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Official Kelley Blue Book New Car and Used Car Prices and Values

The 40 MPG Cars of 2014 The list of cars rated to return city/highway combined fuel economy of 40 mpg or greater is now 30 vehicles long, with more 2014 models to come as the EPA rates them. From hybrids and plug-ins to pure electric vehicles and even one gas-only entry, the list of 40+ mpg... Read Full Article The future keeps getting more affordable Underneath the sea of acronyms, ambiguous descriptions, and confusing marketing messages lies the true essence of in-vehicle infotainment and electronics: Better living through technology. But keeping up to speed on the most recent advancements in consumer technology can be exhausting,...

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How to Get the Best Price on a New Car - Step by Step Instructions Before We Begin... I'm assuming you've already narrowed your choice of vehicle down to one or two very specific models, and are ready to make the purchase. The process I've outlined works best if you give yourself at least one week to go through all the steps. Get Best Deal On Prescriptions Don't be afraid to ask the pharmacy for a better price, consumer advocates say. iStockphoto hide caption toggle caption Delpozo Served Up the Prettiest Dresses of Spring 2016 Your kid’s new hobby? (Photo: Flickr/Arctic Warrior) The thought of kids swinging kettle bells, climbing ropes and pumping out push-ups in a CrossFit gym can be confusing—shouldn’t 10-year-olds be frolicking on a jungle gym or playing tee-ball instead of working out like a full-grown adult?

Transportation We are wondering why it is that car manufacturers are tripping over each other inventing boring and redundant “super modern” and “high design” cars, when the end result is a sea of lookalikes. One can no longer recognize a “premium” make from a lower-end car, certainly not by distinctive and recognizable design features. They are unimaginative, uninspiring and suffer from a serious case of follow-itis. As opposed to being leaders and, in particular, design leaders. We see design tweaks and add-on features advertised as if they were a revolution when in fact, there’s nothing really significantly new or exciting.

GENERAL INVESTING Wire Transfer A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money between different financial institutions. How to Request a Wire Transfer To Wire Money to Your E*TRADE Securities Account Contact your other financial institution and ask them to wire funds to E*TRADE Securities. The Best Used Cars Under $10,000 February 2, 2012 Buying a used car is the smartest way to save money. And now is a great time to buy a used car while prices are still low - they will steadily increase towards summer and peak in August. Consumer Reports has compiled their list of the best used cars for under $10,000.

Seven Things To Do After Car Accident A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, potentially causing serious injuries and leaving your vehicle worse for wear. While your insurance is designed to protect you against financial consequences that could break your budget, you could still end up on the hook for medical bills or car repairs if you’re not careful. Planning for the aftermath of an accident before it happens may seem pessimistic but it’s a smart way to protect yourself money-wise. Here’s a look at what steps to take if you’re involved in a collision. Find out now: How much life insurance do I need?

Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners Moving into a new place is exciting, but it can also mean a potential battle against pests that may currently reside in your new home. When the home is an older or smaller space, such as an apartment or a condo, it can be especially difficult to keep the pests at bay. Whether you’re renting or buying your new space, you never really know what issues the previous residents faced, which means that bugs could be hiding anywhere. CES 2011: GE Brillion & Martha's Vineyard As GE showed off its smart-grid technologies in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, the company took a moment to put out word about those technologies actually going into homes – a continent away on Martha’s Vineyard. GE said that in its two-year pilot, some 120 GE Profile appliances with its Brillion technology will be placed in 35 households on the island through the Vineyard Energy Project (VEP), a nonprofit organization that is working to smarten up the grid on Martha’s Vineyard. Those 35 households will also get GE’s Nucleus energy manager, while 15 other homes will receive just Nucleus “and potentially a control switch on a suitable appliance, such as a legacy hot water heater.” image via Vineyard Energy Project

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