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Dissolving the dead - alkaline hydrolysis a new alternative to burial and cremation. Derek Jeter Fulfills Lifelong Dream Of Starting Business Venture With Jeb Bush. Atlasobscura. Everything You Need to Know About Ejecting From a Fighter Jet. But your work is not done just because you yanked those levers and left the jet.

Everything You Need to Know About Ejecting From a Fighter Jet

The system is designed to be mostly automated, but there is no guarantee that everything will function like it's supposed to. A small metal key attaches to the main belt of your harness, and when you eject, it pulls and activates a small red knob on the left side of your harness, called the "red apple" by airmen. This activates your parachute, which will deploy automatically as long as you are 14,000 feet or lower. (Any higher and you could freeze, or go hypoxic from lack of oxygen, or both. Not to mention that canopy openings at high altitude are much more violent due to the thinner air, increasing the risk of injury upon chute deployment.) U.S. Postal Service Appoints First Leather-Clad Postmistress General. The "True" Human Diet - Scientific American Blog Network. People have been debating the natural human diet for thousands of years, often framed as a question of the morality of eating other animals.

The "True" Human Diet - Scientific American Blog Network

The lion has no choice, but we do. Take the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, for example: “Oh, how wrong it is for flesh to be made from flesh!” This Queer Chef Boldly Refused To Be Featured By Ivanka Trump's Brand. Crime and punishment in Japan during the Edo Period included tattooing the faces & arms of criminals. Crime and punishment in Japan during the Edo Period included tattooing the faces & arms of criminals An example of the various face tattoos given to criminals in Japan during the Edo Period.

Crime and punishment in Japan during the Edo Period included tattooing the faces & arms of criminals

The art of tattooing has a very long history in Japan and artifacts that date back as far as 5,000 BC such as figurines made of clay with etchings on their faces or that have been painted with designs in the spirit of body art have been discovered. Tattoos have many different symbolic meanings in Japanese culture and can denote where an individual ranked in society or serve as a permanent means of defense against evil forces or perhaps members of the animal kingdom. With the arrival of the seventh-century, the idea of tattooing one’s body in order to make it more beautiful began to lose its appeal due to the strong influence of Chinese customs in Japan—specifically when it came to identifying and tracking criminal activity.

The Real Face Of Jesus - What Did Jesus Look Like? From the first time Christian children settle into Sunday school classrooms, an image of Jesus Christ is etched into their minds.

The Real Face Of Jesus - What Did Jesus Look Like?

In North America he is most often depicted as being taller than his disciples, lean, with long, flowing, light brown hair, fair skin and light-colored eyes. Familiar though this image may be, it is inherently flawed. A person with these features and physical bearing would have looked very different from everyone else in the region where Jesus lived and ministered.

Surely the authors of the Bible would have mentioned so stark a contrast. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Why young men queue up to die in the French Foreign Legion. What comes to mind when you think of the French Foreign Legion?

Why young men queue up to die in the French Foreign Legion

Most likely men struggling through the desert in heavy blue coats and white peaked caps. Men who joined up after a lifetime of crime, fighting valiantly, then leaving the Legion to become tough, faceless mercenaries trading on their background, or else dying in the mud of Dien Bien Phu as the last choppers leave for La Belle France. The reality is different. Capital - How to spot a lying job candidate. After some of David Shulman’s friends lost almost everything to financial swindler Bernard Madoff nearly a decade ago, it made him wonder how well we know the people around us, especially at work.

Capital - How to spot a lying job candidate

Could the financial analyst in the next cubicle turn out to be the next criminal mastermind? Is your work lunch buddy a natural-born deceiver? How well does any company know its employees? To answer his own questions, Shulman, who has an economics degree and 30 years of experience as an executive with Wall Street capital firms, set out to design a test to find out. Atlasobscura. From flaming Viking funeral boats to the efficient infernos of modern crematoriums, humans have a long history of using fire to dispose of our dead.


But traditional cremation practices can produce a number of toxic emissions, including high levels of mercury. Girl Brags About Her “Millions” On Twitter, But The Internet Brutally Shuts Her Down. Danielle Bregoli, better known to the world as the Cash Me Ousside girl, just had one of her infamous tweets backfire severely.

Girl Brags About Her “Millions” On Twitter, But The Internet Brutally Shuts Her Down

The 14-year-old middle school dropout recently signed on to do a reality TV show, and decided to brag about her “millionaire” status on Twitter. The response she received wasn’t exactly the one she expected. Bregoli rose to fame in September 2016 after appearing on an episode of Dr. 10-Time-Winning Racing Brewer Sausage Put Out To Stud. Cops Charge Dad & Daughter in Pot Brownie Ring. A Florida man was arrested for allegedly cooking up pot brownies for his teenage kid and her pals to sell at school events.

Cops Charge Dad & Daughter in Pot Brownie Ring

This bake sale was actually dope. A Florida man was arrested last week for allegedly cooking pot brownies for his teenage daughter and her pals to peddle at school. 10 Strangest Things Recovered from the Bottom of the Sea (sea, strange objects) There are a lot of weird things in the ocean, really weird things.

10 Strangest Things Recovered from the Bottom of the Sea (sea, strange objects)

Whether they belong there or not, the sheer volume of strange discoveries that have been recovered from the sea is mind-boggling, and it grows day by day. Here's a list of some of the most unique. Greece's Ancient Computer. Google will flag fake news stories in search results. How to defuse the methane timebomb in the Arctic? Unleash the mammoths! Some kids dream of being a movie star or an astronaut, but not Karina Castillo. “Hurricane Andrew hit when I was 6, and it changed who I was,” she says of the historic storm that devastated a swath of South Florida near where her family lived.

She decided right then to become a hurricane forecaster. The youngest daughter of Nicaraguan immigrants, Castillo pursued her dream with the intensity of the storms that fascinated her, earning two meteorology degrees at the University of Miami, then working at NOAA and the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management. But the young scientist soon made an important discovery: “I didn’t want to sit behind a computer and program models,” she says. 100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful Today. People don't often look back on the early 1900's for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?

The New York Public Library has digitized 100 "how to do it" cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials reading this might want to take notes. Show Full Text Back in the day, cigarette cards were popular collectibles included in every pack, and displayed photos of celebrities, advertisements, and more.

Hundreds Of Blind, Pallid Disney Characters Discovered Living In Caves Deep Within Space Mountain. ORLANDO, FL—Confirming years of rumored sightings by visitors to the theme park, officials from Walt Disney World said Tuesday that several hundred blind and bedraggled Disney characters are living in caves deep within Space Mountain. The misshapen mascots, who after decades spent in total darkness have sickly gray skin and cloudy, sightless eyes, were reportedly found huddled together in a network of caverns extending far beneath the popular Tomorrowland attraction. “Our maintenance crew recently spotted an unusual tunnel inside Space Mountain and, after shining a light inside, saw several pale forms skitter away into the darkness,” said Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis, noting that the light caused the mascots to hiss, raise their gloved hands in terror, and flee before anyone could get a good look at them. Facing Up to the Russian Boar Problem in Michigan.

One Writer Used Statistics to Reveal the Secrets of What Makes Great Writing. Ann Magnuson’s open letter regarding her ‘Open Letter to an Open Letter’ Photo by Austin Young. Underachieving boys, or clever girls? Store Owner Is Sick Of Rude Customers, So He Has A Creative Idea To Make Them Polite. Working in a customer-focused job can be hard at times especially when people are less than polite. Pictures of hosts may be decisive in Airbnb bookings. A History of Tug-of-War Fatalities. “I will not play tug o’ war; I'd rather play hug o' war.” Hello, Westworld: Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Barcelona. Inside DARPA’s Top-Secret Program to Protect the President. Days after President Kennedy was assassinated, a Pentagon agency was given a top-secret assignment to protect the president. What they looked at was a lesson in the futility of perfect security. Days after President John F.

Brain Activity At The Moment of Death - Neuroskeptic. What happens in the brain when we die? The Most Unexpected Way To Tell If Someone Is Lying. It is notoriously difficult to tell when someone is lying to you. It may be easier to tell if someone is lying when you cannot see their face, new research finds. Twitter Photo of Muslim Woman and Drag Queen Unites Liberals. Theconversation. YouTuber tries to deliver ham and pineapple pizza to Iceland's embassy after president denounced pineapple as topping. Meet the Greenlandic spirits that gained power by sucking genitals. Travel - The island of lost explorers. Saturday Night Social: Hosted by Lana Del Rey's Anti-Trump Hex. Fritz Duquesne: The Nazi Spy with 1,000 Faces. CPAC scrambles to control damage after attendees wave Russian flags during Trump speech. Witches plan mass hexing of Donald Trump tomorrow night outside Trump Tower.

Why You'll Never Learn to Be Fast Until You Get Rid of Your Fast Car. What Happens If You Stick Your Head in a Particle Accelerator? - The Atlantic. Ex-CIA Agent to Be Extradited to Italy Over Kidnapping. Low-status chimps revealed as trendsetters. A Medical Theory for Donald Trump’s Bizarre Behavior. Japan’s interpreters struggle to make sense of 'Trumpese' Danny Partridge is the Devil: Welcome to the Partridge Family Temple. The Darkest Town In America. Why UPS drivers don’t turn left and you probably shouldn’t either. Territorial Pissing: The 19th century public urinals of Paris. I contacted my senator about the DeVos vote. Here was his reply and my response. Sanders, Cruz To Debate Obamacare. Log In - New York Times. Relatively Interesting World of Religion - Relatively Interesting. The Surprising Military History of Superglue. European Countries Are Competing Who Can Troll Trump The Best. ‘Ghost particles’ could improve understanding the universe – HeritageDaily.

Canada vs United States Crime Stats Compared. Extended Trip: Why LSD's Effects Last So Long. How Much Weight Can a Shopping Cart Really Hold? Amazingly, No One Got Hurt In This Insane Truck-Bus Crash. Atlasobscura. Cockroaches Feeling Very Optimistic About Future Of Planet. Air Force faces fighter pilot shortage. Tasmanian Island Giving Any Couple Willing To Move There A House And Job. The U.S. Navy and Their Hilariously Inept Search for Dorothy and Her Friends. Irish bookie puts odds on Trump’s administration, inauguration and impeachment. What Happens to a Dead Body in the Ocean? Politwoops: Explore the Tweets They Didn't Want You to See. The 52 Best — And Weirdest — Charts We Made In 2016. A Tale of Twenty-Two Million Citi Bike Rides: Analyzing the NYC Bike Share System. Leah Remini Is Taunting the Church of Scientology to Sue Her. The Legend (and Truth) of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp. This Fail Compilation Video Is Painful.

Russian 'methbot' fraud steals $180 million in online ads - Dec. 20, 2016. Streisand effect - Wikipedia. 15 Broad-Brimmed Facts About Stetson Hats. Student Lets Thief Steal His Phone, Spies On Him For Weeks To Make This Documentary. Pentagon to build $6.8 billion center to combat fraud, waste, and abuse. Police Tried to Rescue a Little Old Lady Only to Learn She Was a Mannequin. Australian Teens Recreate Key Ingredient in 'Pharma Bro' Drug for Just $20. The Best Secret Weapon Against Landmines and Tuberculosis Is a Rat. Melania And Barron Trump Won’t Live In White House. Artist Turns Random Dog Poops Into Donald Trump Art Installation. U.S. Military Preps for Gene Drives Run Amok. Cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving: The dark history behind America's obsession with cranberries — Quartz.

Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions. Earth - In the last decade a mystery disease has hit American snakes. Mothman “reappears” coincidentally close to the 50th anniversary date. The Hoax On You. God Weirded Out By Christian Who Loves Him After Only Month In Church. Nicolas Sarkozy Proposes Carbon Tax on U.S. Goods—If Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Deal. North Korea's Kim Wants Chinese To Stop Calling Him Fat. China clamps down on websites 'body-shaming' Kim Jong-un. Who's the better BFF: Amazon Echo or Google Home? Dubious Achievement Awards of 2016. America's heroin trail: The outdoor factory that feeds the US.

US election 2016: 'Mike Pence' gifts to abortion provider surge. Rage Disorder Linked To Common Parasite Carried By 30% of People. Theconversation.