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Text Utilities (Bourne Shell Compatible)

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Encodings (linux/unix term utils)

Bash Text Processing Scripts that I Wrote. Comparison & diff Tools - linux/unix. Sed. Text Editors. Output Formatting. DB like stuff. Printing. Linux Patterns Matching & Regular Expressions (Text Utilities) Checksums (Bourne Shell Compatible) Formatting Output (linux/unix term utils) Output display control (Shell) String Splitting. String Replacement. Reading files. Text Processing (Bash) Text (shell programming) String replacement (e.g. tr) - linux/unix. Unexpand. For example: $ echo " asdf sdf" | unexpand | od -c 0000000 \t \t a s d f s d f \n 0000014 $ echo " asdf sdf" | od -c 0000000 0000020 a s d f s d f \n 0000032 See also[edit] External links[edit] [1] The program's manpage.



File text utilities

Text Editors. File Utilities (Unix/Linux) File & Text Utilities (Linux) Basic Commands (Bourne shell compatible) Linux/unix (Bourne shell compatible) Shells (Unix & Linux)