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"Help, I'm a New School Librarian!" eBook - Lisa Newton. National School Library Standards Card Game. To help explore the AASL Standards and facilitate professional conversation, AASL has created a deck of cards that can be used by school librarians as a professional development tool.

National School Library Standards Card Game

This game was designed to aid in conceptualizing the standards, developing implementation strategies, considering differing approaches with stakeholders, and promoting conversation among practitioners. The deck is split into five sections. Basic game play instructions are provided, with ideas for alternate playing rules. Save libraries: free posters to print! - Sarah McIntyre. Last night I made some posters for the London #CarnegieOccupation march from Carnegie Library to Minet Library: But then Minet Library asked if they could have copies of the posters, too!

save libraries: free posters to print! - Sarah McIntyre

So here are some downloadable versions. Don't overlook your school librarian, they're the unsung heroes of literacy. When talking about teaching and learning, most people don’t immediately think of librarians.

Don't overlook your school librarian, they're the unsung heroes of literacy

But in a school where the librarian or learning resource centre manager is valued and properly made use of, we can teach important skills. Librarians are in the privileged position of being able to work with teachers across all subjects and students of all ages, observing the inner workings of a school from a slight distance. One thing I’ve noticed is that the belief that students are adept at using the latest technology to find the information they need is simply not true. Students turn up in the library with the ubiquitous task of researching a topic and they don’t know where to start.

Usually they head to Google, which takes them straight to Wikipedia (it’s top of the list so it doesn’t take much effort). Do we need library lessons? Barbara Band looks at the many benefits of regular library lessons, and speculates what would be lost without them.

Do we need library lessons?

A school library is (or should be) a whole-school facility, enabling the learning needs of all students, supporting staff to deliver the curriculum, and providing resources for reading and information within a unique space. That’s the theory. The reality, however, is likely to be library staff constantly juggling between the diverse needs of various groups, library lessons full of hands-on activities, busy research lessons using a multitude of resources, quiet periods of study, and times of silent personal reading.

All this usually in one room during one day! It is said that you can’t be all things to all people and yet that is exactly what a school librarian tries to do. Does this matter? Library induction sessions Library induction delivered in one or two sessions does not work. School libraries enhancing student wellbeing. The story of one of our students, Anna, demonstrates how student wellness can increase in a safe, welcoming environment where there is freedom to explore, play, and create.

School libraries enhancing student wellbeing

Anna has been coming to our library for a few years before school and during lunchtime. She is a sporty girl, but reserved. She had struggled with literacy and lacked confidence in her abilities. Anna used to come in and play with GoldieBlox, building interesting structures. She also started to build circuits with our Snap Circuits blocks. Last year, Anna entered the Ekka (The Royal Queensland Show) competition, which involved designing a toy. Infowhelm - Virtual ​Library. The importance of school libraries in the Google Age. A qualified teacher librarian and a well-resourced library increases student achievement Overwhelmingly in local, national, and international studies, a positive correlation is found between the presence of a qualified teacher librarian and student achievement.

The importance of school libraries in the Google Age

Extensive research also finds that administration — most specifically principal — support for the teacher librarian role and the school library significantly enhances the positive impact the library has on student achievement (Haycock 1999; Oberg 1995; Oberg, Hay & Henri, 2000 cited in Hartzell 2002). Scholastic's publication 'School Libraries Work! ' (2016) includes reports from 25 states in the USA, as well as findings from the National Center for Literacy Education, and the School Library Journal's analysis. Ha van belső késztetés, élvezetes lesz az olvasás – Keresztfalviné Ilyés Renáta a Mandinernek.

2018. november 4. 12:48.

Ha van belső késztetés, élvezetes lesz az olvasás – Keresztfalviné Ilyés Renáta a Mandinernek

Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell on why we need libraries – an essay in pictures. „A képzeleted megváltoztatja a világot!” – Neil Gaiman, az olvasás és én - WMN. Pennac poster. A világ legveszélyesebb könyvét csak kesztyűben szabad megérinteni - KönyvesBlog.

School Librarians. School library infographics: research and advocacy. Teen Tech Week - Libraries are for Creating, March 4-10, 2018. School Libraries: Are They Relevant in the Age of Google? Over the past 10 years, the number of schools that have trained teacher-librarians has declined dramatically.

School Libraries: Are They Relevant in the Age of Google?

While many reasons for this drop exist, the primary culprit is school budget cuts. Get Involved. If you’re visiting, chances are you already know that libraries are a treasure.

Get Involved

As a library patron, you know that the library is the heart and soul of the community. But not everyone in your community gets it. Libraries need people to get involved: to spread the word about the value of the library to neighbors, friends and decision-makers. The first step is to visit your library and talk to your librarian. The world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens. 150 ingyenes színező.