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Education for Social Responsibility

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This pearltree brings together the research from across the internet and elsewhere that will inform the development of Education for Social Responsibility (ESR). ESR is an initiative of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS).

It seeks to enable all 600+ schools within the Association, and beyond, to think critically about the question "What is the purpose of education?" In the rapidly changing world that we face, ESR is an approach that will encourage schools to address sustainability, eco-literacy and the preparation of our children for their future as change makers in society.

There are 6 elements to ESR that frame discussion and planning: Well-being, Rights, Responsibilities, Knowledge, Intelligent Behaviours and Opportunities. They form 6 of the pearls within this tree. Please feel free to contribute and plce them where you feel they belong. I will be very interested in seeing how the elements are interpreted.

Please join in the discussion across social media, either here at pearltrees, on twitter via @neiljones (#ESR), at my blog or at

All the best

Neil Jones.

Julie Hughes sur Twitter : "Back to work tomorrow!This is for all my hard working teachers! #BackToSchool #education #Teaching #teachers #NQT. Simon Johnson sur Twitter : "New to twitter? Check out these 20 essential #edu chats for teachers > #whatisschool #ukedchat. UKEd Magazine sur Twitter : "Read the archive of all our @ukedmag-azines online for free at #ukedchat #edchat #education. Archive. News Ticker To read the e-zine – You can read the e-zine with most internet browsers on PC/Mac/Tablet/SmartPhone.


The e-zine is also available within the Issuu app on Android (Free, click here), or via Issuu Reader for iPad (free, click here), just search for ukedchat within the app – also allows offline reading. Issue 24 – December 2015 [Download PDF] Issue 23 – November 2015 [Download PDF] Issue 22 – October 2015 [Download PDF] Issue 21 – September 2015 [Download PDF]

UN Sustainable Dev. sur Twitter : "“#Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” - @NelsonMandela #EVERYchild #WEF15.


Mindfulness. Intelligent Behaviours. Is character caught or taught? Imagine a school that expected its students to become literate without any formal instruction.

Is character caught or taught?

Most parents would be alarmed by such an approach, which would leave their children confused and with gaps in their understanding. This however has been the philosophy on character development in many of our schools. Why is the development of character seen as somehow different from the other skills that we teach? Is it because the concept of being good has fallen out of fashion? In his book, Religion for Atheists, the philosopher Alain De Botton writes: "Announce that you are working on your body, and you will attract envy and respect. Of course there will always be learning by osmosis in any school, but as a teacher and primary school head I have found that a child's moral literacy is enhanced when they acquire the building blocks of good character such as consideration, truthfulness, courage and honour; qualities which are commonly known as virtues.

Why virtues and not values?


Opportunity. Responsibilities. Rights. CSR/CSV. Plastic on our airlines. Came across this open letter from one of our passengers to David Cush, Virgin America CEO, and myself over the weekend.

Plastic on our airlines

Having confronted the issue of plastic bottles on Necker recently its good to see passion for reducing waste alive in our businesses too, heres my response Dear Beth, Thank you very much for your post! I agree with your thoughts on how we must leave 'no stone un-turned' in terms of looking for ways to reduce waste. Its appreciated when someone takes the time to raise an important issue such as this that impacts the airlines. As a new airline that launched in 2007, I know Virgin America has worked hard to reinvent many aspects of the typical domestic flying experience for the better, including, as you note, a focus on trying to operate as responsibly as possible in a carbon-intensive industry. It would be great to sit down with you and work out how all three of the Virgin airlines can reduce plastic usage further. Thanks, Richard. ESR Webpage.docx. Brief_introduction_to_sustainable_schools.pdf.