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Yoshitomo Nara. Yoshitomo Nara (奈良 美智, Nara Yoshitomo, born 5 December 1959 in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese artist.

Yoshitomo Nara

He lives and works in Tokyo, though his artwork has been exhibited worldwide. Nara has had nearly 40 solo exhibitions since 1984.[2] His art work has been housed at the MoMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). His most well-known and repeated subject is a young girl with piercing eyes.[3] Background and education[edit] Nara received his B.F.A. (1985) and an M.F.A. (1987) from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Artwork[edit] "Nara first came to the fore of the art world during Japan's Pop art movement in the 1990s.

Nara, however, does not see his weapon-wielding subjects as aggressors. Influences[edit] The punk rock music of Nara's youth has also influenced the artist's work.[13] Recalling a similar violent youth, Nara's art embraces the punk ethos. Recent work[edit] Selected exhibitions[edit] Selected publications[edit] Catherine Burns: Inside the 50-Year Disappearance of an Oscar Nominee.

For years, screenwriter Larry Karaszewski has been obsessed with the 1969 indie film Last Summer, a dark teen drama about youthful passions, angst and cruelty.

Catherine Burns: Inside the 50-Year Disappearance of an Oscar Nominee

Karaszewski, a Golden Globe winner whose credits include The People vs. Larry Flynt, Ed Wood and Dolemite Is My Name, has long wanted to share the film with others. Newly discovered documents reveal disturbing details about the death and burial of Charles Dickens. Ho-Ho-NO: ‘Quiet Beatle’ George Harrison invites the Hells Angels over for Christmas, 1968. Ho-Ho-NO: ‘Quiet Beatle’ George Harrison invites the Hells Angels over for Christmas, 1968 George Harrison posing on a Triumph motorcycle in 1972.

Ho-Ho-NO: ‘Quiet Beatle’ George Harrison invites the Hells Angels over for Christmas, 1968

Beatle George Harrison was a profoundly fascinating cat and a mass of contradictions. Despite being known as the “quiet Beatle,” Harrison could prove to be anything but. A deeply spiritual man, Harrison believed he had led a previous life. He brought his Beatle bandmates to Northern India to become better acquainted with transcendental meditation in 1968. See Why Ginger Baker (RIP) Was One of the Greatest Drummers in Rock & World Music. When talk of classic rock drummers turns to Keith Moon and John Bonham, I smile and nod.

See Why Ginger Baker (RIP) Was One of the Greatest Drummers in Rock & World Music

What’s the point in arguing? They were both, in their distinctive ways, incredible—and in their early deaths, immortal legends. Who knows what their careers would have looked like had either lived past 32? Dickey Chapelle. Georgette Louise Meyer (March 14, 1918 – November 4, 1965) known as Dickey Chapelle[1] was an American photojournalist known for her work as a war correspondent from World War II through the Vietnam War.[2] Early life[edit] A story on a Cuban air show disaster that Chapelle submitted to the New York Times got her noticed by an editor at Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA), which prompted her to move to New York City.

Dickey Chapelle

Working at the TWA publicity bureau, she began to take weekly photography classes with Tony Chapelle, who became her husband in October 1940. She eventually quit her job at TWA to compile a portfolio, which she sold to Look magazine in 1941.[4] Later, after fifteen years of marriage, she divorced Tony, and changed her first name to Dickey. Breakthrough[edit]

Paddy Mayne. British rugby union player, lawyer and boxer During the course of the Second World War he became one of the British Army's most highly decorated soldiers and by destroying 47 aircraft in a single action he may well have destroyed more German aircraft than the RAF's highest scoring ace [1].

Paddy Mayne

He was controversially denied a Victoria Cross. Early life and sporting achievements[edit] Boris Malenko - OWW. Title History.

Boris Malenko - OWW

This Woman Started Drumming In 1920 And She Still Has What It Takes At The Age Of 106. Travels with Joni Mitchell. In my mid-teens, I realized that Joni Mitchell was unique, and that she presented—musically and poetically—an alternative to Dylan’s extravagance and his mock-preacher’s hectoring style.

Travels with Joni Mitchell

I adored her. But by the early ’80s I’d recast myself as an Indian classical musician. I lost touch with her world, and shut out what I had no language to describe: the extinction of that world’s eccentricity—its life—by the free market. I began to listen to Western popular music again at the end of the ’90s. Travels with Joni Mitchell. No One Wrote About Hollywood Like Eve Babitz. Ha Jin’s Self-Revealing Study of the Chinese Poet Li Bai. In 724 A.D., the twenty-three-year-old poet Li Bai got on a boat and set out from his home region of Shu, today’s Sichuan province, in search of Daoist learnings and a political career.

Ha Jin’s Self-Revealing Study of the Chinese Poet Li Bai

He wasn’t headed anywhere in particular. Instead, he began a life of roaming—hiking up mountains to Daoist sites, meeting men of letters all over the country, and leaving behind hundreds of poems about his travels, his solitude, his friends, the moon, and the pleasures of drinking wine. In the centuries since, Li’s verse, by turns playful and profound, has made him China’s most beloved poet. In “The Banished Immortal,” a biography of Li, the novelist Ha Jin narrates the poet’s unusual life with erudition and empathy. Jin, a National Book Award-winning writer, is most known for his fiction, which is largely set in China during the Cultural Revolution and in Chinese immigrant communities in the U.S.

Eve Babitz’s Visions of Total Freedom. In Hollywood’s Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A., Lili Anolik approaches her project—distilling the life of writer and Los Angeles socialite Eve Babitz—with a naked admiration that at times verges on adulation.

Eve Babitz’s Visions of Total Freedom

Monica Bellucci Fan. Atlasobscura. In the garden of a rather unassuming church in the Kentish town of Gravesend stands a monument to one of the most famous Native American women in history, Pocahontas, who through her tenderness and diplomacy averted an imminent war between British settlers and her tribe, the Powhatans. David Maurer, the Dean of Criminal Language. Ten years after its publication in 1940, the literary critic Edmund Wilson sent his then-friend and future enemy Vladimir Nabokov a copy of The Big Con by David W. Maurer. It was just one of a batch of books Wilson thought Nabokov would find interesting, but Maurer’s chronicle of professional con men, their best-known swindles, and their specific argot, stood out.

Wilson, in his March 1950 letter to Nabokov, called The Big Con “a very curious book by an authority on the underworld … It throws a good deal of light on certain aspects of American life.” Wilson was certain that Nabokov would take to the “incredibly funny stories … especially about pickpockets and such people who unsuccessfully aspired to be confidence men.” If Nabokov did take to The Big Con, he never said so in writing. Nabokov would hardly have been alone in gleaning literary influence from The Big Con. Seamus Perry reviews ‘Selected Poems and Prose’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited by Jack Donovan and Cian Duffy · LRB 3 January 2019. Quite a few of Shelley’s contemporaries came to the view that he wasn’t all there – the inhabitants of Marlow, for example, who were treated to the recurrent spectacle of a disgraceful young radical poet returning distractedly to his cottage after long scrambles in the woods. ‘He was the most interesting figure I ever saw,’ a child witness recalled later in life, still much struck.

‘His steps were often hurried, and sometimes he was rather fantastically arrayed … on his head would be a wreath of what in Marlow we call “old man’s beard” and wild flowers intermixed; at these times he seemed quite absorbed, and he dashed along regardless of all he met or passed.’ Omarosa Calls Out Bill Maher for Dropping the N-Word. Kathleen Turner: Donald Trump has a 'gross' handshake. The veteran actor Kathleen Turner has revealed details about Donald Trump’s “gross” handshake technique in an interview in which she also criticised the sexism in Hollywood that made her a “sexual target” at the beginning of her career.

Speaking to New York magazine, Turner described how Trump greeted her. “He goes to shake your hand and, with his index finger, kind of rubs the inside of your wrist,” she said. “He’s trying to do some kind of seductive intimacy move. You pull your hand away and go yuck.” She also disclosed how she became the subject of prurient interest from some of Hollywood’s best-known actors in the early 80s, after her career-making performance in the 1981 erotic neo-noir Body Heat. Diane Morgan. British actress, comedian, and writer Diane Morgan (born 1975)[2] is an English actress, comedian, and writer, known primarily for her comedy persona of Philomena Cunk – on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, appearing as presenter of the mockumentaries Cunk on Christmas, Cunk on Shakespeare, Cunk on Britain and Cunk and Other Humans. She also works regularly with fellow comedian Joe Wilkinson as part of the sketch group Two Episodes of Mash.[3] Career[edit] Early career[edit]

Hedy Lamarr: The Woman of a Hundred Talents. The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Keanu Reeves Doing Things (26 Pics) We all know that Keanu Reeves is pretty much the coolest actor in Hollywood. Seemingly less affected by fame than many of his peers, Keanu comes off as a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy, somebody who you could imagine going to shoot some pool and have a beer with. Show Full Text. She Was Stabbed in the Throat and Almost Died. Weeks Later, She Was Asking Tough Questions Again. 24 Things You Should Know about Pocahontas. 1. Entertainment.theonion. Charles Proteus Steinmetz, the Wizard of Schenectady. Could This Quantum Physicist Revolutionize Power Grids? Wayne Cochran, Influential Soul Singer, Dead at 78.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Drunk. The artist who vanished. During the early 1970s, still based in Los Angeles, Ader exhibited his films and photographs at exhibitions in America and Europe. Erich von Stroheim, the child of his own loins. Even though Erich von Stroheim passed away 60 years ago, it is clear that his persona is still very much alive. Outsideonline. Kristen Wiig Talks New Movies Downsizing and Where'd You Go Bernadette. If there’s someone funnier than Kristen Wiig, I want to meet that person. Harry dean stanton (1926 - 2017) Stephen Hawking Reportedly Working On Juicy Tell-All Formula. CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM—Suggesting that the revelatory new work would “completely shake things up” and “get everyone talking,” Cambridge University sources close to Stephen Hawking reported Thursday that the world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist was working on a new juicy tell-all formula. Why Helen Mirren Wishes She'd Said "Fuck Off" More As a Young Woman.

Cindy Sherman's Instagram Proves She Might Be Just Like Us, After All. Carol Burnett to Star in Unscripted Netflix Comedy Series - Rolling Stone. Jeanne Moreau: the intelligent, complex star who lit up the French New Wave. Obituary: Stanislaw Lem. Eric Clapton Wows Audience With Even Slower Version Of ‘Layla’ Icons and Oddities from the Massive Frank Lloyd Wright Archive. Philosopher of the month: Swami Vivekānanda [timeline]

Found: Paul Newman's Paul Newman Daytona, Seriously. 7 Things to Know about Mid-Century Design Pioneer Florence Knoll. Why Sally Yates Stood Up to Trump. Hendrik Thoma, Master Sommelier. Woman A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts. Gen. Alexander Released From NSA, Forced To Register As Spy Offender. Raging Against Hacks With Matt Taibbi. DATSUSARA — Alan Watts, featured Datsusara hero. What Really Happened to Michael Rockefeller. During WWII, Lyudmila Pavlichenko Sniped a Confirmed 309 Axis Soldiers, Including 36 German Snipers. Marine Commandant Hosts Book Burning At 8th & I. zKRnT.png (1313×410) The first congressman to battle the NSA is dead. No-one noticed, no-one cares.

Fact-Checking The State Of The Union Address. The day I tried (and failed) to arrest Tony Blair for war crimes: Barman attempts to detain former PM at trendy Shoreditch restaurant - UK Politics - UK. For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II. Howard Hughes punched Ava Gardner in the face so she smashed an onyx ashtray over his head. Ava Gardner : “Yes I am very beautiful, but morally, I stink” Mitch Mitchell. Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized. Greenpeace Activists, Pussy Riot Likely To Be Freed By Russian Amnesty Bill. Texas judge, forced to resign after texting prosecutors during trial, now running for district attorney. Hack List No. 8: Peggy Noonan. Hack List No. 9: Thomas Friedman. Hack List No. 10: Malcolm Gladwell. 'MIA in the War on Drugs': An Interview With One-Time Fugitive From the Law Todd Barnes.

Boris Malenko. Germaine Cellier (1909-1976): Innovator and Iconoclast. Archaeologists Discover Site Where Desperate Jesus Christ Turned Tricks. “The Punk Singer”: Kathleen Hanna’s riotous life. ALDOUS HUXLEY takes LSD on deathbed. Pick of the week: Noam Chomsky and Michel Gondry, together at last. The Manson Family Tree Pictures - Charles Manson. Charles Manson: The Incredible Story of the Most Dangerous Man Alive. Charles Manson Today: The Final Confessions of America's Most Notorious Psychopath. Quitting the N.F.L. - For John Moffitt, the Money Wasn’t Worth It. A tribute to Prince Charles, champion of anti-science, on his 65th birthday. A Japanese Soldier Who Continued Fighting WWII 29 Years After the Japanese Surrendered, Because He Didn’t Know.

Who Is Chris Christie? Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor, Admits Having Smoked Crack Cocaine. Ali G. Medal of Honor winner: jobless and struggling with horrors of war (+video) 10 People Who Claim to be Monsters or Aliens - (nikki kreuzer, nicole kreuzer...) Amelia Earhart A Castaway? Island Photos May Confirm Aviator's Resting Place (PHOTOS) Stanley Kubrick, cinephile. Bashar Al-Assad To Receive Nobel Peace Prize. Leo McKern. Patrick McGoohan. Clown Spooking Northern Irish City Turns Himself In To Police.

Defense Secretary Hagel Blows Remaining FY13 Budget On Hard Rock Cafe ‘Rager’ Pussy Riot Member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Transferred To Prison Hospital On 5th Day Of Hunger Strike. Errol Morris on How Donald Rumsfeld Sees His Own Legacy. Sam Rockwell: “My whole career has been an afterlife” Joanna Newsom. Jerome Kern. Samantha Lynn Goudie, Drunk Girl, Blows .341 In Jail, Tweets 'YOLO' (UPDATED)