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Cyber Safety

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Be a Good Digital Citizen: Tips for Teens and Parents. Kids are the creators.

Be a Good Digital Citizen: Tips for Teens and Parents

It’s all about participating; communicating; making music, images, and videos; and posting written content. And the content that’s there? Kids must be able to know whether it’s credible or not.Everything happens in front of a vast, invisible, and often anonymous audience. Once something is out there, it lasts for a long time. Everything leaves a digital footprint.Information cannot be controlled. With Power Comes Responsibility. We Should Be Doing More Than Teaching Digital Citizenship. Hacking: How It's Done - technology. Last updated 05:00 27/07/2013 CAMERON BURNELL/Fairfax NZ PHONE HACKER: With nothing but his smartphone, 19-year-old New Plymouth man Van Raymond says it is possible to 'hack' into another person’s phone or computer using open wi-fi internet networks like those at Puke Ariki.

Hacking: How It's Done - technology

The Rise of Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC] This series is brought to you by the new BlackBerry Torch, the touch screen BlackBerry complete with social feeds, improved internet browsing, and much more.

The Rise of Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC]

Text messaging is one of the most popular communication methods in the world. The cost of a cell phone and SMS plan compared to that of a computer and a broadband connection has made texting extremely popular in developing countries, and "unlimited messaging" plans have made it the communication medium of choice for teens everywhere (beating face-to-face conversation and e-mail in popularity). Phishing and social engineering. Password Sucker - wants you to confirm your password for online banking, or auction account.

Phishing and social engineering

The classic phishing email that breathlessly insists you must unlock your suspended account RIGHT NOW by visiting a rogue website and sending your login details through to cyber criminals looking to profit. Delete those emails and never click on the links. A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint. Teacher Guide. Digital Dossier. Digital Dossier.

Digital Citizenship:Robbie Grimes. Digital Citizenship Prezi. Making Sense - Common Sense Media Blog. Top 5 Wins for Parents. Good tips. 3 Big Rules Your Kids May Be Breaking Online. 3 Big Rules. Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'. Mind Reader.

Digital Citizenship, Literacy, Identity, Tattoo, Shadow, Footprint…….. A thorny but interesting issue which has led to lots of discussion during our PD sessions at school.

Digital Citizenship, Literacy, Identity, Tattoo, Shadow, Footprint……..

There have been some great videos recently and there are heaps of articles dealing with the umbrella term of “Digital Citizenship”. However, there are lots of discrete strands to this topic and they are often confused, melded, fused, and misrepresented. Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo. Two views of social media: digital tattoos and virtual shadows. At concerts, lighters once swayed in the air during poignant moments, the audience belting out lyrics together in a moment of catharsis.

Two views of social media: digital tattoos and virtual shadows

Today, the group sing-alongs still happen, but the air shines with a different glow: the light of cell phones. Last week, while seeing a favorite band, I couldn’t help but notice the sea of undulating phones around me. With my view partially obstructed by shoulders, I found my eyes constantly settling onto the glowing screen of the guy in front of me, who was recording each and every song. The screen allowed me to see clearly, and yet it seemed a strange mediation of a moment that is all about the present. Yes, by recording the full show, you get to watch it later. Immortality. Cyber safety seminar in Blenheim draws attention. Last updated 13:37 13/05/2013 An internet scam where men had been blackmailed after being recorded naked on Skype was one example elderly people in Blenheim heard about at a presentation on cyber safety last week.

Cyber safety seminar in Blenheim draws attention

The talk was given at an Older Person's Forum on Friday and was one of the seminars given by Netsafe operations manager Lee Chisholm in a week-long series of talks to the community on cyber safety. Netsafe, a non-profit internet safety and security organisation, received almost 1900 reports of cyber-misuse last year, Ms Chisholm said. More than 340 people reported losing a total of $1.84 million through various scams, including online auctions and cold calling computer viruses. Course: Cybersafety. Bluestone School . The internet has changed the way we live - from the way we work and play, to how we interact and share with friends and family. The internet and online technologies, like mobile phones, are incredible tools. They provide an opportunity to communicate, learn, play and be entertained by content from around the world. For many young people, the internet and mobile phones are their social lifeline.

Tawa College Cybersafety Course. Passwords: creating strong and unique passphrases. Because all the security in the world won’t help if you leave the front door open Passwords (or passphrases) protect your computer and online services such as email, online banking, social networking profiles and internet auction accounts. NetSafe: Cybersafety and Security advice for New Zealand.

Netsafe. What Will Cyber Bullying in New Zealand Look Like in 2013? As I prepare for the year ahead, my mind focuses on the hot topics that related to the internet in 2012.

What Will Cyber Bullying in New Zealand Look Like in 2013?

Cyber bullying was right up there in 2012, so I wonder what we will see regarding this topic in 2013. Cyber bulling was rife throughout the majority of schools in New Zealand last year. Some schools asked us to particularly focus on Facebook bullying in our internet safety presentations as this was where many problems lay. Some teachers told me they spent a considerable amount of time dealing with the ‘fallout’ of what kids were saying to each other on Facebook. This is not only a huge waste of time and resources, but it also prevents teachers focusing on student education. The NZ Law Commission published a Ministerial Briefing on Harmful Digital Communications which proposes new laws to combat various levels of cyber bullying. Cyber safety awareness week. Last updated 12:41 10/06/2012 UNLOCKED: Communications Minister Amy Adams will launch Cyber Security Awareness Week at Parliament tomorrow. The first clue something was wrong came in a panicked dawn telephone call from a friend in Dubai.

Ten minutes later another upset friend called from London. Look after you too. Bullying / cyber-bullying?