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Youth Leadership Initiative ipl2: Information You Can Trust Bob Bowman's Freeware list for Educational Technology NOTE - CLICK HERE FOR: Freeware List B Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth™ *SAFETY NOTE: Up-to-date malware protection (see free versions) is crucial for surfing or downloading. Send e-mail to: (Comments Welcome) MAJOR UPDATE: 30 MAR 2020 URL: THANKS FOR THE VISIT ! SHOW FREEWARE INDEX ** See Downloading instructions in FREE HOW-TO GUIDES Please see “Open Source Software Alternatives to Well-known Commercial Software” in Freeware / Open Source Websites - along with other freeware sites (and tips on evaluations for educational use). NOTE: OSS = Open Source Software - designed to be FREEfor CLASSROOM USE & STUDENT COPIES (Read Licenses) = Outstanding software Click here for other Must-Have Lists PLEASE NOTE WHAT OPERATING SYSTEM(S) IS (ARE) REQUIRED FOR EACH OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE LISTED - Some may not currently run on Windows directly, but you have some options - 1.

Learning will get more hands-on, technology-based at Ypsilanti Middle School New Tech High School Director Cory McElmeel talks during an assembly of 10th-graders on the first day of class on Sept. 6 at New Tech High School in Ypsilanti. Angela J. Cesere | Ypsilanti Middle School students will have the option to participate in a more hands-on, project- and technology-based curriculum this fall. YMS will be among the first middle schools in the nation to adopt New Tech Network’s national education model, which is the model used at Ypsilanti’s New Tech High School at Ardis. Cory McElmeel, New Tech at Ardis director, said the project-based learning is quite a bit different than the traditional school model. “Students are problem solving on their own,” McElmeel said. New Tech Network, a national nonprofit organization, guides the school’s curriculum; it is interactive project-based learning with an added emphasis on technology. Angela Cesere | “We had such a good experience at the high school with the teachers and the staff,” Mull said.

Technology Tools | Tools you can use Education World offers new technology content every day. Some of our pieces related to technology tools can be found in this archive. We do update these aritcles reguarly, but given the changing nature of technology, we cannot promse that every piece will be on the cutting edge. Social Media in the Classroom? Five for Fun Lots of image generators are available on the Web. Hardware and Software Essentials We asked members of the Education World Tech Team to tell us what hardware and software they consider essential -- or invaluable -- for todays educator? Podcast for Free on a PC Dont let Mac users have all the fun. Tech Tools for Teachers Members of the Education World Tech Team talk about the technology tools they find most useful in their professional lives, and the technology they use most successfully with students. Integrating Technology and Science Discover how technology enhances the science program in the Greece Central School District, Rochester, New York. Blogging? Quick!

TED offers free video lessons for high school and college students TED, a nonprofit organization that produces a popular annual conference on ideas, is launching TED-Ed, an online collection of lessons it hopes will bring the best educators to any classroom with an Internet connection. “Right now there’s a teacher somewhere out there delivering a mind-altering lesson and the frustrating thing is, it only reaches the students in that class,” said TED-Ed project director Logan Smal­ley. “We’re trying to figure out how to capture that lesson and pair it with professional animators to make that lesson more vivid and put it in a place where teachers all over the world can share it.” TED-Ed is the latest wave in a growing trend of free online education. With offerings from the Khan Academy, founded in 2004 when Salman Khan began posting math tutorials on YouTube, and undergraduate courses from prestigious universities such as Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, free classes and lectures are proliferating on the Web.

Technology and Education | Box of Tricks 50 Awesome Chemistry Videos For The Busy Science Teacher Though we don’t often recognize it, chemistry defines nearly every element of our everyday lives. From the reactions that fuel the sun to the biology of our bodies to the technology in our gadgets, chemistry is at the heart of everything we do and is the central science that unites biology, physics, geology, astronomy, medicine, and countless other fields. Yet chemistry doesn’t always get the credit and recognition it deserves for playing such an awesome role in, well, everything. If you’ve been slighting chemistry, there’s no better time to give the field the credit it deserves than National Chemistry Week. Founded in 1987, the week-long event has helped bring awareness to the role chemistry plays both in our lives today and in our future. Amazing Reactions and Experiments From incredible explosions to chameleon-like color changes, these experiments and demonstrations showcase some of the coolest reactions in chemistry. Lectures Courses Fun Miscellaneous

Teens and High School Education – Teen Future and Opportunities – Benefits of Education For most teens, getting a high school education is key to establishing a good career and ensuring a secure future. Without a good education, a teen’s work and career opportunities are more limited. A Good Education A good education can be hard to define, but the best way to establish whether you are getting one is to determine whether the schooling you get is preparing you for the future. Future Prospects Getting an education during your high school years can make a difference in where you go with your life after you become an adult. Doing Well in School While many teens seem unconcerned by poor grades, others work hard at improving their test scores. A teen’s sleep schedule can also make a big difference in how well he or she does in school. Some other things you can do to get the most out of your high school education experience include: Social Aspects High school for teens isn’t just about schoolwork. Support for Education

7 Great YouTube Channels for Science Below are some great YouTube channels for science. If you are a science teacher and you need some useful resources where you can search for and find educational science videos, then the list below would be of great help. Some of the channels listed below have thousands of subscribers featuring some of the best science videos online. This is one of the gifted science teachers who shares highly educational videos showing students and learners how to integrate science into day to day life. As its name suggests, this is one of the most reputed YouTube Channels with more than 9 million videos on science and a growing base of thousands of subscribers. This is another distinguished science resource where students can get to know the underpinnings of science is such an interestingly funny way. This is the official YouTube channel of NASA. This channels features the periodic table of elements for all things chemistry. This one here provides videos and cool science experiments from Steve Sprangler.

Get the Math - Multimedia Algebra Challenges Get the Math is a super website designed to provide teachers and students with Algebra-based mathematics challenges. Get the Math tries to put the challenges in the context of the "real world" scenarios of fashion design, video game design, and music production. Get the Math features short videos of professionals in each of the three areas explaining and showing how mathematics is used in their professions. After watching the videos students try to complete a series of challenges based upon the work done in the professions of fashion design, video game design, and music production. For example, after watching the Math in Fashion video students have to design a shirt to match a specific price point. The video below is an introduction to using Get the Math in your classroom. Watch Get the Math: An Intro on PBS. Applications for EducationGet the Math could be a good resource for Algebra teachers to introduce some contextual challenges to their students.

Reed Hastings And John Doerr Put $11M In Adaptive Online Math Learning Platform DreamBox DreamBox Learning, an adaptive e-learning platform for students, has raised $11 million in new funding led by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (who is investing through the Charter School Growth Fund), and Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr (this is a personal investment for Doerr). GSV Capital Corp. and Deborah Quazzo also participated round. This brings DreamBox’s total funding to $18 million. Launched in 2008, DreamBox Learning offers more than 500 online math lessons, puzzles, games and curriculums for schools and home schools, targeting young students in kindergarten through fifth grade. DreamBox assesses each student’s mathematical understanding on an ongoing basis, providing the most suitable hints and encouragement at the right pace for that child, and offers the next personally appropriate activities as subsequent choices. The company also offers assessment tools for teachers to understand a student’s comprehension and proficiency.

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The MORE website offers a wide variety of resources on an extremely large variety of subjects that are wonderful resources for teachers and staff to use in lesson planning and in classroom instruction. by milburnb Mar 15