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School Library Design Safari

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Please share your best discoveries relating to design or facilities and why you chose it. Let me know if you are having any trouble posting.

Hyperaulas: this is the school that will supersede the traditional school - World leading higher education information and services (Amber) There is a hokey joke about someone hibernating a few centuries ago who, waking up today, would go mad in any environment except one: the classroom, frozen in time.

Hyperaulas: this is the school that will supersede the traditional school - World leading higher education information and services (Amber)

In Spain, a monk is usually the protagonist in the United States, Rip van Winkle , and everywhere is the metaphor of a dyschrony, of something or someone that does not follow the rhythm of history or that survives its time. It may or may not be the case of a teacher but, no doubt, it is the classroom: it was born in a context of scarcity of information and school knowledge, when only a few educators could take them to many students, the books had to reach them via lesson. , etc. BEYOND THE BOOKS: Library Design Trends (James) While some have questioned their long-term viability, both public and private libraries are reinventing themselves and, according to the 2018 American Library Association report, continuing to serve as a valuable resource for diverse groups of people.

BEYOND THE BOOKS: Library Design Trends (James)

Libraries face many similar challenges to those of retailers, as large numbers of people turn to digital resources. However, the convenience of digital shopping, reading, learning, communicating and so forth can be isolating and less rewarding. This is where public libraries can step in to provide positive interactions, teachable moments and a collaborative community experience available to everyone regardless of their financial status.

West View residents plan to open library, community space in June (Meg Pettigano)

I know this isn't a school library, but an Elem Ed friend from Penn State (later got her MLIS from Pitt) is a SLMS in Pittsburgh and volunteered to help with this project. They even created a theater for children from the fuselage of an Boeing 727 that was used as a prop from a Netflix show filmed in Pittsburgh! – mpettigano

New Ohio school reimagines the traditional library (Tamara) In a bring-your-own-device school environment with a curriculum that emphasizes interaction, collaboration, service learning and project-based, hands-on instruction, the traditional libraries found in schools built for previous generations don’t necessarily fit the needs of modern students.

New Ohio school reimagines the traditional library (Tamara)

So the Ridgemont School, a preK-12 facility now under construction in Mount Victory, Ohio, won’t have one. The rural district’s new campus will have spaces that provide the same functions as a library or media center, but they will have a 21st-century flavor. When Ridgemont School opens its doors later this year, teachers and administrators expect to see many of the 525 students gravitating to a central campus space that has been dubbed the book lounge.

The area will offer some of the reading material expected in a library, but it also will provide students with a café, a shop and other spaces designed to encourage socializing and more informal avenues of learning. Spartanburg HS (SC) Media Center - Caroline Galofaro. Montclair Kimberley Academy, Upper School (Eden M-S) Designed with flexible spaces to adapt to varied teaching and learning needs, the Academic Center encourages students to explore, design their own personalized learning experiences, engage in meaningful collaboration with those around them–and do all of this in a mindful way.

Montclair Kimberley Academy, Upper School (Eden M-S)

These spaces include: Collaborative Studies Three Collaborative Studies are outfitted with screens and flexible seating for students to work together in small groups. Quiet Study Outfitted with study carrels, comfortable seats, and white noise, Quiet Study provides an ideal setting for students seeking silence to focus on their work. Idea Lab A flexible classroom designed to help teachers innovate and experiment with learning environments, the Idea Lab allows teachers and students to shift the furniture and space to suit learning goals.

Renovation Duration is Complete! Spaulding High School Library. Students enjoying the new booths!

I appreciated this post not only because the renovation was a bit more... modest than most, but also because the team behind it was so kind as to lay out their entire process for the redesign. An eliciting exercise, this! – avastmorsel

The sounds of hammers, the groans of book movers, the sore hands from reshelving, and the anticipation of reopening are over!

Renovation Duration is Complete! Spaulding High School Library

The renovation duration is complete and the library smells and looks like new. The purpose of the renovation was to create a more modern space but to also stay true to Spaulding’s traditional values. I wanted to open up the Library, generate more flexible seating, and provide a specific collaborative area for teachers and community members. It has been a long process from conception to reality and the results have been positive and rewarding for all of us here in the Library. Elementary School Library Reveal - Pretty Handy Girl (LuAnn) Just a small space in the library, but a wonderful transformation!

Sprucing Up My School Library for Less than $600 (Lauren) Lauren's Reasoning. Amanda Carey - Active Learning in the K12 School Library - BCWH. At a recent daylong workshop on K12 Active Learning, hosted by Creative (a Richmond, VA based Steelcase dealership), BCWH was invited to present to an audience of public and private K12 educators.

Amanda Carey - Active Learning in the K12 School Library - BCWH

Specifically, we were asked to share our recent work on public and academic libraries, in the context of ideas or strategies that could be transferable or applicable to a K12 library. Shannon and Chuck Wray presenting to K12 educators at an Active Learning Workshop hosted at Creative in the Fall of 2015. As a firm with 30 years of experience in designing schools, we have seen firsthand how the design of learning spaces has evolved based on changes in pedagogy and technology.

The way in which students learn and access information has changed radically within the past 10 years. As a result, the school library, and its role as the central place for information and academic scholarship within the school, is also changing. (gale) Linden Public Schools – LHS library transformed into modern Learning Commons. The former Linden High School library and media center has been transformed into a college-style Learning Commons with a modern look, high-tech tools and relaxed atmosphere.

(gale) Linden Public Schools – LHS library transformed into modern Learning Commons

The Board of Education cut the ribbon on Feb. 28. By Gary Miller The Board of Education held a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Thursday, Feb. 28, for the new Learning Commons at Linden High School. The room – formerly known as the library or media center – has been undergoing major renovations since the summertime. It is modeled after a college student center in hopes that it will be used as a relaxed gathering place for meeting and learning. “The vision has always been to create an inviting learning environment for students and to emulate the space found in colleges and universities,” said Principal Yelena Horré. The windows between the Learning Commons and conference room can be changed from clear to frosted with the flip of a switch. Inspirational school libraries from around the world. Partially Flexible Seating – The Mountain Teacher. How I Make Flexible Seating Work in My Classroom Partially Flexible: Flexible seating is the top new teaching trend at the moment!

Partially Flexible Seating – The Mountain Teacher

At first, I was super nervous about implementing this. The best in contemporary school libraries. Innovative library designs were celebrated this evening when St Joseph’s Nudgee College was named the inaugural winner in the schools category of the Library Design Awards 2017.

Here is the best article I found while searching. I really like the Potter Library design at All Hallow's School. – haleyjamesrutgers

Run by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), the awards were created to showcase and celebrate the best in contemporary library interiors and exteriors in Australia.

The best in contemporary school libraries

Winners were announced at the ALIA Library Design Conference in Melbourne in four categories – school libraries, public libraries, academic libraries and special libraries. The school library at St Joseph’s Nudgee College sits within the Hanly Learning Centre. The new build library, located in Boondall, Queensland, was completed by architect m3architecture in April 2015 with a budget of $10.2 million.

Chrissy Holcombe: Baltimore Library Project. Margi Putney: Convertible Library Carrel. How a School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent (Ariel Richvalsky)

This blog post explains not only what the library redesign involved in terms of furniture and technology, but also the thought process behind making the library less of a makerspace and more of an extension of the classroom. The article also explains how teachers and students utilize the space on a daily basis. – arichvalsky

Holly - How To Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit. Library Design Inspiration: How to Find it When rethinking and redesigning our library spaces, many of us tend to focus on looking at other school libraries for ideas and inspiration.

Holly - How To Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit

However, there’s quite a few other learning environments and resources we should consider when planning our spaces. Some are more traditional than others, but all of them deserve consideration as we look to ways to change and update our libraries, classrooms, and learning spaces to make them work better for our students. Public & Academic Libraries. Jessica Eschbach 6 Ways to Rethink Your Library Space and Make It Amazing. Over the past five years, we have redesigned our media center and transformed it into a more flexible, collaborative space.

I really enjoyed this page because there were a lot of pictures and student-based solutions for issues that I face in my own library. Despite being published a few years ago in 2015, the links were all active and the author had updated with some information about chargers, etc. They also explain about the Lowes grant, which is a great option for schools that don't have the opportunity to renovate. This whole site is actually a great resource! – jge2

This is the story of how we got there, and how you can apply what we learned as you rethink your library space. Want to learn even more about transforming your library space? Library space design Archives - Chris Lainson. School Library Journal - Christina W. A lot of imagination, a little elbow grease, and the right tools can yield dramatic results like these. Considering a library remodel? Check out these creative, low-cost ideas from fellow librarians, some shared on Jennifer LaGarde and Mark Samberg's #macgyverlibrarianship Twitter initiative. School Library Journal. Instagram Library Inspiration (Kathryn B) Melissa Persico (@inourlibrary)

I included this Instagram account because this is one of the most important ways for me to find various things for my library because I spend time on social media. I don't believe it links properly but the handle is linked. – kathrynblakeslee

Rethinking the Library Media Center (Kathleen B.) School Library Ideas & Inspiration Christina C. Brookfield Christian School (Susan)

Link to additional photos: I found this on Demco, and I selected it because I love the moveable low shelving, use of baskets for easier access to books, and comfortable seating options. I like the moveable and reconfigurable desks - this allows the space to be more versatile and can be used for a number of activities. There is a story corner and an area with a white board for instruction. It has everything that would be on my "wish list"! – bookprowler

Design for Learning: Media Center (Christina B) A Checklist for Designing Engaging Spaces for Children (Mary Kate) Spaces + Inspiration (Jill B) Amy L: Arlington Heights' Teen Hub - Check out the virtual tour! Classroom Learning Strategies for Students. Creative Library Concepts (Maria) Furnware (Maria) Ranford Primary School - Library Furniture. Ann Antolini School – DEMCO Interiors (Michelle) Creating Modern Learning Environments (Amy S.)

I selected this webinar from my safari discoveries mostly because it discusses "wiggle chairs." The webinar begins with a discussion of converting a "book warehouse" library space into a learning commons. A portion of the webinar is dedicated to seating that moves with a learner. Two summers ago as part of the budget, I requested such chairs for the library, unfortunately they were deemed too expensive. I see the restless movement of my learners that I believe could be absorbed by flexible chairs. I also believe that allowing this subtle outlet for their energy could be beneficial to a learner's capability for focusing with minimal distraction to their classmates and the teacher. Though it reminded me that I was disappointed to have missed out on having wiggle chairs in the elementary library, I wanted to share the idea in our safari. – ams_library

Ana Sanchez Gil - 26 Library Media Center Designs. Redesign your school library. Michael Bierut: How to design a library that makes kids want to read (Jenna) Top 5 Teen Zone Trends. You don’t have to have a lot of space, tools or equipment to foster a making environment.

I picked this article because I have been questioned both at my public library and FE library about ideas for adding/changing teen spaces. All these points are important to consider. – rdefrank

A “makerspace” can work on any budget and it may not even be a set physical space (See Makerspaces on the Move). 2. Comfortable, Colorful Furniture. Sprucing Up My School Library for Less than $600 (Jenna M.) Setting Up a New Elementary School Library (Part 3) (Beth) Setting Up a New Elementary School Library (Part 2) (Beth) Setting Up a New Elementary School Library (Part 1) (Beth) I had the honor of putting the very first books on the shelves After my last post (New Beginnings), I’ve received several requests to document the process of setting up our new library space.

It is an exciting and exhausting process to walk into a big open room with endless possibilities. As I’ve said before (and keep repeating to myself), the space can and will change once students begin using it. I can only guess what might work best for students, but the beauty of the furniture and shelving that we have is that it can fairly easily change into something new if it doesn’t work the way I’ve set it up.

Texas A&M University LibGuide about Noise and Zones (Mary Beth) The Diamond - 360 Tour (Take this virtual tour of one of Sheffield University's libraries and state of the art Engineering learning commons. Mary Beth) Moses Brown Lower School. Library Design for Secondary Schools and Academies (Marissa) 6 Active Learning Spaces Your Library Should Have (Rebecca) Active Learning Spaces In the book Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success, the authors identify six types of active learning spaces that are essential for creating an engaging learning environment for students.

While this research (and this book) are not specifically focused on school libraries, we are the ideal place in our schools to encompass all six types of learning spaces in one location. We are the learning hubs of our schools after all. :) You might find that many of these spaces will overlap in your library, or that their purpose might shift depending on the day. That’s totally normal considering how flexible our spaces have to be. Aim for having all six areas available as much as possible. Melrose HS Learning Commons (Sarah) Jazz: Think of your library as a Starbucks...Apple Genius Bar...Spaces for Enlightenment and Collaboration! (21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons)

"...the Westlake library includes glass walls, making the space literally transparent, as well as an outdoor area and a "juice bar" -- combining the concepts of an Apple Genius Bar and a Starbucks." – jasmineleir

Children's Library (Allison Nazzaro) How to transform your library space on a budget.

This is a great article! I love the thinking that "less is more", especially in a library. Too much clutter can be overwhelming . – lisaromasanta

Lisa S. - Collaborative Office and Classroom Furniture Improve Learning Team Work.

I am adding this furniture because I love the idea of flexible collaborative areas. We've read and talked about bookshelves on casters, but how great would it be to facilitate students collaborating in a multitude of ways? - Lisa S. – lsteel715

Duston School profile (Gina Policastro) Divine Design: How to create the 21st-century school library of your dreams (Rebecca S. 91) Great Reading Area! (Steve T.)

I think every library needs a comfortable location to settle down with a good book (even if it might only be for 10 minutes or less). – lisaromasanta
Technically, this is an English classroom, but the concept could easily carry over to a library. Giving readers a space where they will WANT to read is nearly as important as giving them things TO read, IMHO. – thegoogledoc


I love how these tables make a column that otherwise gets in the way of creative furniture arrangement a design feature. The different heights of the desks invite different types of learners. Although this space doesn't invite collaboration as much as some others, it is an effective use of space in the room, and the ideal place for individual reading or study. – jacquelyntasker

Library Design (Jaime P.)

I chose this article because I think we forget to look outside the library when we think about redesigning our library spaces. It discusses the positive benefits that can happen when you incorporate the outdoor space into your library. – novelquirks

6 Ways to Rethink Your Library Space and Make It Amazing.

I thought there were easy and low cost ideas of just reorganization and renovation for a library without an overhaul of a space. – jrb13

Vallentuna Public Library: Reading nook (Lisa R.)

Thanks for the feedback! In my FE library there is little individual room to get cozy with a book. I can envision modifications done with bookcase has solid wood support structure. It simply says come and sit for a while... – lisaromasanta
I'm always in love with these little nooks whenever I see them! I want some!! I'm in a library that doesn't have a huge footprint, and I feel like these would help give space to those who want a quiet nook, without taking up room being used for collaborative work. – erininfopro
I love how cozy this looks and it doesn't take up any space on the library floor! – laurenjames3

University of Wisconsin Madison - Circulation (Erin)

This is a circulation space at the library at University of Wisconsin Madison. There are a few key things that I really appreciate about this space. 1. Mutlilevel desk space, with chairs that work with those heights. 2. Designated place to return books, goes right into the desk space. 3. 360* desk, so you never have your back to someone. This is larger than would be needed in a highschool, but it's still interesting, since most high school circ desks I've seen pretty much only allow the librarian to face in one direction. 4. Uncluttered work space, there are items on the desk that are needed, but it's not a total mess, and there is space for projects that may come up from time to time. – erininfopro

Spartanburg (S.C.) High School (Lauren J.) Flexible OPAC station (Taylor) We are very excited about our new Tablet Look-Up Station in the children’s room!

That is really neat. However, do you get kids that want to try and play games on it or end up jamming it because of improper use? – jljames1215
I really love this because it eliminates the need to write down call numbers when using the OPAC. Instead, a student can carry the ipad with him/her to where the book is. The student won't have to keep going back and forth until they find what they need. Though it may seem small, I feel like this will encourage inquiry and discovery in the library. – taylordomenick

It just went up this week, but so far our patrons are liking it. Isn’t she a beauty? We were fortunate enough to receive an LSTA grant to be able to purchase the tablet and hardware. (This look-up station replaces our old computer look-up.) It’s sleek, takes up less room, and best of all…since it’s a tablet…you can talk to it! In case you want the specifics: Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1 inch) Mount: The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Wall Mount Power: We had an electrician put an outlet in the ceiling directly above the tablet so that we can plug it in and recharge at night.

Villarreal Elementary School Library - SK and A Architecture (Anina) Villarreal Elementary School, formerly Forest Hills Elementary, is one of the many elementary schools in Northside Independent School District.

What an awesome library design with the lego blocks! The set up is so unique and inviting with the bright and friendly layout. – lisaromasanta

This elementary campus educates about 750 local students. S K and A, Inc. designed renovations and additions for the existing library and new classrooms. The existing library, a workroom, a storage room and two classrooms were modified to update and upgrade the library to meet the latest NISD library requirements. New construction including about 1,150 sq. ft. was designed for two new classrooms. Expressing the Villarreal Elementary School motto, “Start Strong!

Seating (Kate-Lynn Brown)

What I love about this library design is the variety of seating. There are tables for studying, but also more comfortable seating for hanging out or reading. Having a variety of seating is important in a school library, in my opinion. This is just a small example of one area in a library. – katelynnbrown12

SDSL's Cornerstone Newsletter: Huron School District renovates elementary libraries. Library Decorating Ideas — Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. The John J. Driscoll School, P.S. 16 on Staten Island. K - 12 / New Providence Media Center — Settembrino Architects (Sylvia D)

New Providence High School Media Center was designed to emulate a college setting. Students have open spaces to create, have discussion and also provide the opportunity to have private lectures and test taking spaces. Sylvia Dynak – sdynak

Huegel Elementary School (Charisse)

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