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Using Proverbs in a Writing Class. When I was little, I used to have a book with a collection of Russian proverbs and sayings.

Using Proverbs in a Writing Class

I remember being absolutely fascinated by the depth of knowledge and wisdom that I discovered on the pages of that book. Those proverbs opened a door for me to a better understanding of the Russian culture as well as important norms, morals, and life values. Indeed, I can say they helped me become a more mature and intelligent human being. Speaking about second language learners: Proverbs can—like in my own experience—help them learn a great deal about the target culture and the norms and values that people in that culture respect and treasure. A writing class is a great venue for incorporating proverbs into teaching.

I want to share some activities that teachers can do in the writing classroom. Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas. Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas This collection of storytelling activities-developed by storyteller/author Heather Forest for her storytelling workshops with students, teachers, and librarians-can be expanded by educators into language arts lesson plans to support speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas

Storytellers on Tour 1001 Nights Festival. Cognitive Dimension of Proverbs. Using Internet Memes to Connect with Your Class. Top 20 Web Apps to Create Picture Quotes and Meme Posters - Colour My Income. It is a fact, images and video clips get shared more often (and sometime without much hesitation) on social media platforms, be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

Top 20 Web Apps to Create Picture Quotes and Meme Posters - Colour My Income

Text doesn’t quite do it anymore. If you are trying to achieve that viral effect, then you have got to try one of these apps to create picture quotes and meme posters. We trawled the web and tried the different web tools that lets you create and save your own picture quotes and meme posters for free. To make it relevant, we even used and shared these on our own websites and social media platforms. The List RECITE ThisPinstamaticQuozioPinwordsPixTellerChiselCanvaQuotes Quote GeneratorpicfontShareAsImagePicMonkeyMake a Quote ImageQuote4funQuotesomeNotegraphysomeecardsKeep Calm-o-MaticPosterGen RECITE This Here is a quick way to turn your quotes into images, literally a two minute job.

Real samples below: Pinstamatic Quozio Enter your quote and name, then click the Go button. Pinwords Canva. Using Proverbs as Writing Prompts. Ideas come easily to some people but if your creative juices aren’t flowing, there are a number of strategies you can use to help.

Using Proverbs as Writing Prompts

Today I will focus on the use of Proverbs. Writing Prompts are fantastic to spark ideas and to help you get those ideas down on the page. You can edit and polish later. Proverbs Can Be Useful As Writing Prompts. Journal Prompts from Proverbs. Proverbs are short phrases that provide godly wisdom for life.

Journal Prompts from Proverbs

In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs was written mostly by King Solomon as a way to teach his son to fear the Lord and live according to God’s commands. This week, encourage your children—and teens—to respond to Scripture and apply it to their own lives. These journal prompts from Proverbs will invite them to do so as they think about virtues such as wisdom, patience, and hard work. 1.

A Foolish King How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! Write a story about a king who had piles of gold and silver, but no wisdom or understanding. 2. When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. Have you made someone angry or hurt their feelings because of something you said? Using Proverbs in a Writing Class. Proverbs and Sayings. ESL Quiz, English Proverbs Matching Exercise. Using proverbs to illustrate grammar points. Proverbs and Idioms. Proverb: ‘a short saying in general use, held to embody a general truth’ Idiom: ‘a group of words established by usage and having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words’.

Proverbs and Idioms

(Definitions from the Oxford Concise Dictionary) Before deciding to teach your students proverbs or idioms it may be worth considering the following: How often do I actually use proverbs and idioms? Are my students going to use their English mainly to communicate with native speakers or other non-native speakers? The reason I suggest you ask yourself these questions before embarking on any teaching of proverbs or idioms is probably obvious. Businessperson 1: "I can’t believe the weather. Businessperson 2: "Oh yes, but I think it will improve.

Although this is an exaggerated scenario, it seems almost farcical for non-native speakers to use these expressions amongst themselves. Proverbs Communcation Activity. Proverbs. Fun with Proverbs (Senior, Social Studies) PROVERBS. Rationale This activity provides an opportunity for children to identify the meaning and significance of proverbs, to consider common themes in proverbs across cultures, and to create new proverbs that can teach lessons.


Requirements Age: 6-9 years This activity can be divided into two parts: Part 1: Procedures 1-7 Part II: Procedure 8 Age: 9-12 years FOR OLDER CHILDREN: Additional Activities 1 and 2 only Time: 60 minutes; additional time may be required depending on discussion Materials: pencils current world map paper 3"x5" cards, multicolored and cut into various shapes Key Words proverb, culture, generation, values, value (verb), interpretation Procedures 1. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED - A real friend is one who can be counted on in difficult times. 2. What is a proverb?

3. GET TO KNOW NEW FRIENDS, BUT DON’T GIVE UP THE OLD ONES (Bulgaria)A MAN WHO HAS COMMITTED A MISTAKE AND DOESN’T CORRECT IT IS COMMITTING ANOTHER MISTAKE (China)HASTE MAKES WASTE (Great Britain) 4. 5. 6. 7. Discussions: Proverbs. By Anna Broniowska A discussion and game using proverbs.

Discussions: Proverbs

This is a game using proverbs which was inspired by a quiz show on TV. My students had great fun doing this. Lesson Plan: Using Proverbs For Your ESL Students. Written by: KellenKautzman • edited by: Linda M.

Lesson Plan: Using Proverbs For Your ESL Students

Rhinehart Neas • updated: 8/2/2012 Teach these proverbs to your English as a Second Language (ESL) students for their benefit. It will give them a great exposure to American language and also enhance their knowledge of our culture. Lesson on Proverbs for English Learners. Using proverbs as the starting point for a lesson can help open up many avenues for learners to express their own beliefs, as well as discover cultural differences with their classmates.

Lesson on Proverbs for English Learners

There are a few ways to go about using proverbs during a lesson. This article focuses on providing a number of suggestions for how you can use proverbs in class, as well as integrate them into other lessons. There is also a list of 10 proverbs for each level to help get you started using proverbs in English class. Proverb Activity Suggestions Monolingual Class - Translation.

Proverbs are universal. Education World: Proverbial Picture Pages. Lesson Plan Ask students whether they know the meaning of the word proverb. Tell students that a proverb is a short saying with a message that teaches a lesson. Tell students that the languages of Africa are rich in proverbs. Explain that African proverbs express the wisdom of the African people and are a key to understanding the African way of life. Arrange students into pairs. Pick a proverb from the list. Sample lesson plans on proverbs and collages: A Lesson Plan on Proverbs - CATESOL News - CATESOL News. By STEPHANIE MIKAMO Stephanie Mikamo has been chosen by the Torrance Sister City Association to teach at the Kashiwa Municipal Senior High School in Kashiwa, Japan. Kashiwa is Torrance’s sister city and has a program that sends teachers to the high school to enhance its English program. At her interview, Stephanie offered two lesson plans to the interview panel and graciously allowed us to publish them in the CATESOL News.

She was a student of Nina Ito, our past president, and she will certainly be a great ambassador for us. Proverbs: An Introduction. ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals.

Proverbs: Contemporary Proverbs. ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals.