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Digital Citizenship & Responsibility

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Google Educator Groups (GEGs) are communities of educators who learn, share, and inspire each other to meet the needs of their students through technology solutions, both in the classroom and beyond. Learn More Why should I join? Microsoft Educator Network. Kidblog. Hangouts. Skype in the Classroom - Skype in the Classroom. ePals. Twitter. Facebook. Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs. Spotlight: Digital Citizenship. Movies, quizzes, activities, teacher resources and video tutorials. Digital Citizenship. Advanced Search.

Infinite Learning Lab. 5 Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students about Digital Citizenship. Edutopia is one of my favourite educational web resources .

5 Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students about Digital Citizenship

Today while I was checking its Five Minute Film Festival page I came across a link that took me to their YouTube channel where I found a treasure trove of interesting videos on digital citizenship and because digital citizenship is one of the important themes in this blog, I decided to handpick some of the clips that grabbed my attention and share them with you below , you can also check the entire list here. But before that, let me share with you this concise and to-the-point definition that Amy gave to digital citizenship : "Digital citizenship" is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of important issues.

Broadly, it's the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology. 1- What is Digital Citizenship. Kids. Webonauts Internet Academy. Media and Technology Resources for Educators.