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Lesson Plans for Teachers - Free Lesson Plans >


Pumpkin Unit - Pumpkin printables, worksheets, activities, lessons, ideas, and more Pumpkin Activities "Who Is In Our Pumpkin Patch?"= Students create a pumpkin shaped book that is attached by the stems. Teacher Resources . Lesson Plans and Curriculum . PBS KIDS Raising Readers Teaching kids how to read – and how to enjoy it – is a challenge for any educator, especially when there are so many other demands on your time. Below, you’ll find lessons, articles, and curriculums that make it easier for any child to pick up skills. Lesson Ideas & Curriculum Have your students learn letters, rhyming, vocabulary and more with these episode-specific lessons plans from SUPER WHY.

Online Charts Builder Hohli Online Charts Builder New version: A Rubric for Evaluating Student Blogs The pedagogical value and the challenges of integrating student blogging into your teaching is a recurring topic on ProfHacker. Some of our earliest posts dealt with student blogging, and we have revisited the issue frequently. Most recently, Jeff and Julie wrote about that age-old question—How are you going to grade this?—when it comes to evaluating classroom blogs.

Pumpkin History - Pumpkins and More References to pumpkins date back many centuries. The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for "large melon" which is "pepon." "Pepon" was nasalized by the French into "pompon." The English changed "pompon" to "Pumpion." Shakespeare referred to the "pumpion" in his Merry Wives of Windsor. American colonists changed "pumpion" into "pumpkin." Lesson Plans Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans We have hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices. Find the perfect one for your classroom. A List of 20 Free Tools for Teachers to Create Awesome Presentations and Slideshows Below is a list of some of the best free tools teachers and students can use to create awesome slideshow and presentations. 1- KnovioKnovio gives life to static slides and with a simple click you will be able to turn them into rich video and audio presentations that you can share with your friends and colleagues via email or popular social media websites. Knovio does not require any software installation or download, it is all web based.

Master List to Create a Blogging Rubric By CheekyLitTeach, on August 18th, 2010 Creating a Rubric to Evaluate Relevant Skills – Image by “Salvatore Vuono” on Free Digital Photos online. First of all, it’s very difficult to ‘borrow’ a rubric that someone else has made for their class, but it is useful for thinking about what criteria you need in your own. Thus, I have made a master list of blogging criteria for the task. Although we teach a spectrum of ages and grades, there are particular criteria that relevant across the grades. There are others that may be more applicable to elementary bloggers and vice versa.

Pumpkin Education - Pumpkins and More Total U.S. pumpkin production in 2008 in major pumpkin producing states was valued at $141 million.Total production of pumpkins by major pumpkin-producing states in 2008: 1.1 billion pounds496 million pounds of pumpkins were produced in Illinois in 2008.Thetop pumpkin production states are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. The top ten pumpkin producing counties in Illinois are Tazewell, Kankakee, Mason, Logan, Will, Marshall, Kane, Pike, Carroll and Woodford.Pumpkins are grown primarily for processing with a small percentage grown for ornamental sales through you-pick farms, farmers' market and retail sales.Around 90 to 95% of the processed pumpkins in the United States are grown in Illinois.Pumpkin seeds can be roasted as a snack. Pumpkins contain potassium and Vitamin A.

Example 3: Online Classroom Attendance and Participation Rubric - ELC Support Hi Class, I want to make sure everyone is clear about the difference between logging on, attendance, and participation. Don't worry, I know week one has a steep learning curve - I take this into account for week one participation. Logging On When we "log on" we might spend a great deal of time reading the course content- please realize that the system can track how long you spend in the course; however, it cannot tell exactly what you are doing.

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Lesson Plan and Printable Your students will enjoy learning about the growth of a pumpkin from seed to fruit. This free lesson plan emphasizes observation, estimation and comparing. This Life Cycle of a Pumpkin printable will help complete your lesson! Example 4: Online Journal Rubric - ELC Support One use of an online journal is to facilitate the documentation of knowledge you are constructing throughout the course. It will help you take control of and direct your own learning experience, identify what you have learned, what questions you have, and what you would like to know more about. You should not only reflect on knowledge gained through materials and discussion, but also new ideas to explore feedback from others.

Pumpkin Circuit Learning Centers Set up pumpkin activities in a circuit. Cooperative groups rotate from station to station. This activity may be planned during a unit on pumpkins. I usually plan it toward the end of my unit on pumpkins in late October. Materials: A student record sheet on which information from each task is recorded5 large sheets of paper-I use bulletin board paper cut to about 4′ lengths.

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