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6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results
How much time are you spending on social media? Can you tell if it’s helping sales? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a framework for measuring the impact of your social media efforts? That’s where Susan Etlinger’s new research for the Altimeter Group comes into play. Susan did qualitative research with 60 social media marketers and vendors to understand how businesses currently measure their social media performance. Her goal: to develop a framework for tying social media performance to business goals. NOTE: Because Susan’s original research targeted enterprise-level companies, I interviewed her to add some small business insights. Start with your strategic goals Business owners who see great social media success tie their technology choices to their strategic goals. Make sure to start with your business goals when choosing your tools and measures. Etlinger advises all businesses follow this process, but particularly small businesses that have limited resources and less tolerance for missteps. Related:  Community Management

Selecting social media listening tools Investment in social media monitoring (SMM) requires careful consideration since it is a long-term and potentially costly commitment. Understanding of the key SMM concepts, benefits and possible applications is of utmost importance. In order to realize the long-term value of SMM, SMM needs to become part of the business strategy and well-integrated with the business processes. Only by having a clear understanding of how SMM supports your business, you can transition from experimental, tactical to a more strategic use of SMM. There are many social media monitoring and management tools on the market and making an educated choice about which SMM tools can best address company’s needs and justify social media investment, has become a challenging task for organizations as social media technology business has branched out into a diverse set of technologies, data types and countless vendors confusing buyers. How do social listening tools help in marketing campaigns? 1.

5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers So you want to start a blog. You've already picked out your subject matter — "Tiny Kittens in Tinier Bowls" — and you're ready to start defining the look of your online domain. Well, there are tons of blog design trends out there just clamoring for your attention — some more advanced than others — and depending on the style, content and theme of your blog, there are a lot of factors to take into account. In fact, sometimes the plethora of choices you have at your disposal can be overwhelming, especially if your only experience blogging was on LiveJournal back in 2003. Before you give up and start scrawling your musings on notebook paper to distribute as a makeshift 'zine on the street corners of your 'hood, take a look at some words of wisdom we've collected from a bevy of designers and other webby folks about what's hot right now in blogs. Take inspiration where you will, initiative where you dare, and, of course, everything with a grain of salt. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Return on Investment Have you ever been asked to show the return on investment (ROI) for your social media work? Have you had trouble giving an exact number to explain your ROI or even set quantitative goals for your social media? 25% of marketers said that their biggest marketing challenge was finding the ROI of their marketing activities. In this article, I’ll show you how to tweak some of your social media actions with your business goals in mind and make them easier to tie to your ROI. #1: Use Social Media to Promote Your Offers Social media is an important channel to promote any content you create. Tap into your social audience whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest. Social Media Examiner uses Twitter to share content and generate traffic. As you can see on Twitter, it’s important to link to all of your content with your tweets. For other social channels such as Facebook or Google+, take advantage of the visual real estate you have and include an engaging photo.

Questions for Social Media Managers If you are currently a digital marketer or a social media marketing professional, you have most likely heard someone say “well I use Facebook, I could ‘Do’ social media” or “How hard could it be, it’s just social media.” While offensive to those of us that have worked hard to become credible professional in the social media industry, these questions also have me worried for companies looking for help with their social media. Companies understand the importance of social media, but they often need assistance developing and implementing a strategy, so they look to hire a social media manager to grow their brand on social media sites. Unfortunately, when companies post a job listing for a social media manager it seems like everyone and their mother applies, making it difficult for companies to find good and trustworthy talent. How do you weed out the social media flops from the experienced social media managers that can actually help you grow your business? Connect: Authored by:

Add Google Analytics Social Tracking to WordPress Website or Blog If you’re not on the HyperArts Blog, CLICK HERE! In this article, I will show you how to add Google Analytics Social Interaction tracking to your self-hosted WordPress website or blog. Using Google Analytics new social tracking allows you to track user actions on your website’s or blog’s Facebook Plugins, Google + button, Twitter Tweet button and LinkedIn Share button. Adding the Trackable Social Plugins & Widgets to your WordPress Site You’ll need to add the code for the Google +1, LinkedIn Share button and Tweet button widgets, and for the Facebook Social Plugins. You will then need to modify files in your WordPress theme. /YOUR-WORDPRESS-DIRECTORY/wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/ The files you will need to modify are: header.php;single.php;footer.php. Note: The above are the most common names for the WordPress PHP files used to construct each page or post. NOTE: You must be comfortable working with code. Add the JavaScript code to “header.php” <h2><? So the result is: <h2><? That Should Do It!

Social Media ROI - Retour Sur Investissement des media sociaux : 15... 7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business Do you have social media plan? Are you looking for an easy to follow guide to formulate a plan for your business? Keep reading for seven tips to help your business develop a social plan… Why Businesses Fail With Social Media Businesses often fail in their social media efforts for the same reason New Year’s resolutions fail: It’s a good idea, but there’s no structure or commitment. Then, when there are no immediate results, or the goal ends up being more difficult to attain than previously thought, it goes by the wayside. Has this happened to your business’s social media presence? For the rest of us, we need something to keep us honest. These seven tips will help you design a social media plan that will keep you on track, active and moving forward. #1: Make a Commitment Before you even start creating your plan, you have to make a promise. To prevent that kind of slide, make a commitment. #2: Find Your Best Fit Search for your business on sites like Yelp. So do some searching. #7: Delegate Tasks

6 Practices That Make Your Blog Look Less Professional In the heat of managing a blog, which includes everything from writing great content, to working with advertisers, to moderating comments, to promoting the site, one can overlook certain aspects of the site – from little things like broken links, to big ones like intrusive advertising and an overly crowded design. (Image Source: Fotolia) Over time, as your site grows, you keep adding things – a banner here and there, a link section, some social media buttons, some graphics etc, which ultimately clog your site up and make it harder for your readers to figure out what’s what. Since you’re spending hours a day glaring at the site, you could probably navigate it blindfolded. But that’s an entirely different story with your readers, especially the first timers coming to your site. 1. Monetization is one of the cornerstones of any site, blog and web business, and is usually done in form of advertising banners and links. (Image Source: CNET) 2. (Image Source: Wikipedia) Tip(s): Don’t be annoying.

Le retour sur investissement fondamental en matière de marketing digital En marketing, le digital doit être synonyme d'inventivité mais aussi d'efficacité en termes de budget et de meilleure connaissance de la cible. Si l'insertion du digital dans le marketing n'est plus une question, mais une affirmation, reste encore à savoir quelles initiatives privilégier pour s'assurer d'un véritable retour sur investissement et d'une bonne visibilité. A travers son site, Adobe revient du coup sur les dix points d'accroche sur lesquels les marketeurs ont tout intérêt à se focaliser en cette fin d'année, pour mettre au point des campagnes efficaces. Des recrutements exigeants Et d'ajouter : "La période est révolue où John Wanamaker, l'un des 'pères du marketing', disait : 'Je sais que la moitié de mes opérations publicitaires est inefficace. Du social engagement pour mieux vendre Ainsi "les canaux digitaux entretiennent la relation avec la communauté sociale.

Seven Traits of Successful Community Managers Behind every successful online community is an effective community is an effective community manager, states DNN Software. To select the right community manager for your organization, make sure he or she meets the following criteria. Community managers need to be resourceful. "Like MacGyver, community managers will undoubtedly be presented with challenging conditions or pressing matters," states DNN. "Resourceful community managers find creative solutions via the tools available to them." They also need to be fair and objective in how they interact with community members. Moreover, successful community managers are proactive, solving problems before they have a chance to become issues. To find out more about the traits of effective community managers, tap or click on the infographic. Veronica Maria Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs.