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WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
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UnRarX - Mac OS X RAR Extraction Utility Software Livre Educacional | Porque a educação é bem melhor quando é livre Nos dias 26 a 30 de setembro, no Oásis Hotel em Fortaleza, aconteceu mais uma etapa do Curso de Formação de Professores, do Magistério Indígena – SEDUC-Ce. Estiveram presentes os professores indígenas do Ceará. Estudamos, debatemos aprendemos trocamos saberes na disciplina O uso das Tecnologias da Informação e da Comunicação na Educação Indígena. Nosso encontros foram organizados em duas etapas. O TuxPaint esteve presente como facilitador da aprendizagem quando os alunos-professores descobriam suas potencialidades pedagógicas através da facilidade no uso de suas ferramentas e interface. Toinho Gavião, da etnia Gavião de Monsenhor Tabosa relatou em seus versos o que aconteceu nesse dias de interação. De Volta ao Magistério Indígena Autor: Toinho Gavião Sejam bem vindos colegas / Do curso de magistério / Para nossa formação / Da arte nasce o saber / Leitura, ler e escrever / Sou Toinho Gavião

iMindMap Mind Mapping Software Here’s why our customers love iMindMap. Get started today to unlock your full potential. “Your Mind Mapping software has transformed our business & become a part of our cultural DNA.” Wheaton Wealth Partners, USA “iMindMap’s Mind Mapping software is the most creative piece of technology I’ve ever used.” Graham Cullen, Head Teacher, Porchester School, UK “It helps me immeasurably at work, and keeps me focused managing risks for the international space station.” Trent Keeble, International Space Station, USA “iMindMap is one of the most useful organisational tools that I use on a daily basis. Neil Quiogue, PopCap Games, Ireland “iMindMap gives a professional edge to a creative and fun process. Alison Jones, Accountancy Lecturer, UK “No other Mind Map software affords the ability to quickly gather thoughts, brainstorm, develop and flesh out new ideas. Tom McDermott, UCD Michael Smurfit Business School Here’s why our customers love iMindMap. Wheaton Wealth Partners, USA

TWAIN SANE Frequently Asked Questions The TWAIN SANE Interface says “no image source found”, but my scanner is connected to my computer and is turned on There can be several reasons for this. Some scanners — especially older SCSI scanners — from the era before the introduction of plug-and-play devices can not be detected unless they were turned on at the time your computer was started. If you have such a scanner try restarting your computer with your scanner turned on. Another reason might be that the SANE backend that is used when scanning with your scanner must be configured for your hardware configuration in order to support autodetection. When trying to make things work, it helps if you are not trying to fix to many things on the same time. How do I configure the SANE backends for my scanner? The full and complete information about how to configure the SANE backend libraries depends strongly on which of the many backends that supports your scanner. First try to scan using the SANE libraries without using the Interface.

eXe The eXe project developed a freely available Open Source authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup. Resources authored in eXe can be exported in IMS Content Package, SCORM 1.2, or IMS Common Cartridge formats or as simple self-contained web pages. eXe grew out of the ​New Zealand Government Tertiary Education Commission's eCollaboration Fund and was led by the ​University of Auckland, ​The Auckland University of Technology, and Tairawhiti Polytechnic. It was later supported by ​CORE Education, a New Zealand-based not-for-profit educational research and development organisation. It has also been greatly assisted by a global group of participants and contributors. eXe was named a finalist in the New Zealand round of the ​IMS Global Learning Impact Awards 2008 and went on to claim a Leadership Award at the international judging.

Download Mindjet MindManager Mindjet offers a complete suite of software using a visual framework with information mapping for brainstorming and planning on virtual whiteboards, co-editing and storing documents, creating plans, and keeping everyone on the same page with real-time task & project management. Mindjet works where you do-on Windows and Mac desktops, in the cloud, on-premise, and on mobile devices, and integrates with your most-used enterprise apps, including Microsoft Office & Project, SharePoint, Yammer, Box and IBM Connections. Mindjet is a virtual whiteboard, collaboration & project management suite for everyone on your team. Brainstorm Mindjet’s virtual whiteboard allows your team to capture their best ideas together, no matter where they’re located. Organise With Mindjet, you can turn free-form thinking into meaningful plans with drag and drop ease. Plan Plan your projects collaboratively to get them off the ground faster.

HP ScanJet on Mac OS X (or any scanner, for that matter) | Mindful Technology Using a USB legacy scanner for Mac OS X can be accomplished with this set of TWAIN/SANE tools based on the SANE implementation for *NIXes. Since it took me a while to find what I needed to get my old HP ScanJet 5470c to work on Mac OS X (10.5), I wanted to post this link accompanied by some of the keywords for scanners that others may use (so they’ll have an easier time finding it on search engines): This site lists several binary packages which should make your scanner work for you, too … after you installed them in the following order: gettextlibusbSANE backends (installs all, even though you may only need the HP 54XX one)SANE Preference PaneTWAIN SANE Interface After installing all these, go to the SANE Preference Pane and disable all the backends you don’t need (at least that’s what I did; it works for me, but I don’t know if it’s necessary). If this does not happen for you, make sure your scanner is properly connected. Like this: Like Loading...

INFORMÁTICA E EDUCAÇÃO - por Andréa De Carli #1 Windows Command Prompt | Windows Console CMD Command Line Download Trash It! for Mac - Force-empty your trash can Force-empty your trash can. Free Trash It! Trash It! What's New Version 5.2: Compiled for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. RequirementsIntel OS X 10.7 or later BSD Subsystem (installed by default with Mac OS X) Lock-UnMatic +8 Free Shows processes blocking a file ... Please login or create a newMacUpdate Member accountto use this feature Watch Lists are available toMacUpdate Desktop MembersUpgrade Now Install with MacUpdate Desktop. You can't get rid of trash items manually. Software Livre e GNU/Linux Colaboração: Rubens Queiroz de Almeida Data de Publicação: 10 de março de 2014 Esta página contém uma relação de diversos softwares livres de interesse educacional, compilada pelo Prof. Hans Liesenberg, do Instituto de Computação da Unicamp. Certamente existem diversos outros softwares interessantes e o objetivo desta página é justamente desenvolver esta listagem apontando para outros sites semelhantes e também para outros softwares educacionais livres. Periodicamente esta página será atualizada com o resultado das colaborações e esperamos conseguir oferecer, em breve, uma fonte abrangente e completa para quem se interessa no uso na educação de software livre. Abinit Pacote de software que permite achar a energia total, a densidade de carga e a estrutura eletrônica de sistemas constituídos de elétrons e núcleos (moléculas e sólidos periódicos). Alli@ance Um conjunto completo de ferramentas CAD e bibliotecas portáveis para projeto VLSI. Blender BlueJ Celestia CinePaint Dev-C++ Dia Dia2Code Eclipse Jmol