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Liikeruuvit, johteet ja liikeyksiköt (siis mekaniikkaa) Konetekninen piirtäminen. Blog - jekashop turvamerkinnät. 80/20 Extrusion Goes Main Stream. Modern Machine Shop Blog. Blog This photo was taken by Todd Schuett of Creative Technology Corp. during Superior Tooling’s NCTAP orientation session back in March.

Modern Machine Shop Blog

The program’s stringent application process weeds out all but the most promising applicants before any commitment is made. A press release from Schunk recently caught my eye, but it didn’t have anything to do with the Morrisville, North Carolina, company’s workholding technology. Rather, it highlighted the critical leadership role that established workforce development programs have played in getting similar, brand new initiatives off the ground. Dan's Workshop Blog. How to make 5S Stick. In my last post I detailed the 5S method (and its variants 4S, 6S, and so on).

How to make 5S Stick

However, knowing the theory is the easy part. How does an electronic caliper work? PlasticsEurope - Polyoxymethylene (POM) - PlasticsEurope. Fluid bearing. O-ring. Typical O-ring and application The O-ring may be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring.


Dynamic examples include rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons. Manufacturing[edit] O-rings can be produced by extrusion, injection molding, pressure molding or transfer molding.[1] History[edit] Theory and design[edit] Toleranssit ja pinnankarheus 2011. Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing: Introduction and Applications. In additive manufacturing, successive layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing: Introduction and Applications

These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and are produced from a digital 3D model or other electronic data source. Great attention has been given to this subject for a while now since it offers new opportunities for polymers in factories of the future. Additive manufacturing may be a more appropriate term to use than 3D printing because it includes all processes that are “additive”. The term “3D printing” applies more specifically to additive manufacturing processes that use a printer-like head for deposition of the material (e.g. material jetting), and 3D printing is now only one of the processes that is part of the additive manufacturing universe. Technical articles and standards generally use the term “additive manufacturing” to emphasize this broader meaning. Additive manufacturing applications appear to be almost limitless. .

All About Stepper Motors. There are a wide variety of stepper types, some of which require very specialized drivers.

All About Stepper Motors

How Products Are Made. Electric linear actuator lead screws – article round-up. When it comes to specifying an electric linear actuator selecting the right lead screw* (sometimes referred to as the leadscrew) for the application is critical.

Electric linear actuator lead screws – article round-up

That’s because the screw is the major drive component in most electric actuators. After all, if it’s not a belt-driven actuator, then there’s a lead screw involved. Lead screw types The choice of screw type can seem simple. There are mainly three alternatives: Acme screws ** Very strong and available in a wide variety of leads and diameters. To specify the best screw type for a given application, the engineer has to weigh a variety of factors, including orientation, load, speed and accuracy.

Our guide, Which screw? Recent articles Helping you understand linear motion is our priority at Tolomatic, so we monitor what’s been written on the subject by major engineering publications. First, is a blog article from October 2015 Design World, entitled Common ball screw terms explained.

Metal chem

Welding. Manufacturing. Pneu hyd. Work tools. Engines. Machining. Automotive. Free Engineering Video Lecture courses. Materials. Engineers Edge - Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions. Ames - Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions. Home - Fabricating and Metalworking. The Business of Metal Manufacturing. The FABRICATOR. Metal Working World Magazine - Gear Solutions Magazine Your Resource to the Gear Industry. IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News.

Machine Diagnostics Inc. Welcome to KLM Technology Group.Com. Keeping it together - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. The benefits of replacing traditional body welds with adhesives, fixings and fasteners Not so long ago, the idea of using adhesive for body-in-white assembly operations would have been deemed unrealistic.

Keeping it together - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

However, slowly but surely, the numerous advantages of adhesives have ensured this innovative joining technique has made significant inroads into conventional methods of BIW construction. So what are the principal benefits? According to 3M, a Tier One expert in BIW joining techniques, these high modulus adhesive bonding systems exhibit high fatigue strength and demonstrate excellent stress distribution, a factor that increases the torsional stiffness of the car body, leading in turn to an improvement in the load/driving behaviour.

Additionally, such products offer easy solutions to joining different materials, improved corrosion resistance, NVH benefits, reduced energy consumption and significant weight savings. Counting the cost Sticking points Choices, choices, choices Material world. Motomaster Verkkokauppa - MONKEY PARTS - Moottorit ja osat. Wandamotor. Motokeidas - Tervetuloa. Metallintyöstö - Koneboss Oy.  Hinnastot ja tärkeitä julkaisuja.  Rolling and Plain Bearings. Bearings for rotary motion are designed as rolling bearings or plain bearings.

 Rolling and Plain Bearings

A distinction is drawn as to whether the forces occurring between the parts movable relative to each other are transmitted by rolling or sliding elements. Rolling bearingsRolling bearings generally comprise two bearing rings with integral raceways.