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Homophone game Homophone game Submitted by admin on 23 June, 2002 - 13:00 This game is a natural follow on from the Homophone dictation and can be used to help the students practise and remember homophones. Procedure Ask 3 volunteers to sit in a chair facing the board ( about 2 to 3 meters away is fine). Note: The game is a competition and should be played in a light-hearted spirit. This game also helps to highlight some sounds which may be particularly difficult for students to hear and write, for example my learners have difficulty when I say the homophone 'heel/heal' / hi:l/ and tend to write 'hill' /hil/ or I may say 'there' and they write 'dare' Apart from the homophones mentioned in the dictation activity. Shaun Dowling, Teacher trainer, Cultura Inglesa, Brasilia Printer-friendly version

Reading Websites Free Flash Jeopardy Review Game The Instant Jeopardy Review Game has been designed and dramatically improved to make it the perfect review game for a wide variety of classroom uses. This tool is a fun and interactive way to review content in your classroom, meeting, conference, or other group setting. The new and improved version of the Jeopardy Review Game includes the following features: Simple insertion of pictures on Question and/or Answer slides Full support for symbols, such as exponents and wingdings style fonts Better support for foreign language Question and/or Answer slides Simpler visual editing process Embed anything in your question slides, even Youtube videos, flash objects, etc.

The Turing Test The Turing Test Submitted by admin on 21 June, 2011 - 00:00 Alan Turing proposed a test inspired by a party game known as the 'Imitation Game', in which a man and a woman go into separate rooms, and guests try to tell them apart by writing a series of questions and reading the typewritten answers the man and the woman send back. This activity involves students writing a series of questions for online 'robots'. PreparationMake sure the two websites listed below are working OK before you go into the lesson. Also do some research on Alan Turing if you plan to get students to use google to find information about him. Procedure Ask your students the following questions in open class: Do you think a computer will be invented that can interact with a human without the human realising that it’s a computer? By Stuart Wiffin and Helen Gibbons Printer-friendly version

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