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Exercises and classroom activities

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Listen, read and improve your English! - English in 10 Minutes. 700 classroom activities_macmillan. Meet a famous person. Webquest introducing yourself. Myenglishproject - Pages and Files. Nomination Cards: Giving students a chance to speak – tekhnologic. Nomination cards can be used in discussion activities as a way to give all students a chance to speak. It can be a difficult balance trying to facilitate and maintain discussions in the classroom. You have to think about dominant students, shy students, students who don’t know each other, students who feel that they belong to different social groups, students who feel once they have said something their part in the discussion is over and students who are reluctant to talk.

It’s difficult and if the teacher involves themselves in the discussion, the students will look at them to lead it. A delicious recipe. 60 Activities and Games for Pairwork.pdf. Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. Lesson Ideas. Here’s a great group task for retelling a story.

Lesson Ideas

I came across it during the British Council summer school here in Bangkok. My teen group were doing activities based on the movie ‘Jumanji’, but this can work for any movie, fairytale, etc. First, summarise your story in 100 words or so. You could use an existing plot summary from IMDB or even Wikipedia, and just cut it down as needed. Once you’ve got the text, write it out into a table so that each word is in one of 4 columns, Here’s an example for the first sentence: In 1869, two boys bury a mysterious and magical game – Jumanji. Here’s the important part. This term I’ve tried out a few different ways to introduce a lesson. Song lyric gap fill Example: 3rd conditional, regrets.

Pre-Intermediate English Lessons and Games For English Language Learners. Advanced English Lessons - English Activities for Upper Intermediate Level Learners. Airport Questions and Answers in English. Check-In Counter Vocabulary.

Airport Questions and Answers in English

Katherine Bilsborough: What? Who? When? - Using a photo to practise question forms. ESLAmerica.US. English Language (ESL) Learning Online - English as a Second Language free materials for teaching and study. ESL Point. Ten Videos to Teach English. Here are ten videos which can help students learn English writing skills.

Ten Videos to Teach English

This is a process writing project. Students will need to draft and rewrite at least two versions before a satisfactory piece of writing can be completed. These videos are appropriate for high intermediate to advanced levels students. Writing interesting and reflective pieces that summarize the content and the students’ impressions will require some ability to conceptualize abstract concepts. Most videos are about 4 minutes in length. ESL Video Lesson Instructions Explain the writing objectives. Choose a video for the lesson.Briefly review key words such as plot, character and setting.Watch the video once.Students write first draft of a summary which is factual a description of the plot, character and setting.The second part is student input. 1.

Room 8 is a wonderful, clever video prompt because it can stimulate interesting and philosophical questions about the meaning of life. 2. 1. Grocery Store Lesson. Lesson plan: about jobs. The aim of this class is to talk about different jobs and compare authentic job descriptions.

lesson plan: about jobs

The idea for this lesson came to me after stumbling upon this amazing website: I found the idea really interesting and decided to introduce my students to this community. The Task The lesson consists of two parts. In Part 1 students need to watch a YouTube video and fill in the blanks with the words or short phrases they hear (modelled after FCE/ CAE Listening Part 1).

After learning about the idea behind Lifetramp they should answer three questions (in pairs / whole group discussion). Part 2 involves working with the website. Personal Experience. Handouts about jobs. Describing PICTURES. My Favorite Vocabulary Activities. That vocabulary is a basis for language learning is a given.

My Favorite Vocabulary Activities

When people travel abroad, they take dictionaries and phrase books, not grammar guides. Therefore, every course we teach should have a substantial focus on vocabulary. The more vocabulary one knows, the more families are known, and the more one can both derive and express meaning. Vocabulary. English exercises - grammar exercises - learn English online. English Language PDFs. Here's a list of all the PDFs on the site, for easy downloading!

English Language PDFs

(Click here to jump to the PDFs of grammar explanations) Irregular Verbs Present Simple Form (with the verb 'be'): Present Simple Form (with all verbs except 'be'): Present Continuous Form Present Simple or Present Continuous? Present Perfect Simple Form Past Simple or Present Perfect? Interactive Stories. Interactive Stories or Guided Stories is the name of an English language teaching technique developed by Mark White, a language teacher/writer.

Interactive Stories

What is an Interactive Story? The technique consists of a story, which includes both sentences and questions so that as one student reads it to the other, the listener can respond to the questions and interact with the storyteller and the story itself by making it up as they go along. What are they for? The goal of an interactive story is to teach narratives in graded language (like graded readers), but orally and interactively. Each episode of the story is written in successively more complex syntax. Learn more: Things you can do with an Interactive Story The Origin and Evolution of Interactive Stories.