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Once Posted You Lose it

Once Posted You Lose it

Texas teen jailed after League of Legends argument A Texas teenager has been jailed since March 27 over comments he made on Facebook after playing a League of Legends match. In February, an argument 18-year-old Justin Carter had with another League of Legends player spilled onto Facebook, where Carter made a comment referencing a school shooting. “Someone had said something to the effect of 'Oh you're insane, you're crazy, you're messed up in the head,’" his father Jack Carter told Texas news station KVUE.

Marsali Hancock: Digital Citizenship for Today's Teens HuffPost High School and iKeepCurrent will explore digital citizenship: what it means to be an ethical, responsible and resilient digital citizen. Our partnership will provide a unique opportunity to include the youth voice often left silent in the online safety, security and ethics discussion. This is what we know: the way students interact with each other online profoundly affects how they perceive themselves and engage with others offline.

Trailer – Learn English with videos An epic fantasy adventure film directed by Peter Jackson. It is the second installment of a three-part film adaptation based on the 1937 novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. 6 Things Everyone Should Know About Snapchat It’s the latest in mobile-only image sharing, but with a twist: photos have to be taken in-app and last only from 1-10 seconds, at the sender’s discretion. From middle schoolers to the New York Times to Catholic youth minister blogs; everyone seems to be talking about it. However, they seem to be more fascinated with the fact that this exists rather than the important information Snapchat users should actually know. So I’ve done some digging, and here are 6 things you, and every other Snapchat user you know, should be aware of: (Disclaimer: I am an avid Snapchatter myself, so I don’t write this to call them out or condemn them in any way. I just like to be informed, and I think others should too.

Protecting Your Online Reputation: 4 Things You Need to Know You don't have to be running for president to care about your online reputation. Almost everything you do online is easy to track, especially when you're using social media sites. This infographic shows you how to manage your "e-reputation," perhaps saving you some embarrassment, or even your career. Gathered by digital marketing firm KBSD, it's a treasure trove of tips, techniques and information about what companies and individuals are looking for inside your personal profiles and social information, and what you can do to show off your best side to those who might want to find out unflattering things about you. It's not too late to protect yourself and polish up your online image. So now that you've grown up (you have grown up, haven't you?)

11 Underlying Assumptions Of Digital Literacy 11 Underlying Assumptions Of Digital Literacy In understanding the shift from literacy to digital literacy–or rather to understand them both in their own native contexts–it may help to take a look at the underlying assumptions of digital literacy. This means looking at what’s changing, why it’s changing, and what that means for education. 1.

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education Overview We have devised an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers of secondary students (approximately ages 13-17). The curriculum helps educate students on topics like: Text Unto Others... As You Would Have Them Text Unto You Text Unto Others... As You Would Have Them Text Unto You Schools can teach basic principles of good citizenship to help shapestudents' behavior in the virtual world. Define digital citizenship. It's nothing anyone would have thought necessary to do only a decade ago, but the concept of citizenship no longer exists only within the realm of the physical world.

3 Must-Know Tips For Anyone Nervous About EdTech Dear “Nervous To Try Something New With EdTech”: You know when you spoke with me the other day and told me that that introducing more tech into my class was fine for me because I was ‘into it’ and ‘understood’ it? That you were not going to try a new way of doing things (edtech-wise) because your students would see that you weren’t an expert. Well I need to let you in on a secret. Neither am I. dcmooc – digital citizenship Global Digital Environment – We are not alone I’m looking forward to engaging with other learners during the dcmooc – Digital Citizenship Massive Open Online Course – being facilitated by Alec Couros, co-facilitator Katia Hildebrandt (@kbhildebrandt), and Government of Saskatchewan liaison Joanna Sanders (@MmeSanders) and supported by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. Like many of the participants, I’m very interested in Digital Citizenship and how it impacts students, teachers, and others involved in education. I’m also interested in how it impacts people outside of education and the slide that takes place as people move from space to space taking on different roles – teacher, student, child, parent, employee, etc… For many people, they are just beginning to really discover the power of connecting and being online. I love reading about people who are “thrilled, amazed, astounded” by the ability to connect with others around the globe. Enter the Global Digital Environment

Une vidéo très imagée des conséquences qui découlent du fait de publier quelque chose sur Internet. by vero_hebert Nov 21

Cette vidéo insiste sur le fait qu'une fois que quelque chose (image surtout, mais aussi texte ou vidéo) est publié sur le web, celui y reste pour toujours. La vidéo est claire et illustre bien ce fait. by jessicadube Nov 18