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Britain's best property auction houses. 2 Auction House: mostly in London, eastern England, the Midlands and the north 3 Barnard Marcus: handling properties across the UK but auctions all in central London 4 Barnett Ross: north London-based, selling homes requiring renovation to full blocks of apartments; 5 brendonsauctioneers: Brendons Auctioneers: specialising in low-cost flats and small houses in London suburbs and commuter areas 6 Brown & Co: East Anglia and Midlands auctioneers, specialising in rural property 7 Countrywide: wide range of homes with auctions from Exeter to Glasgow 8 Fox & Sons: homes and shops under the hammer in Southampton 9 Griffiths & Charles: specialising in Worcestershire property, sometimes selling house contents too 10 Hunters: selling homes and shops in York 11 Martin & Pole: auctioning homes in Reading and Wokingham 12 Michael Poole: auctioning homes in the Newcastle area.

Britain's best property auction houses

Council Tax Bands: Lower your band & reclaim £1000s – MSE. Here are a few commonly-asked questions.

Council Tax Bands: Lower your band & reclaim £1000s – MSE

If yours isn't answered below, take a look at the forum discussion. Do payouts mean everyone else in the area will pay more? According to Tony Travers, local government specialist from the London School of Economics, the obligation is on central government to make up the cost of substantial rebanding. The exact relationship is complex, but it does mean the cost is spread. Rather bizarrely, some individual councils may actually gain from this, as they get bigger subsidies if more people are in lower bands.

Let's put it in perspective. Why doesn't this apply to Wales & Northern Ireland? Northern Ireland uses a completely different system to council tax so this is irrelevant. My property usage has changed, can I still apply? The bandings were assessed on 1 April 1991, and haven't been reassessed since then (except in Wales), so of course, for many people, they're out of date. In fact, this is the traditional reason for rebanding your home. 5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Mortgage. Applying for a mortgage is a major milestone for many and the last thing you want is your application being denied and the process of securing your dream home being pushed back.

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Mortgage

Just like you wouldn’t turn up to a marathon without any training, you shouldn’t venture down the road of homeownership without being fully prepared. Here are the five questions you should ask yourself before applying for a mortgage in order to ensure a smooth ride and get the mortgage you want: Have you checked your credit report recently? If you’re thinking of applying for a mortgage make sure to check your credit report at least 6 months in advance of making your application to ensure there are no errors or inaccurate information as this could delay the process. Your credit score indicates your financial health and shows how consistently you pay off your bills and debts. Have you adjusted your budget? Are your card balances under 15%? Do you really need another credit card or small loan? Property, School and Crime Data in Your Area – Get 10% Off 192’s In-depth Property Report.

Are you looking to buy, sell or just curious about your property and people in your area?

Property, School and Crime Data in Your Area – Get 10% Off 192’s In-depth Property Report

The first step in planning a move or selling a property is doing your research and with 192’s Property Report you no longer have to spend hours over multiple search engine entries. They’ve pulled together in-depth information on properties and local area guides for crime stats, school data and more across the UK, into one detailed comprehensive report. What’s more as a Noddle customer you get 10% off when you purchase the Property Report with this code: … Get started now by clicking here to get your custom Property Report and redeem your exclusive discount at the checkout. … What does the report cover? …Property Information Get thorough information on your own or a potential property with current and historical information including details of the owner, title register and full description and photos of the property.

Property ValuationFind out how much the property is worth. Crime. Sarah Beeny's Online Estate Agents. Search for People, Businesses and Places -