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Addressing People of Title - Address and Salutation. Dignitaries – FederalPresident of a Republic Address: His/Her Excellency (First name and surname), President of the Republic of…..Salutation: Excellency: Closing: Yours sincerely, President of the United States Address: The PresidentSalutation: Dear Mr.

Addressing People of Title - Address and Salutation

/Madam President:Closing: Respectfully, Spouse of the President of the United StatesAddress: Mrs. Google autocomplete interactive map of state stereotypes: the fat, boring, and racist states of America. Courtesy of Renee DiResta / NoUpside Note: The interactive map below may not be working in some browsers, including Internet Explorer 8.

Google autocomplete interactive map of state stereotypes: the fat, boring, and racist states of America

Apologies for any inconvenience while we track down the bug. Indiana: boring. Maine: boring. Linguists reveal the 100 words that have shaped the English language. 1 Roe The first word (5th c) 2 Lea Naming places (8th c) 3 And An early abbreviation (8th c) 4 Loaf An unexpected origin (9th c) 5 Out Changing grammar (9th c) 6 Street A Latin loan (9th c)

Linguists reveal the 100 words that have shaped the English language

Spanish Vocabulary - Vocabulary. Siletz Language, With Few Voices, Finds Modern Way to Survive. But the forces that are helping to flatten the landscape are also creating new ways to save its hidden, cloistered corners, as in the unlikely survival of Siletz Dee-ni.

Siletz Language, With Few Voices, Finds Modern Way to Survive

An American Indian language with only about five speakers left — once dominant in this part of the West, then relegated to near extinction — has, since earlier this year, been shouting back to the world: Hey, we’re talking. (In Siletz that would be naa-ch’aa-ghit-’a.) “We don’t know where it’s going to go,” said Bud Lane, a tribe member who has been working on the online Siletz Dee-ni Talking Dictionary for nearly seven years, and recorded almost all of its 10,000-odd audio entries himself.

Swacked. News: The Blog. A Future of Fewer Words?

News: The Blog

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Language By Lawrence Baines Published in 2012 in THE FUTURIST 46(2), 42–47. Summary: Natural selection is as much a phenomenon in human language as it is in natural ecosystems. An ongoing “survival of the fittest” may lead to continuing expansion of image-based communications and the extinction of more than half the world’s languages by this century’s end. Just after I moved to Oklahoma three years ago, I was invited to a meeting of the state’s Department of Education to discuss Native American languages. Name Exchange - English to Japanese, Japanese name translation. Jake-leg. Q From Ray Franklin: Jake-leg is a very interesting word, a pejorative used by my Mississippi-born father to describe sloppy or inadequate work, and the person performing it.


A That was a question, right? If so, I’ll answer it. Jake-leg is indeed an interesting American term. Www.skepticalscience.com/docs/Debunking_Handbook.pdf. Learn Chinese. The Most Comma Mistakes. Draft is a series about the art and craft of writing.

The Most Comma Mistakes

As I noted in my earlier article, rules and conventions about when to use and not to use commas are legion. But certain errors keep popping up. Here are a few of them. Identification Crisis If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Japanese Kanji Dictionary. Cool Japan Gifts / Traditional Arts & Crafts - Online Shop Saiga > Japanese Learning > Kanji Dictionary This is a free online dictionary to learn the Kanji of Japanese used in daily life.

Japanese Kanji Dictionary

You can look up the details and pronunciations of the Kanji. Each Kanji is presented by a grade, a stroke count, an enlarging image with Kyokasho (Kyoukasho) font, stroke order, radical, English meaning, On-yomi (phonetic reading), Kun-yomi (native Japanese reading), the example of each reading, and Irregular reading. Moreover by the audio files, you can listen to the pronunciation of reading, example, and Irregular reading. Learn kanji with vocabulary. Philosophical Quotes, Thought-Provoking Sayings. Related Quotes Hmmm Philosophy Truth Wise Words We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation.

Philosophical Quotes, Thought-Provoking Sayings

~François VI de la Rochefoucault A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure. ~Lee Segall Begin at the beginning... and go on till you come to the end: then stop. The Origin of Words and Names. The English language has developed from an Anglo-Saxon base of common words: household words, parts of the body, common animals, natural elements, most pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and auxiliary verbs.

The Origin of Words and Names

Other modern words in English have developed from five sources. These are discussed below. Words Created From Nothing. Visuwords& online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature. List of idioms in the English language. This is a list of notable idioms in the English language. An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words' denotations would suggest. For example, an English speaker would understand the phrase "kick the bucket" to mean "to die" – as well as to actually kick a bucket. Furthermore, they would understand when each meaning is being used in context. An idiom is not to be confused with other figures of speech such as a metaphor, which invokes an image by use of implicit comparisons (e.g., "the man of steel" ); a simile, which invokes an image by use of explicit comparisons (e.g., "faster than a speeding bullet"); and hyperbole, which exaggerates an image beyond truthfulness (e.g., like "missed by a mile" ).

To Predict Dating Success, The Secret's In The Pronouns : Shots - Health Blog. Hide captionPeople who are interested in and paying close attention to each other begin to speak more alike, a psychologist says. iStockphoto.com People who are interested in and paying close attention to each other begin to speak more alike, a psychologist says. On a recent Friday night, 30 men and 30 women gathered at a hotel restaurant in Washington, D.C. Their goal was love, or maybe sex, or maybe some combination of the two. They were there for speed dating. 100 Most Beautiful Words In The English Language. May 15, 2011 | 7 Comments » | Topics: List, Writing Ailurophile A cat-lover. Assemblage A gathering. Becoming Attractive. Beleaguer To exhaust with attacks. Brood To think alone. 11 Amazing Translation FAILS (PHOTOS) Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes. Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes You want to write your name in Elvish, but every place you go seems to make it harder than it ought to be.

Elvish writing looks beautiful and mysterious, but does it really have to be impossible to understand? Why doesn't somebody just spell out the alphabet so you can simply substitute the letters and get straight to the result? That's exactly what I've done here. Learn to write your name in Elvish in ten minutes. May/June 2010 & Features & Cognitive Scientist Lera Boroditsky - StumbleUpon.

Can language shape how we think? A Stanford researcher says yes, and her work speaks volumes about what makes people tick. By Joan O'C. Hamilton Lera Boroditsky's journey to answer one of psychology's most intriguing and fractious questions has been a curious one. Languages - Chinese - A Guide to Chinese - 10 facts about the Chinese language. 01.31.2006 - Language affects half of what we see.

Expand your vocabulary! Language: What foreign words are difficult to translate into English? Tension - StumbleUpon. Etymology of Neuroscience Terms - StumbleUpon. 25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice - StumbleUpon. Watch Your Language! (In China, They Really Do) Ali g gets a grammar lesson from Andy Runey. Ali g interviews noam chomsky. Modern Era Brings Death To Words. How to Write an Email That Will Actually Get a Response.

Engrish.com. 38 Vulgar Terms From the 19th-Century Urban Dictionary. The Linguists. Japanese Ranting Slang. 1920's Slang - Camarilla Wiki. 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes. Nerd Paradise : How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in Under a Day. Www.fas.harvard.edu/~wricntr/documents/Thesis.html. FREE Online Rhyming Dictionary. Etymology of Neuroscience Terms. Mother Night (1996) - Memorable quotes. 20 awesomely untranslatable words from around the world.