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2018 (US) Midterm Elections

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DjT 11/5 : ILLEGAL VOTING will be severely punished! DjT 11/4: The Blacks love me! <3 <3. DjT 11/5: Only losers disagree with Republicans. 11/1: King has citizen removed from Des Moines event. Congressman Steve King became angry and had a citizen removed from a candidate forum with the Des Moines Partnership on Friday after being asked about his stance on immigration, according to reporting from online news source the Iowa Starting Line.

11/1: King has citizen removed from Des Moines event

DjT 10/31: Pre-existing condition? No problem! DjT 10/31: Be afraid of these dangerous MFs.

10/30: ?Executive Order to End Birthright Citizenship¿ - Copy

10/30: Trump Wants to Build 'Tent Cities' for Asylum Seekers at U.S.-Mexico Border. 10/30: US sending 5,200 troops to Mexican border. Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. 10/26: Avid Trump Supporter charged in attempted bomb spree —NYT. OCTOBER 18. United States elections, 2018. Election in the United States in November 2018 In the House of Representatives elections, Democrats made a net gain of at least 34 seats; 10 House races have not yet been called.

United States elections, 2018

Democratic victory in the House of Representatives ended the unified control of Congress and the presidency that the Republican Party had established in the 2016 elections. In the Senate elections, Republicans maintained their majority; two races have not yet been called. In both chambers, many of the defeated incumbents represented districts that had voted for the presidential candidate of the opposing party in the 2016 presidential election. What the 2018 Campaign Looks Like in Your Hometown. 2018 midterms the most expensive in US history. Rick Scott and Beto O'Rourke lead the pack by a wide margin in campaign spending, with $66 and $59 million respectively in campaign this cycle.

2018 midterms the most expensive in US history

While Scott is pouring money in TV ads across Florida, O'Rourke is buying up not just TV, but also Facebook and Twitter ads in bulk. Trump/ GOP Candidates Escalate Race & Fear as Election Ploys. [Learn more about the five battlefields for control of the House.]

Trump/ GOP Candidates Escalate Race & Fear as Election Ploys

The caravan — a group estimated to comprise some 7,000 people making its way through Mexico — is the latest focal point for Mr. Trump and his ideological allies. The story has permeated conservative media in recent days, amplified by figures like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan, and a long lineup of Fox News personalities. Some conservative outlets, like, which regularly peddle conspiracy theories, have pushed false claims that the caravan includes Islamic terrorists and suggested — again, baselessly — that the liberal investor George Soros might be financing the expedition. Mr. Dems going for laughs in political ads. GOP going for fear. Bad political ads are everywhere.

Dems going for laughs in political ads. GOP going for fear.

You know the ones — footage of a candidate walking down a quaint Main Street, touring a construction site wearing a hard hat, or shaking hands at a senior center while a disembodied narrator intones their life accomplishments. Those ads make veteran political filmmaker Mark Putnam’s eyes glaze over. “Without singling out any particular — I don’t need to — there are so many like that,” Putnam told me in a recent interview. So as Democrats and Republicans duke it out in the home stretch to the November midterms, campaigns, political parties, and PACs are getting creative on how they’re getting their message to voters. Television networks are full of short, 30-second advertisements either introducing candidates to voters or hitting the opposing candidates on their records. Others feel like a horror film. No matter the political party, the goal of these 30-second ads is to get voters to glance up at the TV screen — and keep watching. GOP health care strategy for midterms: Fear and misdirection.

After two years of trying to repeal Obamacare outright, the President and some GOP candidates are suddenly claiming they support the Affordable Care Act's protections for those with pre-existing conditions -- even though they voted for repeal bills that would weaken them, or are suing to eliminate Obamacare altogether.

GOP health care strategy for midterms: Fear and misdirection

Other Republicans are linking their Democratic opponents to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for all" single-payer health insurance plan -- a way to invoke socialism to scare voters, even when the Democrats in those races have either opposed Sanders' plan or said it was infeasible. The reason for the reversal is clear: Parts of Obamacare have turned out to be really popular, and Democrats have wielded Republican opposition to the law and other efforts to cut entitlement spending ruthlessly in campaigns for the House, the Senate and governor's offices. "Obamacare was unpopular because it was disruptive," said former Rep. During their debate last week, Nevada Rep. Mississippi senator's 'public hanging' remark draws rebuke. JACKSON, Miss.

Mississippi senator's 'public hanging' remark draws rebuke

(AP) — A newly published video shows a white Republican U.S. senator in Mississippi praising someone by saying: “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” Sen. Lies and fear-mongering as election approaches. WASHINGTON—Democrats will kick seniors off their health insurance.

Lies and fear-mongering as election approaches

Democrats will end insurance protections for people with health problems. Democrats will destroy the Social Security retirement system. Democrats will give illegal immigrants free cars. Democrats will abolish America’s borders. Democrats are behind the latest migrant caravan from Latin America. Trump aims to defy midterm campaign history.

Nearly every president in modern history has lost congressional seats during their first midterm election, a fact that Trump has told advisers he doesn't believe necessarily applies to him.

Trump aims to defy midterm campaign history

Untitled. The Midterms News That Wasn't Bad. Midterms 2018: The Good, The Bad, And Ted Cruz. The Midterms Have Stephen Feeling... Emotions. The Midterms Panel: John Heilemann, Alex Wagner And Hasan Minhaj. Democrats secure 218 seats in midterms to win control of House – as it happened. Election Results 2018: Midterm Map by State & Analysis. House 1 race Alaska GOP Rep.

Election Results 2018: Midterm Map by State & Analysis

Don Young -- first elected in a 1973 special election -- is the dean of the House. But Young, 85, is locked in a surprisingly close race with Alyse Galvin, who won the Democratic primary but declined the ballot line and is running as an independent. How 2018 mid-terms elections broke records. Image copyright Getty Images This year's crucial mid-term elections were always likely to make history. More women and LGBT people ran than ever before and, with a polarising president in the White House, many predicted voters would head to the polls in their droves.

While the headline remains that the Democrats won the House and the Republicans held the Senate, these elections will be remembered for a host of different reasons. So here are just some of the records that were broken and some of the winners who sealed their place in history... Year of the woman. So Much Changed in Statehouses This Week. What It All Means. The Democratic power surge in statehouses and governors’ offices will boost a host of progressive priorities, including health care, school spending, gun control, environmental protection and voting rights — even as divided government causes gridlock in Washington. In at least seven states, Democratic governors succeed Republicans. And the party flipped at least 350 state legislative seats from red to blue. During the eight-year Obama administration, the Democrats lost nearly 900 state legislative seats, allowing Republicans in many states to cut taxes, restrict access to abortion and stiffen voter ID laws with little Democratic resistance.

11/7: Dead brothel owner elected to Nevada State Assembly.

Affordable Health Care Act - Copy

US Voter Suppression 2018 - Copy.