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Jack Dorsey Resigns In Embarrassment After Realizing He Helped Elect Joe Biden. Fauci Dons Funny Hat, Declares Himself To Be Pope Of Science. WASHINGTON, D.C.

Fauci Dons Funny Hat, Declares Himself To Be Pope Of Science

—In a stunning reveal, Dr. Fauci has appeared on camera in an ornate and funny hat, and is now declaring himself the "Pope of Science. " "Look at my shiny hat! Woooo-ooo! I have been chosen by science to speak on behalf of science! " Fauci's eyes then rolled back in his head as he began uttering in a dead ancient Sumerian language. Jack Roland Murphy. American convicted of murder Jack Roland Murphy (May 26, 1937[1] – September 12, 2020), known as "Murph the Surf" or "Murf the Surf", was convicted of murder in 1969.

Jack Roland Murphy

He was also involved in the biggest jewel heist in American history, the 1964 burglary of the jewel collection of New York's American Museum of Natural History. Murphy is also known for being a surfing champion, musician, author, and artist. He was released from prison in 1986. What Happened to Matt Taibbi? Illustration: Philip Burke Obviously, I’m anxious about why I’m being profiled,” Matt Taibbi said at the end of our phone call this summer, which had already lasted an hour and a half.

What Happened to Matt Taibbi?

He was on vacation with his family. The day before, they went on a whale watch. Adele, What's Good?? Peppa Pig Speaks Out After Crooner's Cold Shoulder. How tall is Adele?

Adele, What's Good?? Peppa Pig Speaks Out After Crooner's Cold Shoulder

Google tells me 5'9". That’s tall for a human woman, of course, but in cartoon pig girl terms it’s very short! Which is why it makes no sense for Adele to be so dismissive of Peppa Pig, her fellow British chanteuse, who, as everyone knows, clocks in at an imperious 7'1". Like... Hollywood’s Master Builder.

Revisions of the modern architectural canon have been going on for almost as long as modern architecture itself.

Hollywood’s Master Builder

But our perceptions of what constitutes excellence in the building art and who should get credit for it have shifted considerably of late. Beginning in the 1970s there was a move away from the standard definition of Modernism as an unadorned machine aesthetic and toward a broader purview that included many of the lesser-known Modernist variants that flourished simultaneously with its most familiar manifestation—the reductive International Style. Patrick McGoohan. Irish-British-American actor Early life[edit] Patrick Joseph McGoohan was born in the Astoria neighborhood of New York City's Queens borough on March 19, 1928, the son of Irish Catholic immigrant parents Rose (née Fitzpatrick) and Thomas McGoohan.[1] Shortly after he was born, the family moved back to Ireland, where they lived in the Mullaghmore area of Carrigallen.[2][3] Seven years later, they moved to England and settled in Sheffield.

Patrick McGoohan

McGoohan attended St Marie's School, then St Vincent's School,[4] and De la Salle College in Sheffield. Jimi Hendrix's Home Audio System & Record Collection Gets Recreated in His London Flat. A visit to William Faulkner’s house once convinced me I’d seen his ghost.

Jimi Hendrix's Home Audio System & Record Collection Gets Recreated in His London Flat

Millions of people commune with Elvis’s spirit at Graceland each year. Some lucky person will end up with Toni Morrison’s personal library, and maybe also her Tribeca condo. No matter how well we think we know a favorite artist, there’s nothing like connecting with the spaces and things they left behind. Since 2016, Jimi Hendrix devotees have been able to make a pilgrimage to the London apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, between 1968 and 1969. The flat on 23 Brook Street has been set up the way it was when Hendrix lived there, thanks to Handel & Hendrix in London, who also maintain the house of George Frideric Handel just next door. Meyer Corwin H. Greg Noll, Big Wave Legend and Surfing Icon, Has Passed Away. Greg Noll was an icon in every way.

Greg Noll, Big Wave Legend and Surfing Icon, Has Passed Away

Photo: Screenshot According to a Facebook post from his son Jed Noll, surfing icon Greg Noll has passed away today at 84. “It is with a heavy heart the Noll family announces the death of our patriarch, Greg Noll,” reads the post. “Greg died of natural causes on Monday June 28th, at the age of 84. We invite all of our friends and family to celebrate his life by sharing this post and your stories, pictures and experiences through your preferred platform.

Noll was a legend, to say the least. “They broke the taboo,” said Randy Rarick in the Stacy Peralta film, Riding Giants. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. British poet and Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland (1809–1892) Arms of Tennyson: Gules, a bend nebuly or thereon a chaplet vert between three leopards' faces jessant-de-lys of the second[2] A number of phrases from Tennyson's work have become commonplace in the English language, including "Nature, red in tooth and claw" ("In Memoriam A.H.H.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

"), "'Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all", "Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die", "My strength is as the strength of ten, / Because my heart is pure", "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield", "Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers", and "The old order changeth, yielding place to new".

He is the ninth most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.[4] Early life[edit] Doug Stanhope. American stand-up comedian, actor, and author Doug Stanhope (born March 25, 1967)[1] is an American stand-up comedian, author, political activist, and podcast host.

Doug Stanhope

Early life[edit] Stanhope was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, to a middle class family.[2][3] His father Russ was head of science at Stanhope's school, and died in 2000. His mother Bonnie (née Kirk) was a waitress. Muhammad Ali Explains Why He Refused to Fight in Vietnam: "My Conscience Won’t Let Me Go Shoot My Brother... for Big Powerful America" (1970) In April of 1967, Muhammad Ali arrived at the U.S.

Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station in Houston, Texas. “Standing beside twenty-five other nerve-racked young men called to the draft,” writes David Remnick at The New Yorker, Ali “refused to respond to the call of ‘Cassius Clay!’” Offered the choice of going to Vietnam or to jail, he chose the latter “and was sentenced to five years in prison and released on bail.” Someone Asks Men In This Online Group To Share Women They Consider Heroes, 30 Guys Deliver. The world is full of inspiring women. Whether it’s on a personal, or on a more global scale, everyone surely has at least one female figure they would consider a hero.

This is what the people of Reddit have been doing after user u/xanthopants asked men who are their female heroes. Drugged, sexually abused, swindled… Maria Callas’s tormented life revealed. She Was the World’s First Female Architect, but No One Really Gave a Damn. Hunting the men who kill women: Mexico’s femicide detective. On the night of 30 October 2019, as many Mexicans were preparing to celebrate the Day of the Dead, the family of Jessica Jaramillo stood in the pouring rain watching two dozen police search a house on the outskirts of Toluca, the capital of Mexico State. At about 9pm, the authorities carried out a dead dog, followed by two live ones and a cat. Then they pulled out a woman’s body. Jessi, a 23-year-old psychology student at a local university, had gone missing a week earlier. On 24 October, she hadn’t appeared at the spot where her parents usually picked her up after class. She Raced the Boys and Took Their Trophies.

Did David Letterman Go Too Far In This Interview With Lindsay Lohan From 2013? Diane Morgan. British actress, comedian, and writer Diane Morgan (born 1975)[2] is an English actress, comedian, and writer, known primarily for her comedy persona of Philomena Cunk – on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, appearing as presenter of the mockumentaries Cunk on Christmas, Cunk on Shakespeare, Cunk on Britain and Cunk and Other Humans. She also works regularly with fellow comedian Joe Wilkinson as part of the sketch group Two Episodes of Mash.[3] Career[edit] Early career[edit] Morgan practised as a dental nurse for a couple of years before attending drama school.

Two Episodes of Mash[edit] Morgan and Joe Wilkinson later formed the sketch duo Two Episodes of Mash. In Praise of Steve McQueen's Post-Hollywood Hermit Style. It is an undisputed fact that Steve McQueen is a style icon. Judge Juan Guzmán Tapia: A Tribute. Marianne Faithfull: 'I was in a dark place. Presumably it was death' Marianne Faithfull is on the phone from her home in Putney, south-west London. Ludwig van Beethoven.

18th- and 19th-century German classical and romantic composer Ludwig van Beethoven (; German: [ˈluːtvɪç fan ˈbeːtˌhoːfn̩] ( Life and career Family and early life. Modern American Poetry. Sophia vs Jayne: The OTHER Photos Behind That Sideways Glare. Inside Sophia Loren's Roman Villa, 1964. Mariee Sioux. On Not Knowing: Innocence, Dearie. By Emily Ogden Blossom Dearie: incredibly, it was her legal name. The pianist and jazz singer was born Margrethe Blossom Dearie in 1924; all she had to do to get her stage name was to drop the Margrethe. The name perhaps overdetermines the voice. But you’ve got to hear the voice. Bizarre Magazine UK. Most living legends are studio and media manufactured, some are just born that way. Entering stage right from day one...

Mary Woronov. Ellen And Michelle Obama Go To Costco. The Legendary Black Surfer Who Challenged Stereotypes. Gentleman of Style: Steve McQueen. 10 Slap-Happy Facts About The Three Stooges. On July 6, 1994, Forrest Gump arrived in theaters and became a box office behemoth (almost $1 billion worldwide in today’s dollars). The Oscar-winning film starring Tom Hanks as a lovable lummox entered the name “Forrest Gump” into the zeitgeist, and generated the simile catchphrase, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Here are a few things you might not have known about the Robert Zemeckis classic.

Novelist Winston Groom published Forrest Gump the book in 1986. When it came out it sold a modest 30,000 copies in hardback, but by 1995—after the success of the film adaptation—it had sold 1.6 million copies in paperback. Vivien Leigh and Her Perfumes ~ Columns. The Sex-Obsessed Poet Who Invented Fascism. Leonard Cohen: Just the Facts. 100 Years Of Billy Strayhorn, Emotional Architect Of Song. BILLY STRAYHORN. Billy Strayhorn In Five Songs : A Blog Supreme.