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Library Grits

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50 Essential Sites and People for School Librarians - Librarian Lisa Here are my top 50 essential websites, people, or blog posts for school librarians. These are people and sites to which I consistently return. Some of the entries below are skewed towards California school libraries, but I think they’re beneficial for anyone. Listed in no particular order. American Association of School Librarians (AASL). I continually refer to their Standards for the 21st Century Learner.School Library Journal (SLJ).

Library - Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus Like other 21st century libraries ours is not just a collection of books or merely a place where we provide reader education and foster an enjoyment of reading. Our library is also a centre of guided inquiry and learning where students are encouraged to ask questions and seek help where needed. It is a place for developing higher order thinking skills in problem solving, communication and collaboration. While our library is most definitely a physical place it is now also a Virtual Library with its own blog space, the SSC Leichhardt's Library Blog. SSC Leichhardt library is also an Augmented Reality (AR) hotspot.

The True Adventures of an Incurably Curious Educator About From Library to iCentre Connecting learners with skills, tools and information In order for students to connect with the skills, tools and information they require for learning, they need a physical space where they can go to work, access help, locate resources and experiment with new media. Learners also require a digital space that allows them to access resources and support in an environment which is on-line and available anywhere at any time.

exzuberant: pi collection A little project I've been working on for the last year with my school librarians: we call it "The Pi Collection". We've built a carefully selected collection of around 50 books with maths themes - fiction and non-fiction, in an effort to entice our students to engage with mathematics beyond their regular classroom work. Officially our idea is to encourage students to read more widely and deepen connections between maths and other subjects, but in truth, we just love having these great books available to share with our students. The Busy Librarian Top 50 School Library Blogs One look at the titles of blogs narrated by school librarians reveals the evolution of a profession within an institution that is at a pivotal point. Charged with the vital duty of promoting digital literacy, today’s librarians are daring, unquiet, sassy and definitely e-literate. This list features the top school library blogs ordered by website popularity metrics and social media engagement including the number of websites that link to a blog and number of followers on Twitter.

The Unquiet Librarian The Adventures of Library Girl Interactive Literacy Mrs B's Interactive Literacy Mrs B, the students and staff of My School, in My Town, Australia, welcome you to our literature-based reading and language site. Click here to enter Tompkins HS Library Booked Inn - Shoestring makeovers Booked Inn Heroic adventures in teacher-librarianship Shoestring makeovers From the end of Term 4 2008 until Term 4 2009, I “renovated” the old, portable school library at my school – on a shoestring budget. How long was this shoestring?

the reader leader’s hat Being an “independent reader” is much more than the mastery of the mechanics – it involves having an emotional attachment that makes the experience a part of who we are as a person, embracing the affective domain as well as the cognitive and the physical. Being an independent reader means developing a lifelong habit that continues because we want to read and not because we are required to or have to. It means that we read even when daily support such as dedicated in-class reading time such as the DEAR and USSR programs are no longer available. In her book Reading in the Wild , a professional text that has had the greatest impact on my beliefs and actions of any I’ve read for a very long time, Donalyn Miller identifies five key characteristics of an independent reader… Read the research Firstly, there is a growing body of evidence such as that by Combes and Coiro that for students to read effectively online, they must first build up a traditional literacy skillset which is based on print.

Librarianship Studies & Information Technology: Library and Information Science Videos Library and Information Science Videos is an initiative of Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog to showcase the finest LIS videos for librarians, catalogers, metadata, archives, and knowledge professionals. The videos are sourced from Librarianship Studies & Information Technology YouTube Channel which are organized based on the categories (or labels) of Librarianship Studies blog. A featured video will be displayed in this blog post along with a brief summary. It will also be displayed at the bottom of the blog in a large view (recommended). It is important to note that the large view of the featured video is available only in the web version.