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Learn to Speak English Fluently

Learn to Speak English Fluently

English Chat Welcome to the EnglishClub Chat Rooms, where you can have fun and improve your English as you chat online. You can chat in or about the English language, use the public chat rooms or chat one-to-one with a friend - or even create your own room and invite your friends in. By participating in an EnglishClub chat room you accept these RULES. Please also read our tips about Safety. My English Club Chat This is a moderated chat room and registration is required. 1997 Chatroom This chat room is for public and private chat, with the ability to create your own rooms and invite your friends in. Chatiquette Chat Abbreviations Chat Faces KanTalk - Community for Language Learners English verbs, verb conjugation Verbs Verb Conjugation Rules Verbs are inflected (verbs are said to be conjugated while nouns and pronouns are declined.) to reflect how they are used. Apart from the irregular ones whose unpredictable principal parts, P1, P4, and P5 must be memorized and are listed below, conjugation follows this simple set of rules. New irregular verbs are no longer being created in English so the list of irregular verbs to be learnt is not getting any larger. Definitions: vowels : ['a','e','i','o','u','y']. consonants : all others. doubling characters : ['b','d','f','g','l','m','n','p','r','s','t','z']. The verb "be" is a special case and is ignored in these rules in simple present and past. All one-syllable verbs have a stressed last syllable. P1: The verb stem. P2: Third person singular present indicative. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. P3: present participle. 1. 2. 3. 4. P4: simple past. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. P5: past participle. 1. 2. Irregular verb list

English Listening Lessons Speak English - English Chat and Conversational English Practice I hear and I forget I listen and I understand I do and I remember Chinese proverb Multimedia software and the Internet has revolutionised language learning and by using some of the excellent services available we can now have real-time conversations. Just remember - "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." One of the things that makes the Learn English Network different to your average website is the input you can have to its content and the accessiblity of the people who run it. You can do this on the Learn English forum and on the following online services:- Live English Chat If you don't want to join a forum try the Live Chat page. If no one is around on Live Chat and you don't mind speaking to non human characters, chat with ALICE, the nice thing about her is she's awake 24/7. Please follow the rules and guidelines below, by taking part in any of our sessions or using any of our services you agree to accept these rules. Learn English on Skype / Join Me Other Services No:-

Current Topics for English Conversation with partners and friends Skills Speaking Listening Reading Writing Grammar Vocabulary Business English Pronunciation Idioms Levels Low Beginning High Beginning Low Intermediate High Intermediate Advanced Present Participle in English grammar The Present Participle The present participle of most verbs has the form base+ing and is used in the following ways: a. as part of the continuous form of a verb (See continuous tenses in VERB TENSES) Examples I am working he was singing they have been walking b. after verbs of movement/position in the pattern: verb + present participle She went shopping He lay looking up at the clouds She came running towards me This construction is particularly useful with the verb 'to go', as in these common expressions : c. after verbs of perception in the pattern: verb + object + present participle I heard someone singing. NOTE: There is a difference in meaning when such a sentence contains a zero-infinitiverather than a participle. Compare: I heard Joanna singing (= she had started before I heard her, and probably went on afterwards) I heard Joanna sing (= I heard her complete performance) d. as an adjective amazing, worrying, exciting, boring It was an amazing film. They went out into the snow.

Graded English language dictations free online 1 Students 2 Introductions 3 Numbers 4 Whose? 5 Names and Numbers 6 A Timetable 7 A Form 8 A Friend 1 9 A Friend 2 10 A Friend 3 1 My Cat Trotsky 2 Strange Food (Anonymous) 3 Tears and Laughs (Samuel Beckett) 4 More Beckett 5 Numbers 6 That man 7 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl) 8 East of Eden (John Steinbeck) 9 The Unicorn (James Thurber) 10 A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) 11 Describing Self 1 12 Describing Self 2 13 Describing Self 3 14 The Cemetery 15 My Two Friends 16 Routine 1 The Wolf (James Thurber) 2 Pooh (A A Milne) 3 1984 (George Orwell) 4 Prufrock (T S Eliot) 5 The Owl (James Thurber) 6 The Emperor's Clothes (H C Andersen) 7 Numbers 8 Earthly Powers (Anthony Burgess) 9 Remains of the Day (Kazuo Ishiguro) 10 Sons and Lovers (D H Lawrence) 11 Lord of the Flies (William Golding) 12 Emma (Jane Austen) 13 The Great Gatsby (Scott Fitzgerald) 14 The Hobbit (J R Tolkien) 15 Three Men in a Boat (J K Jerome)

تحدث الانجليزية في وقت قصير من خلال المحادثات произношение scruffy: Как произносится scruffy, язык: Английский произношение scruffy: Как произносится scruffy, язык: Английский Слов: 2.307.445; произношений: 2.452.209; языков: 318. Войти под своим именем Зарегистрироваться Произношения всех слов на Земле. Добавляйте слова, Произносите слова, Слушайте Слово: scruffy Добавлено: 03/04/2009 Число прослушиваний: 695 теги: adjective Произношение: Английский [en] Назад к странице Английский Акценты и языки на карте Leaflet | Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA Случайное слово: rubber от PhotransEdit Фонетическая транскрипция: ˈskrʌfi сервис Google Translate перевод на Русский: scruffy = грязный Изменить слово: · Добавить язык · Добавить категории Пожаловаться на слово: С этим словом что-то не так? Расскажите своим друзьям, как произносится «scruffy»: e-mail Выберите свой язык: Deutsch | English | Español | Français | Italiano | 日本語 | Nederlands | Polski | Português | Русский | Türkçe | 中文 | и даже больше языков

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Simple English News اشهى نت: انواع الكلام فى اللغة الانجليزية Direct and Indirect Speech من انواع الكلام فى اللغة الانجليزية :الكلام المباشر والغير مباشر Direct and Indirect Speech نقصد هنا الكلام الذى يطلع مباشرة من الفم والكلام الاخر المنقول على لسان فلان . يعنى مش الكلام اللى من تحت لتحت على رأى المصريين وللتوضيح اكثر وبطريقة انجليزية صميمة : الكلام المباشر ( direct speech ) : وهو نقل نفس كلمات المتكلم بالضبط وبدون اي تغير حيث يُوضع بين علامتي الاقتباس ( quotation marks ) وغالباً مايستخدم هذا الاسلوب في الروايات المكتوبة , لانهُ احيانا من الصعب تذكر كل ماقالهُ المتكلم . الكلام الغير مباشر (indirect speech) : وهو اعادة صياغة ما قالهُ المتكلم بطريقة اخرى , حيث ان هذا النوع هو الاكثر شيوعاً . She said’ I need more money ‘. She said that she needed more money. indirect speech ‘I don’t know much about music’. Judy said that she didn’t know much about music. indirect speech يسمى (said) فعل القول reporting verb 1-تحويل الكلام المباشر الى الكلام غير مباشر في الجملة الخبرية · اذا كان فعل القول ماضياً , ينبغي عمل مايلي : 1- نغير الزمن اذا كان مضارعاً الى الماضي لكي يطابق فعل القول . ?