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Position Statement on Labeling Books with Reading Levels. The following position statement is currently under review to align with the National School Library Standards.

Position Statement on Labeling Books with Reading Levels

Librarians use spine labels to organize and identify library resources by call number to help patrons locate general subject areas or specific fiction, non-fiction, reference, audiovisual, or other items. 10 Tips for New School Librarians! – Don't Shush Me! So you’ve been hired as a school librarian?

10 Tips for New School Librarians! – Don't Shush Me!

Self-Care Tips for School Librarians. Beyond the Collection Diversity Audit: Inclusion is More Than a Book, Why we should be auditing all of our library services for inclusion and best practices - Teen Librarian Toolbox. When I first began doing collection diversity audits, I had no idea that was what they were called.

Beyond the Collection Diversity Audit: Inclusion is More Than a Book, Why we should be auditing all of our library services for inclusion and best practices - Teen Librarian Toolbox

It was actually SLJ editor Kathy Ishizuka who gave me a name for what I was doing. I had Tweeted out pictures of me trying to figure out how inclusive my collection was and she said, “Oh, you’re doing a diversity audit”. And I thought, “Yes! That’s what I’m doing.” Don't overlook your school librarian, they're the unsung heroes of literacy.

When talking about teaching and learning, most people don’t immediately think of librarians.

Don't overlook your school librarian, they're the unsung heroes of literacy

But in a school where the librarian or learning resource centre manager is valued and properly made use of, we can teach important skills. Librarians are in the privileged position of being able to work with teachers across all subjects and students of all ages, observing the inner workings of a school from a slight distance. One thing I’ve noticed is that the belief that students are adept at using the latest technology to find the information they need is simply not true. Students turn up in the library with the ubiquitous task of researching a topic and they don’t know where to start. Usually they head to Google, which takes them straight to Wikipedia (it’s top of the list so it doesn’t take much effort). Teachers are busy enough as it is and often don’t have the time to critically assess all the sources of information out there. Dear School Administrators Lets Talk About Flexible Library Schedules. It’s time we had a frank discussion about flexible schedules for your school librarians.

Dear School Administrators Lets Talk About Flexible Library Schedules.

I often hear administrators talk about how the library is the heart of the school and how they truly value librarians. That is awesome. Classroom Libraries - Google Slides.


Advocacy. The Constantly Evolving Role of the School Librarian - ALSC Blog. Over the past twenty years, perhaps no position in education has transformed more than the school librarian.

The Constantly Evolving Role of the School Librarian - ALSC Blog

Study Ties College Success to Students’ Exposure to a High School Librarian. Moodboard/Thinkstock Attention, educators: training high school students early in digital research, partnering them with a school librarian, and providing time to practice skills can instill a high level of confidence during college.

Study Ties College Success to Students’ Exposure to a High School Librarian

This triple play of digital literacy education was affirmed by preliminary observations of a study underway by EBSCO Information Services, an online database provider. “The seeds for researching and training for informational literacy are planted in grade nine,” says Kate Lawrence, EBSCO’s senior director of user research, who is running the study. Stop telling people to love libraries – Library AF – Medium. A common complaint I’ve heard among librarians is that some people, especially community leaders and elected officials, just don’t get libraries.

Stop telling people to love libraries – Library AF – Medium

They don’t understand the value of public libraries… or what resources libraries offer… or what librarians actually do for a living. Librarians get frustrated because if only these tragically uninformed people knew about our amazing resources, they would fall in love with libraries, and support libraries at every opportunity. The problem with this attitude is that it puts the responsibility of understanding libraries on the community rather than on the library itself. It’s the responsibility of librarians to communicate the value of libraries, and if people don’t get it, then we need to try a different approach. New ACRL report highlights library contributions to student learning and success. CHICAGO - Through a new report issued by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), “Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects,” the higher education community now has compelling assessment findings that tell a strong story about the multiple ways that academic libraries are contributing to student learning and success.

New ACRL report highlights library contributions to student learning and success

The report focuses on projects completed during the third and final year as part of the program Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success (AiA) from April 2015 to June 2016. Librarian's Share: Merchandise Your OverDrive Collection Like a Pro - OverDrive Blogs. Ed.

Librarian's Share: Merchandise Your OverDrive Collection Like a Pro - OverDrive Blogs

Note: This blog was written by Maria Cipriano. Maria is a Collections Librarian and manages the Electronic and Online resources for Toronto Public Library. Recently she presented at Digipalooza about Toronto Public Library and their success with curated collection. Last month I did something that I normally avoid like the plague – public speaking! Statement on Classroom Libraries. All students must be able to access, use, and evaluate information in order to meet the needs and challenges of the twenty-first century.

These abilities are a necessary precursor to a sound education and healthy democracy. Reading in all its dimensions—informational, purposeful, and recreational—promotes students’ overall academic success and well-being. Furthermore, when students possess the skills necessary to access, select, use, and effectively evaluate their reading materials, their ability to become engaged members of their communities and productive citizens is enhanced. A large body of research demonstrates that equitable access to books promotes reading achievement and motivation (Allington, 2002, 2009; Krashen, 2011; Nystrand, 2006; Wu & Samuels, 2004). Administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community leaders are all essential in promoting, building, and maintaining classroom libraries, but teachers play an especially critical role.

References Allington, R. Statement on Classroom Libraries. Why personalized learning should start in school libraries. 4. Libraries can host real-world communication New Canaan High School Library also participates in monthly virtual book clubs in which students discuss books over a Google Hangout, and different libraries take turns hosting the chat and leading the conversation each month. 5. Libraries can harness personalization through online tools According to the presenters, libraries can personalize learning for students through the use of online tools. 6. School Libraries - More Important Than Ever - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Libraries and the innovative and imaginative librarians who run them are an invaluable part of their schools. They introduce students to a world of wisdom. They enable students to access and understand an incredible wealth of digital and traditional resources. Ultimately, they empower students to become shrewd researchers and knowledge-driven digital citizens.

Transliteracies and Libraries. Good school libraries value the social, distributed nature of meaning making. Good school libraries facilitate the mobility of people and things. In this spirit, they are natural sites for nurturing transliteracies. In the current issue of the Journal of Literacy Research, Amy Stornaiuolo, Anna Smith, and Nathan C.

Phillips author a piece called “Developing a Transliteracies Framework for a Connected World.” In it, they offer four analytical tools that could be used to investigate transliteracies and mobility, namely: emergence, uptake, resonance, and scale. 10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever. It's National Library Week, and we couldn't resist paying homage to one of the most important members of the school community: librarians. Also known as library media specialists, librarians play a unique role in our schools. Are librarians the key to a Future Ready school? According to the U.S. The Role of the School Librarian. By Elizabeth Hutchinson.

School librarians have a profound impact on students’ futures. As a school district library department supervisor, I would love to say that, after 17 years in this position, my district has the perfect school library program. The reality is that our idea of perfection evolves. The needs of our students are constantly changing. So, too, our district’s mission and vision must change to meet the future-ready needs of our students. Create Buzz Around Reading with a Pop-Up Library. Hauer shows off her mobile book station at an outside event. As school librarians, we often seek new ways to reach reluctant readers, or busy students, who do not regularly visit the library. At the same time, we want to promote library services in a positive and engaging way. On orientation attitude: Two stories, a playlist and a top eleven list. A couple of years back, I posted a little round-up of Orientation inspiration, gathering ideas from a few friends in the field.

This year I find myself collecting creative ideas for my School Library Management class from blogs and tweets coming across my network in the form of an Orientation And Getting Ready For Action playlist. 4 Rules of Library Advocacy. How Can Your Librarian Help Bolster Brain-Based Teaching Practices? Inquiry-based learning has been around in education circles for a long time, but many teachers and schools gradually moved away from it during the heyday of No Child Left Behind. The pendulum is beginning to swing back towards an inquiry-based approach to instruction thanks to standards such as Common Core State Standards for math and English Language Arts, the Next Generation Science Standards and the College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

“Hands-Off” Teaching: Conversation as Pedagogy in Library Instruction. Libraries matter: 18 fantastic library infographics. 4 TED Talks That Help Librarians Explain the Magic of Libraries. Since 2006, millions have been inspired by TED Talks: short, inspirational and educational videos by speakers expounding on topics from science to spirituality to dance. TED stands for technology, education and design, and its stated mission is to spread ideas. The talks are often thought provoking and the speakers passionate about their topics. None last more than 18 minutes. The School Library: Where vs. Who. Where. PreserviceEducators Toolkit FINAL 2016 03 17. Op Ed: School Librarians are Essential to Student Achievement - The Village GreenThe Village Green.

The Essential Role of School Librarians — Guest post by Marie-Louise Gay.

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8 Ways to Rescue Public School Libraries from Becoming Obsolete. Getting to E: The State of the School Ebook Market. How to Build a Culture of Reading. Six Back-to-School Goals for Teacher Librarians. Librarians of the future: Lis Pardi at TEDxSomerville. Libraries without walls: when students become the core design consideration. Understanding Schools, Avoiding Miscommunications  This Public Library Figured Out The Perfect Way For Teens To Find Self-Help Books. The Roles that Librarians and Libraries Play in Distance Education Settings. Teach More, Librarian Less, Say SLJ Leadership Summit Panelists. Language Magazine Telling Stories. School Libraries Are Under Attack. Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens. Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens. Teaching Kids Skills For Deep Reading on Digital Devices. The Epicenter of Geek Culture: Planning a “Con” at the Library.

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