART in SOCIETY - Home. Musée Atger - Université de Montpellier.

Avec ses mille dessins et quelque cinq mille estampes, le Musée Atger, niché au cœur des bâtiments historiques de la Faculté de médecine, est le plus ancien musée de Montpellier.

Musée Atger - Université de Montpellier

Sa présence inattendue en ces lieux résulte de la générosité et du choix délibéré du collectionneur montpelliérain Xavier Atger (1758-1833), amateur éclairé et passionné d’œuvres d’art. La vitalité intellectuelle de l’Ecole de médecine où s’est constitué une bibliothèque exceptionnelle au début du 19e siècle, explique ce choix : la bibliothèque universitaire Historique de Médecine assume d’ailleurs depuis l’origine la gestion et la conservation du musée. Mais Atger veut aussi, dans une vision humaniste de la médecine partagée par les professeurs de l’école, permettre aux étudiants de s’ouvrir à l’art et en particulier d’étudier le dessin, technique essentielle dans leur formation et surtout moyen inégalé d’exercer leur esprit d’observation. Home - Sketchbook Squirrel. ArtAtomic: Art, Code and Science of Kristin Henry. Scienceloveletters – Science Love Letters.

The day after 9-11 I sat in a philosophy class, existentialism. I liked the way bracelets slid up and down the teacher’s wrists as he raised and lowered his hands. BACK ISSUES - antennae. Browse the contents or download a printable version of any past Antennae issue. Just click on any of the covers. When printing Antennae, consider the environment: print on recycled paper and/or back to front. A fig plant (Ficus c… Harvard unveils massive Bauhaus collection online. Design nerds better sit down for this: Harvard Art Museums just unveiled a 32,000-work-strong online collection of objects related to Bauhaus, no doubt last century’s most influential school of art and design (and host to the best costume parties.)

Originally based in three German cities, Bauhaus closed its doors under Nazis pressure in the ‘30s, after which founder Walter Gropius immigrated to Boston and served as chairman of Harvard’s architecture school until retirement. The release of this collection marks the beginning of a broader celebration in 2019, marking the 100th anniversary of the school’s founding. The repository, filled with works by Bauhaus teachers and students, as well as those inspired by Bauhaus pedagogy, is deliciously searchable. David Hockney: Drawing from Life (2020) at the National Portrait Gallery. Kruiningen. Paper Icons. Bacteria from 300-year-old Ovid poetry volume inspires 'bio-artist' The Emergence of Aubrey Levinthal. Magic from the mundane – paper towels flourish in the hands of a coffeeshop artist. Download More than 2,500 Images of Vibrant Japanese Woodblock Prints and Drawings From the Library of Congress.

John Vernon Lord: Search results for castelmola. Marian Goodman Gallery. (b. Botanical Blueprints by Makoto Murayama. Patricia Swannell. Patricia Swannell works predominantly with print, as well as creating fluid large scale abstract watercolours. Kazuhito Takadoi — Behance. Millefleuridealistid. Elin Thomas Makes Moldy Petri Dishes Look Cuddly. Victor Pasmore 1908–1998. The Prismatic Eye.

Foxes Forest - Sophie Burgham Illustrations. Art Nouveau - A Universal Style. The Jewels of Mrs. Paul Mellon. 5 DAY CREATIVE TEXTILE COURSE: FLAX PROCESSING, SPINNING, WEAVING AND NATURAL DYING « Selvedge. Government Art Collection - Art Work Details. Patiently Arranged Dandelion Works by Botanical Artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc. RASCHART Science and Art: biology. Mind maps: the beauty of brain cells – in pictures.

HOME. Drawings, Sketch journal and Painting art. Linday Taylor Embriodered Art Portfolio. Pioneering Painter Alma Thomas Is Making a Comeback 30 Years after Her Last Major Retrospective. Alma Thomas, Abstract Pioneer. Meredith Woolnough. Google Arts & Culture Experiments - X Degrees of Separation. Understanding Camera Lenses. Tsg crowe light on the landscape lr by The Scottish Gallery. Bruder Klaus Field Chapel - Architecture of the World - WikiArquitectura. Balthasar. Victoria Crowe - Ti Sorprendo.

Terry haass. 3,900 Pages of Paul Klee's Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931) CHRISTIANE LÖHR. Harvard unveils massive Bauhaus collection online - Curbed. Classical texts re-imagined/re-imaged… - AoB Blog. Research as Art.

Diagramism. Gmail – La messagerie avec espace de stockage gratuit de Google. Sonya Philip. Gwen Raverat. Magical-Secrets: A Printmaking Community. Gardener Shirley Watts cultivates the philosophical and practical - San Francisco Chronicle. Stanley Whitney. Mo Willems. History of Graphic Design. CMOA Collection. MANHATTAN GRAPHICS CENTER. MICROSCOPICAL BOOKPLATES (EX LIBRIS) (page 4 of 14)