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On the Path of Francisco Salamone: Photographing The Art-Deco Cemeteries of Buenos Aires. On the Path of Francisco Salamone: Photographing The Art-Deco Cemeteries of Buenos Aires about 11 hours ago Share FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMail Or In only a few years, Italian-Argentine architect and engineer Francisco Salamone developed more than 60 buildings throughout the small towns of Buenos Aires Province as a part of the conservative government's push to develop the province's municipal buildings.

On the Path of Francisco Salamone: Photographing The Art-Deco Cemeteries of Buenos Aires

With complete creative control and swathes of urban land ready to be built on, Salamone set to work designing everything from plazas, public buildings, and slaughterhouses to perhaps his most famous works--art-deco cemeteries. In this series of photographs, you can see just some of the cemeteries located throughout the towns of Azul, Laprida, Saldungaray, Salliqueló, and Tres Lomas. The expressive and symbolic character of the cemeteries, coupled with the monolithic sculptures and giant stone letters that decorate them, stand out all the more within the small towns that they call home. Paths and playgrounds connect classrooms at Erdu Primary School. Zaha Hadid Architects unveils Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre in China. A roofscape modelled on patterns of migratory birds will shelter the four wings of the Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre that Zaha Hadid Architects is developing in southern China.

Zaha Hadid Architects unveils Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre in China

The cultural building, which is under construction in the Jinwan District in Zhuhai, will be built within a lake and incorporate a 1,200-seat theatre, a multifunctional 500-seat hall, a science centre and an art museum. According to Zaha Hadid Architects, the goal for the building is for it to become "a hub of contemporary creativity" for the region. Its site was therefore chosen for its proximity to the new Zhuhai Airport Intercity railway, which connects the city, its airport and Hengqin district to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau and Hong Kong. Once complete, the Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre will measure 170 metres in width and 270 metres in length, from north to south.

These four venues will be arranged symmetrically around a central plaza, which will serve as a shared, external foyer. Marks Barfield Architects designs Cambridge Central Mosque. Marks Barfield Architects has designed a sustainable mosque in Cambridge that draws on local architecture while incorporating traditional Islamic design aspects, including geometric patterns that symbolise the infinite.

Marks Barfield Architects designs Cambridge Central Mosque

The studio, which won the project in an international competition commissioned by the Cambridge Mosque Trust, wanted the Cambridge Central Mosque to be respectful of its surroundings while simultaneously standing out. "It was a question of what a British mosque should be in the 21st century; it was very much about recognising that Islam is part of British culture now and has been for hundreds of years," said Marks Barfield Architects co-founder Julia Barfield.

"It's really wanting to acknowledge that in a vernacular architecture kind of way," she told Dezeen. The studio embodied this vision in the very structure of the 2,340-square-metre mosque, using timber to create tree-like pillars that join to form an interwoven, octagonal canopy that holds up its roof. Abin Design Studio creates terracotta-brick community centre in Bansberia. Architecture studio Abin Design Studio has built a small, multifunctional community centre in the city of Bansberia in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Abin Design Studio creates terracotta-brick community centre in Bansberia

Informed by terracotta temples found in West Bengal, the two-storey centre is designed to provide a variety of flexible spaces for the local community in Bansberia along with a dormitory for staff. Abin Design Studio designed the community centre for the owner of the nearby Wall House, who also commissioned the studio to create a latticed concrete and glass temple. Mae Architects completes Sands End community centre in London.

Mae Architects has completed a community centre in west London that is designed to be as adaptable and recyclable as possible.

Mae Architects completes Sands End community centre in London

The London-based studio had the circular economy in mind when developing the design for Sands End Arts and Community Centre in Fulham. A circular approach to architecture means keeping both buildings and their materials in use as long as possible, and minimising the waste and pollution of construction and demolition. With this in mind, Sands End has a flexible interior, which not only allows it to accommodate different functions and activities, but also means the building could easily be adapted in the future if necessary. The structure is built from materials with low embodied energy, including timber and a specialist brick made out of construction waste.

Openscope gently frames california's better place forest. MAD completes Yabuli Entrepreneurs' Congress Center in China. Chinese architecture studio MAD has revealed the recently completed Yabuli Entrepreneurs' Congress Center, which is surrounded by mountains in northeast China.

MAD completes Yabuli Entrepreneurs' Congress Center in China

Built within the Yabuli ski resort near the city of Harbin in northeast China, the conference centre was created as a permanent home for the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. According to MAD, the building was designed to be a landmark structure that would represent the "entrepreneurial spirit" of the business organisation. "We envisioned a building embedded in the mountain forest, a place of strong vitality and creativity to embody the entrepreneurs' boldness and wisdom," said the studio. The four-storey building is built around a large 1,000-seat auditorium that occupies one side of the venue, while a series of smaller auditoriums, an exhibition hall and meeting rooms are on the other. Kazuyo sejima's osaka art university faculty building shot by mengzhu jiang.

Moxon Architects builds Quarry Studios in the Scottish Highlands. British studio Moxon Architects has used huge beams of Douglas fir to construct its new studio building on the edge of a Scottish national park.

Moxon Architects builds Quarry Studios in the Scottish Highlands

Overlooking the Cairngorms National Park, the office occupies a former quarry site, which most recently was used as a tip. Moxon Architects founder Ben Addy saw the potential to transform this wasted site into a building that complements the natural landscape, and also takes advantage of its scenic outlook. The building he and his team designed and built, Quarry Studios, does exactly that. It is built from simple materials – locally sourced timber, cast concrete and stone gabion walls – and features large windows overlooking the highland countryside. "The disused quarry was only a short walk away from our previous space," explained Addy, "and it kept playing on the mind. " Loenen Pavilion installed in Dutch war cemetery by Kaan Architecten.

Kaan Architecten has built a pavilion to commemorate Dutch victims of the second world war, with thickset walls that strategically frame views of the trees and sky.

Loenen Pavilion installed in Dutch war cemetery by Kaan Architecten

Located in the village of Loenen, the building sits between two graveyards – the Loenen National War Cemetery and the new National Veterans Cemetery. Kaan Architecten's aim was to give visitors a space for rest and contemplation, with a building that embodies both openness and enclosure. With its stone-clad walls and heavy concrete roof, Loenen Pavilion seeks to create a close relationship between architecture and landscape, by creating framed apertures of the birch and pine trees that surround. Some walls fold outwards at the base, creating informal benches around the building's perimeter. "The serene atmosphere and lack of intrusiveness have been achieved by sensitive architectural gestures, proposing an intimate yet open and inviting building, obscured by tree trunks yet in clear view," said Kaan Architecten.

Glass tubes play with light in Steven Holl's Houston arts museum. Translucent glass tubes meet with curvy roofs "imagined from cloud circles" in this art museum US firm Steven Holl designed for Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Glass tubes play with light in Steven Holl's Houston arts museum

Steven Holl Architects' Nancy and Rich Kinder Building – which forms part of a major campus redesign – is split into segments topped with curved roofs. This creates gaps for natural light to enter into the galleries inside the 164,000-square-foot (15,200-square-metre) building. "The Texas sky opens 180-degrees overhead above a luminous canopy covering the new building," said Steven Holl Architects. "Concave curves, imagined from cloud circles, push down on the roof geometry, allowing natural light to slip in with precise measure and quality, perfect for top-lit galleries.

" Tube-like laminated glass covers the exterior to contrast existing buildings on Museum of Fine Arts Houston campus – including an adjacent transparent glass and steel building by Mies van der Rohe, and an opaque stone building by Rafael Moneo. One architect's vision of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library. Coinciding with Election Day on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, was finally updated.

One architect's vision of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library

The website includes 3D renderings of a proposed version of the 45th President's Presidential Library. Located at 1 MAGA Lane in Nogales, Arizona — abutting the US-Mexican border — the facilities would include a COVID Memorial, with a reflecting pool that looks out towards the Alt-Right Auditorium, which features weekly screenings of Birth of a Nation and other films. Photos reveal Tadao Ando's completed He Art Museum in China. New photos have been released of Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando's cylindrical He Art Museum, which has reached completion in Guangdong, China.

The He Art Museum, otherwise known as HEM, is made from a stack of staggered, concrete disks that wrap around a pair of sweeping helical staircases at its centre. It was designed by Ando as a landmark for the region and is one of the five projects shortlisted for cultural building of the year for Dezeen Awards 2020. The He Art Museum was commissioned by Midea Group director He Jianfeng, son of billionaire He Xiangjian, as the home for He family's contemporary Chinese art collection. Ando's design evolved from the family's name, He, which translates means harmony, balance and union.

"I hope HEM will become a new cultural landmark in the Canton region, at the same time, a meeting point and a harmonious space for all," said Ando. The heart of the museum is its central courtyard, which houses the staircases. Colonnade links educational facilities at Boys and Girls Club in Mexico. A sweeping colonnade and stepped plazas animate the concrete Boys and Girls Club that Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica has built for children living in south-central Mexico. The 3,400-square-metre complex is an after-school club for young people between the ages of six and 18 years who are living in unsafe or low-income neighbourhoods in Tecámac and Ecatepec.

It comprises three buildings that host a mix of recreational and educational facilities, linked by a corridor of 24 arches that Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica (CCA) said is modelled on human vertebrae. "This is a space that provides extracurricular educational, artistic, and recreational activities that promote positive values and community integration," the studio explained. OMA's 'white cube LIRCAEI' in DR congo featured in new documentary. Atelier Štěpán tops circular church with rainbow stained-glass window.

Czech Republic studio Atelier Štěpán has built a circular church in a housing estate in Brno that is topped with a panoramic, rainbow-hued window. Dedicated to nurse Maria Restituta Kafka, who was born around 600 metres from where the building now stands, the Church of Beatified Restituta completes the Brno-Lesná housing estate that was designed by Czech architects František Zounek and Viktor Rudiš in the 1960s. The circular church and its adjoining triangular tower were built alongside an existing spiritual centre designed by Zdeněk Bureš. Atelier Štěpán designed the concrete church to be a place of contemplation away from the bustle of modern life. "I wanted to make a church for the people of today," said Atelier Štěpán co-founder Marek Štěpán. Tadao ando completes he art museum in southeast china. FEA Studio designs brick primary school for boys and girls in Iran. Contini Architettura completes church and public square in Castel di Lama.

Parma-based Contini Architettura has built a church, parish hall, sports' clubhouse and changing rooms around a new public square in the village of Castel di Lama, Italy. Contini Architettura drew upon the arrangements of traditional Italian town centres to design the complex, which contains both religious and community buildings. "The client wanted the parish centre to reflect the idea of ​​an open and supportive community in which many activities, including sports, harmoniously coexisted," said Contini Architettura founder Marco Contini. "We can find this concept in the small historical centres of Italy, where the urban space is lived collectively, with different activities overlooking this space that belongs to the community," he told Dezeen.

Hiromu nakanishi architects builds nishikimachi secret naval air base museum in japan. Savvy Dad Builds An Impressive Fortress For His Kids In Back Yard After Seeing How Expensive Tree Houses Are. It seems that everyone has been into DIY lately. Flavin Architects adds "creative sanctuary" to Massachusetts home. Espen Surnevik clads Porsgrunn's "resurrection church" entirely in porcelain. Building Beyond Borders builds Women's House Ouled Merzoug. Baerbel Mueller and Juergen Strohmayer create concrete gallery in Accra. Architect Baerbel Mueller and architectural designer Juergen Strohmayer have created a multi-use gallery for the Nubuke Foundation in Ghana.

Walters & Cohen clads King's International College in weathered steel. Architecture firm Walters & Cohen uses weathered steel and concrete for King's International College in Canterbury, Kent, to reference the site's industrial heritage. Kressbronn Library built in barn converted by Steimle Architekten. Steimle Architekten has converted a former barn in the village of Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany, into a library and community centre with glazed openings screened by angled vertical louvres. Monika Sosnowska's concrete art studio designed by Architecture Club. Architecture Club has completed a sculpture studio for Polish artist Monika Sosnowska, featuring board-marked concrete walls and huge windows.

Herzog & de Meuron designs "Switzerland's first motorway chapel" Angled white walls will mark the entrance to underground contemplation spaces at Herzog & de Meuron's roadside Autobahnkirche chapel in Switzerland. Set to be developed on the outskirts of Andeer beside the A13 highway, Autobahnkirche will become the country's "first motorway chapel" once complete. Herzog & de Meuron's proposal seeks to challenge traditional places of worship, and will be designed as a response to its setting and without religious signs or symbols. This is to prevent the chapel seeming kitsch, and ensuring it offers a quiet place for any person of any faith to relax, pray or simply observe the surrounding landscape. Serie architects' satsang hall is an assemblage of perforated white volumes. PLY+ wraps st mary chapel in curved brick shell with a woven pattern in the US. Photos reveal Shigeru Ban's Tainan Art Museum building in Taiwan.

Paddy Field Bookstore sandwiched between walls of abandoned house. 'vertical bath' by james barber houses three-story sauna in norwegian alps. Secondary School Romanshorn by Bak Gordon has pale pink shutters. EID architecture designs four 'panda pavilions' for chengdu research center. Red terracotta bricks envelop RENESA’s 'terramater' gallery in india. A WWII Submarine Base in France Is Being Converted Into the World’s Largest Digital Art Center. ’s top 10 museums and galleries of 2019. Cultural District Alserkal Avenue Shows Another Side of Dubai. 's top 10 churches and chapels of 2019. LOCALARCHITECTURE adds geometric extension to lausanne's new apostolic church. Exit Here funeral parlour is designed to have "the eclectic feel of home" Ellis island hospital explored through JR's 'unframed' artwork. Wutopia lab creates museum for architectural models in shanghai.

New face of RISD by WORKac expresses orange detailing and perforation. Observatory with floating cross forms modern spire for Saemoonan Church. Self-sustaining Econef Children's Center built in Tanzania. Half-dome timber camp dwellings scattered along tasmania's wukalina walk. BIG bridges river with The Twist art gallery at the Kistefos sculpture park. Handel & Hendrix in London - The Hendrix Flat. Kengo Kuma's stacked-timber Odunpazari Modern Museum opens.

Hehnpohl architektur expresses traditional language of historic münster. Steven Holl tops subterranean extension to Kennedy Center with trio of geometric pavilions. Hypothesis atelier sculpts library walls in ivory coast create habitable. A Janitor's View of La Sorbonne University. Classrooms without Walls: A Forgotten Age of Open-air Schools. Hehnpohl architektur expresses traditional language of historic münster.

Arch Studio carves concrete Buddhist shrine into a grassy mound in Hebei. ZAV Architects tops cultural centre with steps overlooking the Persian Gulf. Graux & Baeyens builds studio for Belgian artist Stief Desmet. Wilson architects deconstructs kooroomba chapel in the australian outback. JK-AR builds the house of three trees in south korea. Alexandra Palace Theatre restoration makes a feature of decades of decay. Bergmeisterwolf tops 12th-century wine cellar with bronze funnel. Bjarke ingels group + FREAKS complete bordeaux's MÉCA arts complex. Riverbank theater inspired by traditional Chinese boats.

S-AR builds chapel in mexico using rough concrete and timber planks. Dika kindergarten design center shapes children school into a pink lollipop in china. AZL architects completes kiln building in china with concrete arches and brick. Park Legend Kindergarten by Challenge Design folds around a courtyard. The First Museum Dedicated to Japanese Folklore Monsters Is Now Open. Reina & Asociados creates exhibition space within Alcázar of Seville. NUDES uses straw bales for proposed secondary school in malawi. Otters love it! Inside Windermere's magical new £20m museum. VR film offers preview of Amateur Architecture Studio's Lin'an History Museum. Japan’s Arata Isozaki Wins the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize. SPPARC's Golden Hinde visitor centre will cantilever over London's River Thames.

Nieto sobejano nestles arvo pärt centre in a dense estonian forest of pine trees. The Mizpah Hotel – Tonopah, Nevada. Petr stolín builds transparent kindergarten of glass fiber in the czech republic. Dezeen's top 10 museums and galleries of 2018. Atlasobscura. Dezeen. A Timely Remembrance For Witch Hunts Of The Past by Louise Bourgeois and Peter Zumthor. KVDK architects' lisse art museum sits on top of a historic dike in the netherlands. Miro rivera architects completes sustainable sanctuary in texas hill country. Kengo kuma builds museum from paper to house antoni clavé archives. Dezeen. Dezeen. Dezeen. Dezeen. Arash g tehrani reveals mosque complex in iran featuring smooth surfaces made of bricks. Taizhou contemporary art museum by atelier deshaus nears completion. Dezeen. Kindergarten by Kientruc O looks like a cluster of brick houses. NUDES builds high school as monolithic mass punctuated by voids in india. SoPA uses rammed earth to build 'amani library' in tanzania.

Sou Fujimoto designs university learning centre made from stacked cubes.