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Contenti - Jewelers Tools, Beading Supplies, Metal Working Tools. Last Minute and Easy Valentine's Day Fun! Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or... Water Marble Tutorial.

Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or...

Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish, tape (optional, but it helps with the clean up) I like to begin by prepping my nails with base coat and one coat of polish. Paper crafts: make a panda gift candy box tutorial. Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial In the summer times, let your kids make a special candy box, this crafts only needs paper Christmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorialChristmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorial Snowflake flower tutorial This snowflake is easy to do with the children.

paper crafts: make a panda gift candy box tutorial

Will need: Paper, A4 or A5, scissors, glue and Christmas ornament: Paper Snowflake Tutorial Christmas ornament: Paper Snowflake Tutorial Here is a tutorial for a stunning paper snowflake that is approx. 20 inches in diameter. It's a real show stopper! The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper. May 3rd, 2012 Email 1339 users recommend. How to Sew a Fabric Bowl. January 14th, 2009 Email 566 users recommend.

How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

DIY Woven Bracelet & Necklace « greeneyed.com. I’ve been itching to make myself some jewelry inspired by Aurélie Bidermann’s “Do Brasil” line.

DIY Woven Bracelet & Necklace « greeneyed.com

Since I don’t have 300 Euros lying around, this looked like a design I could recreate on my own. I was primed to put together a DIY Tutorial for you all when I discovered that Honestly WTF had already done the honors. Plastic Cup Lamp. Now that my university is closed for winter holidays, I finally have more free time to do all the crafty things I’ve been wanting to.

Plastic Cup Lamp

One of these is a lamp made from plastic cups I’ve seen at taf, the art foundation, in the Monastiraki region in the center of Athens. When I first saw it at taf, I was amazed; I looked closely and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Cute & Easy Fabric/Ribbon Bandaids. Kids and ouchies seem to go hand in hand... or maybe that should be 'on knee & knees'?

Cute & Easy Fabric/Ribbon Bandaids

If you have children or have a child occasionally in your care, there's a really good chance that you have a small stash of boxes, with bandaids in different sizes and colors, ready to go at a moments notice! (Just ask Alaina's teacher!!) Since I'm almost positive that my children see bandaids as removable body-art stickers, it was quickly becoming an expensive new hobby for us. Baby sewing patterns on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. Memory Wrap Cuff Bracelet. Summer Jewelry Craft - Easy Tropical Charm Bracelet. For this project you will need: Supplies needed for this bracelet* - you can of course vary according to the supplies you have: - chain bracelet with large links (found at craft store)- head pins - number must be equivelent to the amount of links green and white chips beads- blue square beads- small and large blue seed beads- small antique silver fish and stars- 4 mm faceted glass green bead- 6 mm faceted glass clear beads- flat jewelry pliers- round jewelry pliers.

Summer Jewelry Craft - Easy Tropical Charm Bracelet

DIY Design Community « Keywords: firefly, summer, outdoor, Craft. My birthday is on June 17th, which, when you're a kid, is a pretty great day for a birthday.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: firefly, summer, outdoor, Craft

You never have to go to school, the activity options are endless, and your party can always include a squirt gun fight. Related Video: But, each year I also get another special, seasonal gift. DIY TetraBox Lamp by Ed Chew. EmailEmail Designer Ed Chew shared a really cool idea how to turn discarded drink packets into a beautiful overhead lamp that casts an impressive web of shadows and shapes on the surrounding space.

DIY TetraBox Lamp by Ed Chew

He starts by unfolding the packets and refolding them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections, then pieces them together forming a geodesic sphere or any other desired shape. FASTEST RECYCLED T-SHIRT TOTE BAG. Are you looking for a great, low-cost recycling project to do at home or with a group?


This is IT! This is a great way to use last season's team t-shirts or a previous year's event t-shirts! Re-purpose an unwanted t-shirt today and easily turn the shirt into a re-usable tote bag. With just two quick seams and some fast cutting---you are finished! These t-shirt totes are strong and washable! Free Crochet Pattern L10740 Cool Graphic Dishcloths. Painted fish studio » Blog Archive » make papier-mâché bowls. I’m obsessed with bowls right now. since the functional felt swap ended, i’ve knitted 3 bowls, and have more in the works. last week i posted the little bowl, made with paper and pva, and promised a tutorial if there was interest. and yay! You liked the bowl, so after the jump, how to make your own! First, i must say i love that papier-mâché is french for chewed up paper (according to wikipedia). isn’t that awesome? Second, i just wanted to note that i’m using a pva/water mix, rather than flour/water. i think the pva makes for a stronger hold, but feel free to modify the mix.

Free Green Beaded Necklace Jewelry Craft. Instructions: 1. Cut 2 equal lengths of perlon thread to the length you wish your necklace to be. You are working with double thread for extra stability because of the weight of the pendant.2. Take a 4mm round faceted bead and insert 2 ends into the hole and pull the bead to the center of the threads and gather the 4 ends together..3. Now take all 4 ends and insert them into the large pendant.

Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) My husband and I both have cell phones. And both of us have phone chargers. And that means lots of obnoxious cords. You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something. Needless to say, those phone cords seem to be everywhere…..and are generally in the way and hanging all over the floor. (Okay, and how about when you’re in a hotel or visiting family/friends. Paper-Bag Party Lights - Martha Stewart Entertaining Crafts. Fun Friday - DIY Beach Hair - asuyeta [ah-soo-yeh-tah] clothes... - StumbleUpon.

I love the messy hair/bohemian look. I also love the beach. So, here is a DIY Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray that I can not live without anymore! The hair just looks so pretty, just like after a day at the beach. Free Crochet Pattern L10644 Fiesta Dishcloths. DIY Hot Air Balloons Suspended. Fabric Origami Workshop. Realistic Duct Tape Rose. Colored Ruffled Lanterns. 30 hairstyles in 30 days challenge. Free Crochet Pattern L10644 Fiesta Dishcloths. Cabochon Accessories. How to Make Paper Lanterns - Cute Round Oriental Style. Page corner bookmark for kids in Ideas for kids' crafts. DIY {doily canvas bag} & ashleyannphotography.com.

How-To: The Cascade/Waterfall Braid - StumbleUpon. Little guiding stars. 24 - THE&DIRTY - Dirty Laundry - {the blog} Junk Mail Art Most Popular Posts. Kool-Aid Hair Dye. How to make an origami paper lantern. How To Put Your Hair Up In A Cute Bun. One Pretty Thing - DIY craft tutorials. Diaper Baby. Perfect Summer Bangle. Tiny Polaroid Magnets. Faceted Paper Lamp. Shampoo Recipe - Make Your Own Shampoo - Natural Shampoo - The Daily Green. Modular Origami.

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch. Packed - Engagement Ring. Cupcakes: 1/2 Dozen Onsie Cupcakes. Make Your Own Origami Paper Lamp. Glowing jar project – varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU) Origami Nut. Tutorial : DIY Studded Wrap Bracelet. V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet - StumbleUpon. 14 Homemade soap recipes — Bohemian Revolution. Amazing Paper Lamp Designs.

Oborocharms. Pop Up Flower Card. Modern Home, Interior &Furniture Designs &DIY Ideas - StumbleUpon. How to make gift bags from newspaper. How to Make a Fortune Cookie Craft. Mad in crafts: DIY Fire & Ice Lanterns - StumbleUpon. Glass Etching. Straight From The Curls: Paper Inspired - StumbleUpon. Stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee) Spring Scrapbook Paper Tree.

Do-it-Yourself DIY String Wedding Lanterns Yarn Chandeliers. Paper Roses. Print Hula Hoop Rug Page. Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk. Ric Rac Rosettes. Autumn Sewing Craft Project - Fabric Apples. How To Create Paper Blossoms. Tissue Flowers. String/Doily Lanterns. Felt Flower Pillow Tutorial. Crayon Hearts. Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts. Hair Colors Ideas – Hair Colors Ideas. Paper Fortune Cookie Favors by La La Laurie.

Fortune-teller Paper Lantern. Patterns for Colouring. How to make wrapped leather bracelets « Rings and Things. String Heart. Butterfly Bracelet. Page corner bookmark for kids in Ideas for kids' crafts. Things to Make and Do. T-Shirt Hand Warmers. Make a Friendship Bracelet the Easy Way. The Prettiest Family Trees (And How to Make Them Happen) Paper Critters. Wall-E Art.

Cell Phone Charging Dock (From Card Box) Recycled Craft Ideas - Crafts from Recycled Materials. Then she made...: Word Pendant Tutorial. 12 Days Handmade Christmas Tutorials Day 8. FREE EASY ORIGAMI FLOWERS « EMBROIDERY & ORIGAMI. 101 Crafty Gifts. ~Ruffles And Stuff~