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» 40 000 Particles with a Perlin Flow Field using Actionscript » Ian Thomas, Interactive Designer » Blog Archive. Sounds really exciting doesn’t it but what you see below you is the result of little experiment to see how many particles my computer could handle at a decent frame-rate.

» 40 000 Particles with a Perlin Flow Field using Actionscript » Ian Thomas, Interactive Designer » Blog Archive

I got up to 75 000 before it started to chug but for the sake of demonstration the following example only has 40 000 so that the majority of people can have a decent viewing experience. Open Source Flash] Lex Talkington Design Inc. Find Levenshtein distance with AS3. From Wikipedia: The Levenshtein distance between two strings is defined as the minimum number of edits needed to transform one string into the other, with the allowable edit operations being insertion, deletion, or substitution of a single character.

Find Levenshtein distance with AS3

In real world, one of the most common uses of this distance is the suggestion Google throws when it thinks you mispelled your search. When you search for an uncommon word that is similar to a popular search, Google suggests the word it supposes you were looking for. This is probably made with Levenshtein distance. Some languages such as PHP have their native function to determine the distance between two string, but Actionscript 3 does not have any function to accomplish this task. That’s why I am showing you how to do it The Levenshtein algorithm Giving two string made by respectively n and m characters, we create a m*n matrix this way: I fill the x,y cell, with the minimum value among Apply this principle to the entire matrix and you will get.

Boostworthy is ryan taylor. WikiStart/en. TweenMax – TweenLite on Steroids. You may use the code at no charge in commercial or non-commercial apps, web sites, games, components, and other software as long as end users are not charged a fee of any kind to use your product or gain access to any part of it.

TweenMax – TweenLite on Steroids

If your client pays you a one-time fee to create the site/product, that's perfectly fine and qualifies under the "no charge" license. If end users are charged a usage/access/license fee, please sign up for a "Business Green" Club GreenSock membership which comes with a comprehensive commercial license. See for details. Use at your own risk. No warranties are offered. This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and GreenSock, Inc. I. II. B. C. III. Actionscript 3 Classes. Here is another post full of new AS3 classes, you cn use in your own projects. - Pixelator – Transition effect.

Actionscript 3 Classes

Adrian Parr's Blog » Blog Archive » AS3 Code Libraries (APIs) Andre Michelle » Blog Archive » Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework. Projects ‹ Russischer Bär Open Source Flash. Russischer Bär is a repository of professional open source ActionScript/Flash software products.

Projects ‹ Russischer Bär Open Source Flash

The AS3Commons Collections project is the most serious ActionScript collections resource in the web – providing both a sophisticated collections framework as well as a library of fast collection implementations. Go to AS3Commons Collections The AS DataProvider Controls library provides a set of standard user interface components. The components are all independently utilisable, entirely customisable in appearance and functionality and support data binding. Go to AS DataProvider Controls. Documentation ‹ AS3Commons Collections ‹ Projects ‹ Russischer Bär Open Source Flash. Welcome to the AS3Commons Collections framework – the successor of the Lite Collections Fx project.

Documentation ‹ AS3Commons Collections ‹ Projects ‹ Russischer Bär Open Source Flash

The framework currently contains 10 collections of wich 8 are available as well in a bindable (event dispatching) version. A bindable collection broadcasts change notifications after any modification of its content (add, remove, reorder, empty). The collections can be classified by their access type (list = index, set = instance, map = key), by their order (unorderd, insertion order, sort order), by their permission of multiple entries of a single instance or by their realisation.

Each collection is equipped with a feature rich iterator that enables bidirectional navigation and insertion, replacement or removal within the iteration loop. Best ease function generator as3 downloads. Easing function generator. Introduction to FlashDevelop [Tutorial] — Michael James Williams. Who cares if you can shave a few milliseconds off the time it takes you to write a line of code?

Introduction to FlashDevelop [Tutorial] — Michael James Williams

How hard is it to add an import statement yourself? What’s wrong with writing an event handler function on your own? This is missing the point. See, all of these tasks are tedious; they’re gruntwork, not programming. Automating and streamlining them frees you up to just code, without having to think about writing code. From a tutorial I wrote for Activetuts+: Beginner’s Guide to FlashDevelop. I’ve been meaning to write this tutorial for a long time. When people decide to get into Flash development, they’re often put off by Flash CS-whatever’s price tag. External Actionscript Files. Flash, Flex and ActionScript Community - Tutorials, Support, Open Source & More.

ActionScript-31.jpg (JPEG Image, 3691x2328 pixels) Actionscript. Color Programming in Flash When I first thought about trying to wrap code around color values in Actionscript, years ago, I was super intimidated.


I conjured up ideas that it was a world full of complex algorithms and crack-brained theories. That’s really about half true. AS3 Training. learn actionscript. exams, videos, how to Flash CS5.5. Interactive Designer - Nicholas Dunbar. ActionScript 3.0 Class Diagram. Learning ActionScript 3.0. Actionscript. Actionscript. Actionscript. ActionScript 3. Actionscript3. ActionScript. Actionscript 3. ActionScript. Actionscript. BeInteractive! ActionScript. Actionscript. Actionscript. Actionscript based.

Actionscript. JActionScripters.