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Livingwithfirepnw. Weaving a home.. how one woman can help millions of people globally. A sustainable tent that collects rainwater, folds up for easy transport and stores solar energy?

Weaving a home.. how one woman can help millions of people globally

Sounds visionary, right? But this is the invention of Jordanian-Canadian architect, designer and artist Abeer Seikaly. [IMAGE: Abeer Seikaly] Abeer Seikaly designed these amazing multipurpose tents with refugees in mind, people who have been displaced by global and civil war, climate change and more. Inspired by elements of nature such as snake skin and traditional cultural aspects such as weaving, nomadic life and tent dwellings, this weather proof, strong but lightweight and mobile fabric tent gives refugees shelter but also a chance to "weave their lives back together".

The flexible dual layer tent structure has the ability to close out the cold of winter and wet weather. Solar energy hits the tent fabric and is stored in a battery for use at night providing renewable electricity. For this amazing life changing structure, Seikaly has won the 2013 Lexus Design Award. Organic Shikibutons - Traditional Japanese Bedding. Trish Bygott, Nathan Crotty and family — The Design Files.

The eclectic home of Trish Bygott, Nathan Crotty and their family in Fremantle, WA, which incorporate a 1950’s bus and a 1970’s caravan which function as additional rooms, expanding an otherwise modest one bedroom home to accommodate a family of 6!

Trish Bygott, Nathan Crotty and family — The Design Files

Photo – Angelita Bonetti, styling / production – Anna Flanders. Kitchen. Long industrial bench – a gift from a friend. ‘You can see our handpainted splashback at the rear of the kitchen above the stove, and we painted the ‘Madam Bukeshla woman’ on the back of the door’ says Trish. ‘She gives thanks for an abundant life and is a constant reminder for gratitude’. Kitchen. Re-purposed 1970’s Austin bus in the WA home of Trish Bygott and Nathan Crotty. Nathan Crotty and Trish Bygott of WA retail store Madam Bukeshla, photographed in the colourful garden of their amazing Fremantle home.

Another INCREDIBLE home all the way from WA today. Trish and Nathan inherited ‘Austin’, a 1950’s ex-school bus from Queensland a year or so after moving in. Basyx VL303 Black/ Black Mesh Back Nesting Arm Chair. Boss Caressoft™ Office Folding Chairs [B1800] Free Shipping! These office folding chairs from Boss Office Products feature ultra soft durable and breathable CaressoftPlus™ upholstery.

Boss Caressoft™ Office Folding Chairs [B1800] Free Shipping!

CaressoftPlus™ is a premium grade material that is both soft and durable, ideal for commercial office uses. Other features include folding seats to allow the chairs to nest together for easy storage, thickly padded seat and backrest cushions, frame integrated arms, sturdy metal frame with attractive chrome finish and dual wheel casters for easy movement. Eurotech Flip NT1000 Nesting & Folding Fabric Guest Chair. Eurotech Flip NT1000 Mid-Back Folding & Nesting Guest chair without arms features black mesh back with black fabric seat, casters, easily folds and nests for easy storage.

Eurotech Flip NT1000 Nesting & Folding Fabric Guest Chair

This chair ships two per carton and must be ordered in quantities of 2. Price shown is per chair. All Eurotech products have been certified by GreenGuard to meet Indoor Air Quality pollutant guidelines and standards. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) improves human health and quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants. - Folding Shopping Cart with Double Basket- Jumbo size 150 lb Capacity Black - Utility Carts. Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow - L-OMA Organic Buckwheat Pillows - FREE Shipping, No Taxes. Neck Pillow with organic buckwheat hulls. Neck and Lumbar Support.Rest.

Neck Pillow with organic buckwheat hulls

Recuperate.Enjoy Life. Our U-shaped Neck Pillow is filled with our airy, 3-dimensional buckwheat hulls OR with tiny, round, and smooth millet hulls. Both fillings are firm, but their texture feels distinctly different. There is a constant shifting of the hull material as you move while air freely passes through the filling. This constant ventilation of hull pillows keeps them fluffy and fresh. The zippered casing allows you to add or remove hulls, to make the Neck Pillow more pliable and adjust it for your personal preference. Both inner casing and outer cover are made of 100% cotton. Aromatherapy We offer a range of herbs and essential oils to be placed inside the filling of your pillow. Balsam Fir Tips The aroma of Balsam Fir Tips has grounding and harmonizing effect.

Green Tea with Lemon or Orange. Neck Pillow - Shepherd's Dream. Our Neck Pillow comes with a protective and soft, washable, organic cotton cover.

Neck Pillow - Shepherd's Dream

Place this pillow on the base of your sleep pillow to keep your neck in its natural alignment and to prevent neck pain. Small and compact, this is the ideal pillow to take with you in the car or on the airplane. Keep Your Neck Healthy With a Supportive Neck Pillow A neck pillow is designed to keep your cervical (neck) spine in its natural alignment.Made of the purest and most healing materials.Sleep comfortably on your back or on your side with our Neck Pillow.Comes with a soft, washable, organic cotton cover.Small and versatile, take your Neck Pillow with you when you travel, never compromise your well being!

All of our wool filled pillows are ideal for a healthy bedroom! - Holy Lamb Organics Orthopedic Neck Pillow - Specialty Medical Pillows.


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